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Rash on back, butt with little dots, raised bumps. DECAYED TOOTH without pain in OPG. Still EXTRACTION necessary? Does PLAN-B cause depression or ANXIETY in first time? Red marks on sole, feet without itching. Cause? Cold watery feeling in chest, chills with cough. BRONCHITIS? Can I split and take DIAPRIDE with HBA1C 8.28? Problem in focussing on one thing with WELLBRUTIN. ADD? Numbness on face, loss of balance, headache. ARTERIAL DISSECTION? Watery cracks in butt, intergluteal cleft with constipation. Sporadic FASICULATIONS in body not responding to SNRI. Didn't get periods on time after sex, vomiting. Cause? Blocked nose, dry cough, headache with fever. Treatment? Tingling in leg after treating painful TOOTH ABSCESS. AMOXICILLIN. Pain in vaginal tear without massive bleeding. Normal? Treatment for ENTEROBACTER AEROGENES with CANDIDA, MIRABILIS. Abnormal chest size with fatty tissue, looks bad. GYNECOMASTIA? Abnormal ELECTROCARDIOGRAM with INFERIOR INFARCT and SLEEP APNEA. Breathing problem, hurts to breath. Is it serious? Suggestion on health condition based on my reports. Lot of gases, acidity, heartburn on AMOXICILLIN for H-PYLORI. Lesions in BRAINSTEM, CEREBELLUM in MRI. What are these? Fever reoccuring with regular interval with normal blood tests. Bright red blood in stool after painless bowel movement. Risk of HIV by clipping hand with semen in mouth. Medicine for heavy bad breath in smoker. Bloated, bad stomach with IBS, blood tests. Trearment? Timny pimples on penis which bleeds after removing. Negative DIPSTICK TEST for GONORRHEA, CHLAMYDIA. Am I fine? Constant breast pain with lump and previous FIBROADENOMA. Gagging after swallowing a piece of pine straw. Serious? Numbness in legs, pain in hands for years. NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEM? Dots in shirt start moving, changes colour. OPTICAL ILLUSION? Raised WBC, NEUTROPHILS, LYMPHOCYTES in blood report. Sorethroat with no fever and swollen neck gland. Treatment? Low blood pressure, HYPOTENSION post workout. Is this normal? Weird pain in chest interfering breathing. ANGINA? Exhausted with weight gain, sleepy after taking VYVANCE. Can I take CORTISOL with LENA birth control pill? Pain, blood during defecation due to ANAL FISSURE. Will AROMATASE INHIBITOR kill TUMOUR CELLS with LOBULAR CANCER? NERVE REGENERATION PAIN in back with normal CAT, MRI scan. Small bruises in arm with HUMIRA for PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS. Skin tag near vaginal opening which bleed, itchy. Treatment? Will VITAMIN-D, FOLIC ACID DEFICIENCY, BP favour heart diseases? Stomach is hurting after after taking PLAN-B. ELLA? Recurrent abdominal pain after CHOLECYSTECTOMY, ADHESIONOLYSIS after APPENDICECTOMY. Problem in maitaing erection during sex. ED/PREMATURE EJACULATION? Spasms, bodyache with POST CONCUSSION SYNDROME. Is this normal? Flareups of pain in elbow with tight joint. Treatment? Gained weight on RISPERIDONE for SCHIZOPHRENIA. What to do? Stomach cramp, constipation after having WHEY PROTEIN. LACTOSE INTOLERANCE. Losing focus due to porn addict, excessiv masturbation. Risk of taking DOXYCYCLINE in pregnancy without knowing. PREMATURE EJACULATION with short erection time. Treatment? Time period for symptoms to develop after HIV exposure. Chances of HIV, STI'S by unprtected oral sex, ANALINGUS. What are these spots on my penis? Hardly getting sleep due to work tension. Treatment? Unable to sleep with nerve pain from MS, PANIC ATTACKS. Irritation in penis head with burning sensation on urinating. Cause for toe, fingers being very cold. Increasing spots on penis skin without itching/irritation. Littile painless lump on outerskin of anus. Treatment? Growth with itching in vagina, monogamous relationship. Lot of anxiety, fast heart rate with PANIC ATTACK DISORDER. Delayed periods after protected sex. Chances of pregnancy. Bloated, inflamed stomach, swelled legs on LATANOPROST, SERETIDE. Detailed opinion on attached IRON PROFILE of kids. Fever of UNKNOWN ORIGIN after OPEN HEART SURGERY. Should she have operation based on attached CT report? Nervous in front of crowds. Pill to relax me. Diarrhea with EXTERNAL HEMORRHOID after GALLBLADDER surgery. Spots like hives in thigh. RINGWORM/effects of MARIJUANA? Chances of HERPES transmission by putting BLISTER FLUID in mouth. Alternate drug for ACID REFLUX with anxiety and stress. INCIDENTALOMA with ARNOL CHIARI TYPE1 in MRI. MASS? Effect of DIFLUCAN for yeast infection In pregnancy. High heart rate, anxiety on MDMA. SEROTONIN SYNDROME? Cause for elevated SGPT, SGOT in routine checkup. IRREGULARITY AT BASE OF METATARSAL BONE in XRAY after injury. HYPOTHYROIDISM, POLYCYSTIC OVARIES with no TUMOUR in MRI. Fainting spells with chest pain, cold hands. Cause? Feeling very tired with raised ALP level in blood. Itchy blister on leg without pain. POISON IVY? Sudden appearance of flashes and floaters in eye. Cause? Advice on treatment for HIP FRACTURE by accident. Depression, ARTHRITIS like symptoms with high SEDIMENTATION RATE, PLATELET. Sweating, heart was racing on wakingup after drinks. Lesion in CEREBELLUM without enhancement in MRI. NEOPLASTIC? Unable to bend with pain in lower back. Treatment? Cream, ointment to treat PARAPHIMOSIS without surgery? ANOREXIA PURGE with FIBROMYALGIA, INSOMNIA, IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDER. Wakingup at night to urinate every hour. Cause? Bruise in arm due to injury. Being abused? Heart palpitations at beginning of exercise. Should I worry? Can I delay my periods with NORETHISTERONE tablets? Are NORETHISTERONE and UTOVLAN the same? Strained glossy, bloodshot eye on BU=IRTHCONTROL PILL. Mild breathing issues with UTHYROX for HYPOTHYROIDISM. What is this kind of RASH in lower abdomen?

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