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Ask a Doctor
$ 29 | Ask Now
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  • Answer by certified Family Physicians/General Practitioners
  • Suggested for opinions on simple medical problems
  • Quick, Assured Answers within 12 hours of less
  • Upload files anytime
  • 2 Free Follow-up questions

Consult a Specialist
  • Answer by specialist MDs in 41 specialties and subspecialties
  • Suggested for health issues requiring opinions from specialist MDs
  • Quick, Assured Answers within 24 hours or less
  • Upload files anytime
  • 3 Free Follow-up questions

Unlimited consults with GPs/Specialists
$ 39/81 | Consult Now
  • Consults and detailed report by a board of 4 specialist MDs
  • Suggested for life changing disease/diagnosis ; Complex cases
  • Unlimited consults and follow-ups
  • Suggested for families, peace of mind
  • Consult Doctors in multiple specialties

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Consult experienced Family
Physician / GP

Guaranteed Answers within 12 Hours
2 Free Follow-up Questions
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$9 / consult

Consult World-renowned
Specialists in 41 Specialties

Guaranteed Answers within 24 Hours
3 Free follow-up Questions
Upload Medical Reports

$25 / consult

Consult a Panel of 4 Specialist

Comprehensive Report in 5 Days
5 Free Follow-up Questions
Upload Medical Reports

$180 / consult