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Safety of CHIROPRACTIC manipulation of neck, shoulder. RIGHT ATRIA ABNORMALITY, SINUS RHYTHM in ECG. Meaning? Paiful lymphnodes under neck after sex, negative ORAQUICK test. Safe way to shrink penis without surgery. TESTOSTERINE. Diets to be avoided in TUBERCULOSIS of ILEUM, USG Chest pain, dizziness, numbness with normal ECG, BLOOD PRESSURE. Treatment options for LIVER CANCER in biopsy, PET SCAN. Need opinion on attached ECG report. Blackout episodes, dizzyiness, cramping with headache. Treatment? Swelling in face with MRSA even on BACTERIM. Symptoms of HYPOTHYROIDISM with normal blood test. Is surgery needed for wrinkled nerve in spine XRAY? Anxiety about muscle pain, jetlag after long flight. Red foreskin, spider veins under shin on chronic MASTURBATION. Knot in muscle with BULGING CERVICAL DISC. TUMOUR? Rash on neck like dry skin. without itching Late period, negative urine test. Can I be still pregnant? Cause for bleeding after intercoarse without period. Chest hurts when cough, breathe with draining sinuses. AMOXICILLIN. Dehydrated, constipated even on MAGNESIUM CUTRATE. What to do? Treatment for rash in leg due to MOLLUSCUM. Spotting after periods on taking INACTIVE PILLS. Cause? Chronic fatigue on taking LISINOPRIL, ZOLOFT, CLONAZEPAM. Head feeling heavy, cold with clogged ears. Treatment? Recurrent greying out with OCD, non ALLERGIC RHINITIS. Dehydrated, slurring words when milking cows. Cause? High blood pressure, headache with back pain. KIDNEY DISEASE? EISENMENGER SYDROME with VSD. Is pregnancy life threatening? Dosage for Thyronorm tablets after TSH test. Soreness, pain in shoulder when lifting hand. Cause? Treatment for OVARIAN ENDOMETRIOMA, CHOCOLATE CYSTS in MRI. How serious is MRI scan taken after road accident? Decrease in SEMEN VOLUME without pain on urination. Cause? Effective antibiotic for GONORRHEA besides AZITHROMYCIN. Does enclosed test results mean CANCER? Can I be the father with FERTILISATION, GESTATIONAL AGE. High pitched sound in ear on turning head. Cause? Cause for abdominal pain, acid reflux, white bands in nails. No HPV outbreaks for years. Am I still contagious? Chances of HERPES2 COLDSORE with previous HERPES 1. Bumps at vagina without itching, fever, pain. Treatment? Lack of energy, weak, pain in ribs. HERPES? Can doctors say BREAST CANCER by ULTRASOUND? Blleding hard bump in labia with white discharge. Pain in side of waist, high blood pressure. UTI. Chronic ear infection with flares up for years. CANCER? Chest pain, pins and needles in body. Treatment? Any tests to confirm HIV 3/6months after sex? Missing pulse occasionally, low pulse in HOLTER TEST. PACEMAKER. Stinging sensation in penis, urethral opening. Due to CONDITIONER? Spitting little blood when laying down after eating. Medicine to increase weight and look fatter. Lightheadednes, low BLOOD PRESSURE with low DHEA. Discomfort in breathing with blocked nose. Treatment? Way to expand LIFE EXPECTANCY, HEALTH in OBESE. Treatment for ATRIAL FIBRILLATION, hypothyroid with heart surgery. Does it look like HERPES or FRICTION by masturbation? Feeling weak, dizzy with normal EKG. MARFAN SYNDROME? Why does BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART RATE change after exercise? Red skin around penis. How long to use steroids? Headaches, back pain, cramps with negative pregnancy test. Cause? Episode of CONVULSION with delayed speech. MRI. If small particle touch endocardium, can people die? Damages caused by wood particle entering vein. Ingurgitating JUGULAR VEIN when cry in baby. Cause? Risk of pregnancy with positive ANTICARDIOLIPIN, ANTINUCLEAR ANTIBODIES. Forgot to take pill during sex. Chances of pregnancy. Dark patches in skin after plucking hair with OCD. Can POLYCYSTIC OVARIES cause NEUROENDOCRINE, ADRENAL TUMOURS? White/grey bumps on throat like COLD SORES. Treatment? Constant headache with POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME. Cause? Can pregnancy test be positive 3days after sex? Pimple like infection with discoloration in penis for years. White film on hand every morning like powder residue. Yellow eyes with high DIRECT BILIRUBIN, normal RBC report. Rashes like burns in arm in summer. Cause? Reason for high BILRUBIN, CHOLESTEROL, HDL levels? Black, protruding painful bumpy spots in legs. Treatment? Lightheaded , irregular heartrate, chest tightness with normal CTANGIO. Abdominal fullness, urgency to pass urine after sex. Breathlessness with muscle pull in abdomen during flight. Marks on legs due to bug bite. Treatment? Red spots on penis without symptoms. TROPICAL DISEASE? SESSILE POLYPS IN HEPATIC FLEXURE in COLONOSCOPY. CANCER? Pain in crotch on erection, difficulty to pass urine. Foggy headed, chills with body aches, pain in ribs. Spots like scars in pubic area in virgin. Cause? What can we feel when MACROPHAGES engulf FOREIGN PARTICLES? Lump inside foot with numbness, cold sensation. Treatment? Red coloured decreased urine output after STREP THROAT. Possibility of recovering vison with RETINAL INFECTION, SHRUNKEN EYEBALL. Raised ESR with normal FNAC, CT CHEST, ABDOMEN. TB? Weak urine stream, dribbling with burning sensation in penis. Swelling with pain after METAL PLATES in RADIUS, ULNA. Lump on testicle that feels like grissle. CANCER? Severe headache, more on bending. Treatment besides ADVIL? COLD INTOLERANT, bluish skin in morning. Cause besides THYROIDS? 22month baby unable to walk on his own. Cause? Treament for hearing loss, high BLOOD PRESSURE. Cause for masculine square face, hollow forehead.

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