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Weird itchy sore with yellowish dark edges on leg. Persistent pain in right lower quadrant with APPENDICITIS treatment. Fever, feeling weak, achy after protected sex. Cause? Side of stomach feels heavy, hard after OD on BENADRYL. Purple, swollen inside anus. HEMORRHOIDS? Pain in stomach, vomiting tendency after meals for years. Pain with burning sensation in hip travelling down to legs. Cause for muscle pain with high ASO TITER LEVEL. Unable to ejaculate after changing to SERTRALINE for ANXIETY. Unable to exercise due to ankle swelling, leg weakness. Will POST-EXPOSURE RABIES IMMUNOGLOBULIN interfere with natural ANTIBODIES? Pain in knee, limping after fall. CONCUSSION, MRI? Dizziness, blackouts, eyesight loss with normal BRAIN SCANS. Cause? Became DELUSIONAL after hitting head hard. Advice. Rash with infection not responded with VANCOMYCIN, METRONIDAZOLE. Will CELEXA work on changing ZOLOFT, LEXIPRO, EFFEXOR? Are these HSV1 IgG, IgM values mean GENITAL HERPES? Chances of getting AIDS by another person masturbating me. Are KYANI products bad for health, menstrual cycle? CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE with ST DEPRESSION in ECG. Redness, swelling, itching in ankle after spider bite. Acid reflux, high heartrate after food, feeling tired. Cause? Can a person have baby with this SEMEN ANALYSIS? Chronic pain in right lower quadrant with negative CTs. Late menstrual cycle with negative pregnancy tests. Bronze like skin with nausea and stomach ache. Open wound from DRAINING HEMATOMA after breast surgery. Treament? Never had a period in 22yr old female. Cause? Sharp pain with pressure in abdomen. Is this ULCER? Sorethroat, general malaise, weight loss after sex. LIPODYSTROPHY? Painful itchy mosquito bite being treated with CEPHALEXIN. Risk of AUTISM in pregnancy with AUTISTIC brother. Calf burning with flared up veins in night. Cause? Pain like spasm in abdomen after BARIATRIC SURGERY. Exposed to garage's ASBESTOS ROOF. Is this dangerous? Dull persistent discomfort in chest, normal EKG, XRAY. Lightheadedness, fatigue, chest pressure with VESTIBULAR MIGRAINE. White itchy bump on vaginal lips with normal discharge. What are these solid lumps on foot? High ESR, CRP with negative RHEUMATOID FACTOR. Cause? Unable to sleep properly with abnormal T3,T4 levels. Is this a normal reaction for allergies? Rigidness, depression with minor concentration problem. Neurlogical problem? Severe gut pain, inflammation with burning sensation. ENDOSCOPY. Stomach cramps, pain, belching with constipation. Treatment? Neck is bothering with headache after drinking. MENINGITIS? Sorethroat, jagged feeling in throat with red spots. Abnormal ALT, AST levels with CROHNS DISEASE. REMISSION? Discomfort while passing stools which is sbnormal. Treatment? Non stop coughing with wheezing during night. Reason for unable to put-on weight, being underweight. Will blow job results loss of virginity in female? Treatment for slip of L4 on L5 in MRI with pain. Can ULTRASOUND confirm CONCEPTION DATE accurately? Strong pain at base of penis around vein. Compression in shaft by wearing foam rubber in penis. Burning, itchy vaginal discharge by YEAST INFECTION. DIFLUCON. Constant bleeding with PILL ORTHO-MICRONOR. Will ESTROGEN help? Sweating, acid reflux after binge drinking. Treatment? Knot in head of newborn delivered by C-SECTION. Treatment for VERTEBRAL ARTERY ANEURYSM in CT, MRI. Pain, disturbance when retracting foreskin with small penis. Does this HSV1&2 test report indicate previous infection? Treatment of CONDYLOMA CERVIX, GENITAL WARTS in pregnancy. Will yearly XRAY help in finding EARLY LUNG CANCER? Swelling in toe after removing INGROWN TOENAIL. INFECTION? Muscle contraction, tightness in chest with breathing difficulty. Would CELEXA work for severe anxiety, depression on ZOLOFT? Small red, pink bumps under penis head without pain. Rear head pain with stiff neck, back. Neurological problem? Small row of bumps on vagina. VESTIBULAR PAPILLOMATOSIS? Negative pregnancy blood test with positive HPT. Reason? Small bump, itching in knuckle after bee sting. DEPRESSION with ECT for previous REFRACTORY DEPRESSION. Treatment? Treatment for red eyelid besides HYDROCORTISONE, ERYTHROMYCIN. Fever, back pain not relieved by ZPACK, CLARITIN. Rashes in circles in legs which comes anf go. Little bumpy zit with transparent head without pain. Surgeries needed for FRATURES in pelvis, back in CT? Itchy sores on body leaving scars all over. Treatment? DESATURATING OXYGEN, low heart rate on sleeping in infant. Taking MONTIWIN-D for itching sensation on body. Is this correct? Back pain after D&C for MISCARRIAGE. Treatment? Effect of strong IMMUNE SYSTEM on HIV RAPID TESTS. Burned tongue due to CAMPHOR, MENTHOL, METHYL SALICYLATE. Cause for pulsating pressure in head on laying down. Contanst pain in arm, back and shoulder blade. Swelling in testicles with normal ULTRASOUND, BIOPSY. Cause? Can CT scans without CONTRAST show ANEURYSM? Risks, significance of FLUCTUATING BLOOD PRESSURE with NEBICARD. Dull pain in head, side of neck. Cause? Risk of CONTAGIOUS DISEASE from kicking dirty blanket. Risk of ARTERIAL CALCIFICATION with increased CALCIUM level. Itchy, pinching, biting sensation in skin without rash. Sharp stabbing pain in arm, hand. Is surgery needed? Blood analysis report of GAMMA-GT, SGPT, SGOT in alcoholic. Is ORIF, WIRE FIXATION in bones safe with DIABETES? Cause and advice for ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER. Burning sensation, weird feeling in mark on neck. Extreme thrist, dizziness after drinking wine.

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