What is DoctorSpring.com?
DoctorSpring.com is a simple and secure online platform to get personalized, scientific and detailed answers, advice and information on your or your dear ones’ health issues from experienced and board-certified Doctors. We have over 200 Doctors in 40+ specialties.

How do I benefit by asking questions at DoctorSpring?
The MDs help thousands of users each month with information and advice on disease diagnosis, condition, treatment, surgery and investigations. However complex the health issue, our experienced Doctors will be able to help you.

What are the services on offer at DoctorSpring?

i. Ask a Doctor – Quick replies from experienced Family Physicians/General Practitioners on general health issues. Click here to start your consult.

ii. Consult a Specialist – Quick replies from Specialist Doctors on health issues requiring attention from specialists. You also get the option to choose the specialty of the Doctor. In case you don’t know or don’t choose, our in-house Doctor would select appropriate specialty as per your query. Click here to start your consult.

iii. Family and Friends Unlimited consult plans – Another first, the plans offer you 24x7x365 and unlimited consults with experienced Doctors. Instead of paying a fee per consult, by subscribing to monthly subscription you can ask unlimited questions to any specialist for a discounted monthly fee. These plans are especially valuable for day to day medical queries for families and elderly. Click Here for more Information.

What will I get out of the consultation at DoctorSpring?
The consultations comprise of:

i. Personalized answers, opinions, suggestions, advice, latest medical information by specialist MDs on all health issues i.e. disease diagnosis, disease condition, treatment, surgery and prescription.

ii. Opinions on your symptoms, lab tests, MRI/CT/USG Scans and other investigations.

iii. Best course of action, helping you understand your medical condition, OTC medications which could be of help etc.

I have a complex medical case and I would need consultations from multiple specialists. How can you help me?
In case of complex cases requiring multiple specialist consultations, we form an exclusive medical board for you. This board of Doctors is coordinated by an Internal Medicine specialist. Depending on number of specializations, you will be asked to make multiple payments of the specialist fee. Please contact us at support@doctorspring.com and our in-house physicians would address your needs.

What is not provided with DoctorSpring consultations?
As per our terms we won’t be able to help you with

i. Medico-legal opinions

ii. Emergency Medical advice or services or treatment

iii. Diagnosis, Treatment or Prescription. However, Our Doctors would provide recommendations, opinions and medical information on the diagnosis, treatment and prescription to help you with your health decisions and choices. We recommend discussing the answers with your local physician and making the best choice.

iv. Instant Online Doctor chat – DoctorSpring is not a platform for online Doctor Chat. All our specialists are experienced Doctors with busy private practices. As you may understand, it is impractical for such specialists to be online all the time or to be available for online chat.

How does the consultation work?

i. To start with, you would submit your questions, medical history and any information you would like to share with the Doctor. You are also needed to provide an email id to intimate you, when the consult is replied by the MD.

ii. On the next page you are provided option to upload images, reports, document, if applicable.

iii. After making payment, the consult is assigned to Doctor(s) who specializes in the area of your query and is also currently available. You could also choose the specialist you would like to consult. In case you don’t choose or don’t know the appropriate specialist, our in-house physicians would choose the specialization on your behalf. They would make sure you are consulted by most qualified Doctor as per the nature of your query.

iv. Once the Doctor replies to your consult, it is peer reviewed by quality assurance team for depth, scientific accuracy and patient-satisfaction. Generally response time varies from 2-6 hours; we also guarantee replies within 12 hours for Ask a Doctor and 24 hours consulting a specialist. We take greatest pride in highest patient-satisfaction and can assure you that your patience for replies would be worth it.

v. You will be intimated by email once the reply is available in your dashboard at DoctorSpring.com. You can then review the response and ask free follow-up queries to the Doctor, if you have any further queries. You could also share reports, pictures, investigations etc. The consult is like to and fro email conversation with an expert at your leisure – all your queries are addressed to your satisfaction in timely manner.

vi. Once you are satisfied with the answers, you could close the consult and provide your feedback about the Doctor. Your consult is kept open till 1 month.

