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Alternative medication for NIFEDIPINE to prevent liver damage.HEPATITS-C. What are these lumps under the tongue? Itchy, red bumps, rash in thigh using BACTROBAN. Treatment? Opinion about ACHILLES TENDON RUPTURE in MRI. Raised ANTITHYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES without symptoms. Need to treat? Pimples, rash in stomach and shoulder. Cause? Hearing blood flow, numb arm and leg. PARANOID? Can wind/gas trapped in stomach feel as lump? Cough, streak of blood in phlegm, smoker. LUNG CANCER? Bleeding after ETHMOIDECTOMY, TURBINECTOMY due to injury. Risks of having kids from ages 36-40. Penis discharge without pain, inflammation. PROSTATITIS? Explian in layman's term about MRI REPORT. HIGH BP, PROTEIN in urine due to kidney problem. Elevated HEARTRATE with normal blood pressure and EKG. Chances of contracting HIV by sex with CW. Swelling without pain and unprotected sex. Treatment? Withdrawal symptoms of long term use of CODEINE. DUCTAL CARCINOMA INSITU, Her2 negative. Treatment options? Sractch looking sore with previous INGROWN HAIRS.HERPES? Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, HEPATITIS-C. Possible diagnosis? PEP treatment for HIV after oral sex. Abdominal pain with tiny CYSTS IN OVARY in ULTRASOUND. Constant throat pain with white pill in mouth. Stabbing pain in tailbone and unable to lie down. Rash in stomach, fever not responding to AZITHROMYCIN. Could MICROPHAGE engulf wood particles got into vein? Fluid filled bumps in ear lobe. SPONTANEOUS CYST? Is it okay to take CLARINASE16C without causing problems? Boy complains everyday about leg hurting. Cause? Spreading rash in body without SCABIES LINE. Treatment? Bad breath with GERD. How to control it? PMS, headaches, dizzy, anxiety, anger on HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY. Dry, itchy bumps without fading. Related to certain disease? Treatment for ANGULAR CHEILITIS, persistent rash after childbirth. Treatment for nausea with vomiting and normal SONOGRAM. Tender lump in knee, forearm. What are these? Red marks on forehead, nose with mild pain. SHINGLES? Allergic to PENICILLIN. Is it possible to grow out? Urinary urge incontinence, OCD, ADD. MS? Will cured TUBERCULOSIS seen in chest XRAY? Can I take TKR surgery with DIASTOLIC HEART FAILURE? Cough, lungs hurt on deep breath. Treatment. Not pregnant still after ejaculating inside. INFERTILE? Can I get be pregnant without intercourse? Kidney stone, dilated ureter in ULTRASOUND. Treatment. Burning sensation while urinating. Treatment. Infection treated with DOXYCYCLINE, spongy prostate. Can have sex? INFLAMMATION in SINUSES, INFERIOR TURBINATE HYPERTROPHY in CT. Treatment for bad flu, pressure in head. Chances of getting HSV2 by sex during outbreak. Burning sensation while urination after sex. CHLAMYDIA? Ejaculate during urination, pain in penis. Cancer? Stomach pain with weight loss, nausea. GASTRITIS? Lump coming out during defecation. Hemorrhoids? Testes getting smaller with tenderness Can severe panic during pregnancy be PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA? Is it possible to inject ANTI-PSYCHOTIC medication under elbow? Percentage of LOBULAR patients >95 percent ESTROGEN positivity. Can we get HIV from full body massage? Can we find if someone has physical relationship? Sharp regular pain in left chest with fever Is cold medication okay with acid reflux? Does LOBULAR BREAST-CA patients have ALLRED score of 8? Treatment for Molluscum outbreak over an year? Little white dots on upper lip Bright blood in stool with no pain Progressive back and joint pain after child birth. Surgery for falling down on elbow with excruciating pain. How to calculate probability of BREAST CANCER using BAYES THEOREM. Boyfriend withdrew before ejaculating. Am I pregnant? Ways to improve, treatment for PULMONARY FIBROSIS PUS, EPITHELIAL CELLS in urine test. URINE INFECTION? Burning in urethra, scrotum, prostate after sexual encounter. Raising levels of HCG in pregnancy. Should I worry? Quick weight loss and didn’t have bowel movements. Can I take DIAZEPAM if allergic to TEMAZEPAM? Severe back pain, worse on sitting. Cause. Weird stool color like dark white. Should see doctor? Multiple broken ribs, collor bone, collapsed lungs. Treatment. Best thing to do for SEMEN ANALYSIS lab report. Can panic, anxiety cause chest tightness and breathlessness? Shoulder pain radiating to neck and arm. MRI. Burning, irritating small bumps in thigh. Trearment. ERECTILE DYSFUCTION and PREMATURE EJACULATION. Treatment. Light, brown discharge after tubes have tied. MENSTRUAL CYCLE? Can I give cough medication for CHEMOTHERAPY patient. Feeling helpless with suicidal thoughts due to anxious about HIV. Headache, eye strain with dimmer vision. Cause. Need help in understanding lab report of pregnancy test. Is son's rage issue due to my ADHD in childhood? Traveling joint pain, sorethroat, high LIVER ENZYMES, BILIRUBIN. Cause. Head, stomach aches, heaviness in chest, nausea. Treatment. Long term effects of PIRITOIN in 6yrs boy. Mild cramps in groin without bleeding in pregnancy. MISCARRIAGE? Swollen, red, itchy foot after sand fleas bite. Will stopping ACCUTANE cause SSRI to restore SEROTONIN levels? How do I know whether it is CHICKEN POX? Will little particle stuck in VENTRICLE cause problem later? Pain, numbness in feet. What should I do?

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