Click here to start your consult.

Who are the doctors?
All our Doctors are Board certified and credentialed Specialists or Family Physicians in their respective country/state. Along with qualifying degrees - experience, research and track-record of practice are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with DoctorSpring and is given privileges to answer paid queries.

Which doctor will answer my query?
The short answer is - the Doctor who is immediately available in the specialization most suitable to answer your query. All answers and reports will have the Consulting Doctor’s name and designation appended.

Why is it that I can choose Specialty but not the Doctor?

This restriction is to make sure that you get a guaranteed and quick reply. MDs are busy and their schedules are many times unpredictable. That’s the way they work! Also many of our Doctors handle academic and research work in addition to their clinical practice. So in order to make sure that your consult is immediately attended we have devised an automated system, where your consult is directed to a MD who specializes in the area of your query and is also currently available. The profiles of all the available MDs are available in Our Doctors page.

Please note that all our Doctors are certified and credentialed medical practitioners with license to practice in their own country/state. Along with qualifying degrees - experience, research, practice track-record are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with DoctorSpring and given privileges to answer paid queries. You can review the profiles and specialties of Doctors Here.

What should I include in my question to Doctor(s)?
We recommend starting with issue that is worrying you and how it is affecting you. To answer your questions following information would help the Doctors:

i. What is your problem?

ii. Description of symptoms and time when you felt well.

iii. How did you notice the problem? Did the problem manifested gradually or suddenly? Has it gotten better or worse? Does anything make it better or worse?

iv. Your medical history or family history with respect to the problem

v. Present medication, if any.

vi. Pictures of affected area, investigations or reports, if applicable.

vii. Recommendations by treating physician i.e. treatment plan or suggestions by any physician you might have consulted before.

Is it necessary to upload my medical records and files?
No, you need to upload the files only if you have them handy and applicable in your case. You also have the option to upload files at any stage while the consultation is active (1 month for each consult).

What if I have more questions/clarifications?

We understand that the best way to address your health concern is to do it at your convenience. Your conversation is with the Doctor is like to and fro emails until you have all the answers. You can ask free follow-up questions and also add more details or upload files after the doctor has replied. Simply put we pay to Doctors for all your follow-ups and your consult is kept open for 1 month.

How soon will I get a response?
In general our Doctors try to reply as soon as possible. You can expect a reply within 2-6 hours. It also depends on the complexity and the type of the question. In any case we promise a guaranteed reply within 12 hours for Ask a Doctor Service and 24 hours for Specialist services. You will always receive intimation by email when you get a reply.

Why does it take hours for response from Doctors?

We take pride in the fact that all our specialists are experienced Doctors with busy private practices –their experience and expertise puts them in position to help you best. When it comes to a compromise, we feel in-depth, accurate and relevant replies from experienced and expert Doctors are significantly more important than quicker, possibly incomplete and inaccurate information. So although the specialists try to answer as soon as possible, but as you may understand, it is impractical for such specialists to be online all the time or for them to be available for online chat.

How do I know if my consult has been received?

You will receive an email from the payment gateway (i.e. PayPal or CCAvenue) once you make the payment. You will also receive an email from us with confirming the consult. On your dashboard at DoctorSpring.com, the consult status will be marked as ‘Awaiting Answer’.

I have submitted and paid for my question, but its status is written as Saved. Or When I visit the consult page, it instructs me to make another payment.

This happens if the payment gateway didn’t redirect you properly to our site or if you closed the thank you page window prematurely. In any case, you need not worry and our support staff will take care of it. Once you have made a pasp:Contentyment or have received a receipt from the payment gateway (i.e. PayPal or CCAvenue), you need not make another payment. Still, you could drop us an email with this concern.

How can I edit/add details to my consult? How can I upload reports?
Please go to detail view of your consult. At the bottom of the page you are provided with an option to edit the consult or ask follow-up question. You can add more details or upload files from here.

I get an error while uploading the files?

There is a limit of 5 files, up to 10mb each for every consult. If you would like to share more files, please contact us at info@doctorspring.com with reference to your consult. Our In-house physicians would take care of it.

What if there is a conflict of opinion between my doctor and DoctorSpring.com’s consulting Doctor?
DoctorSpring is designed to support your health decisions and your choices. In case of a conflict of opinion we suggest to discuss the matter with your treating physician and decide accordingly. In all cases we recommend to follow the advice of your treating Physician, as he/she/they can observe you physically and thus is/are in the best position to understand your case. Under any circumstances the information interpreted from the site and from the consultations should be put to use only after consulting your physician or other healthcare provider.

Should I inform my Doctor about using the DoctorSpring services?

This is completely up to you. If your Doctor is comfortable with this idea of online opinions and consultations we encourage you to share the details with your Doctor. Please note the services are decided to support the health decisions and choices you make but in all circumstances it is only up to you to make the final decision. What we can do is help you find good health information and connect with doctors for in-person information.

We encourage users to consult their healthcare provider or physician before putting to use any information gained during the consultation via the website or on the website.

What if no one answers my Question?

Don’t worry. We assure you that this has never happened and will never happen at Doctorspring.com. But in the rare case of any technical problem or server issues, we will immediately refund all your money.

What if the doctor doesn't answer queries up to my expectations?

We have a Quality Assurance team which objectively audits all consultations for depth, scientific accuracy and patient-satisfaction. Thus it would be a rarity if your expectations are not met.

Please note the Doctors try to address all your queries in a detailed and easy to understand manner. But sometimes, it may so happen that the first response by Doctor may not have addressed all your queries or might have left some scope for further questions. So we provide you with free follow-up queries to make sure you are completely satisfied and derive the best value out of your consult. We assure you 100% satisfaction.

And still, in the least case if you are not satisfied with the answers we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee or the option to change the consulting Doctor.

How does 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

We offer full refund if you are not satisfied with our service. Please drop in an email within 7 days of asking your question at support@doctorspring.com with your feedback. In case you are seeking a refund, please don’t ask any follow-up queries.

How does payment work?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal in US dollars. We use Secure PayPal payment gateway and CCAvenue so your information is secure.

You don’t have to create any account with the payment gateways and you don’t need to provide any personal information like shipping information, name etc.

How secure and safe is my personal data at Doctorspring.com?

We follow industry standard security practices and absolutely none of your personal information (email, personally identifiable information, uploads) is shared with anyone.

For the benefit of other users, generally all consults are made public once they are closed. Please note however, none of your personal data and uploads, if any are shared. By reading the public consults, no one will find your identity – it will just help others with similar medical queries and helps us demonstrate our services. We encourage you to not share any personally identifiable information in your consults. In any case before making public any consult, we ensure all consults are proof read and don’t have any personal information.

If you still don’t want us to share any information, please make a note in your consult and we will not publish it. Or you could email us at support@doctorspring.com and we will take care not to publish your consults.

What are the limitations of online consultations?

To answer your queries, the Medical Expert is solely dependent on the information provided by you. While DoctorSpring is an honest attempt to provide access to the best possible medical information to the patient, the Medical Experts will not be examining you physically and thus may not have the benefit of information that would be obtained by examining you in person, observing your physical condition and by going through your complete medical records.

To reduce the risk of this limitation, DoctorSpring strongly recommends you to be in touch with an on-ground physician and share the DoctorSpring opinion with him/her.

What are the terms and conditions, privacy practices of your service?

You can find the terms and conditions here and our privacy policy here. Only if you agree with all the terms and conditions you can proceed with the consultations.

Why do you need my email?

Your email is solely utilized to intimate you when your consult is replied by the Doctor. It is not share with anyone, under any circumstances.

Where would I receive the replies by Doctor?

Your consults are available in your dashboard at DoctorSpring.com. You would also be provided with a direct link to the consult along with all email intimations.

What is my Dashboard?

You consult is made available in the secure DoctorSpring dashboard. You could review the replies by Doctors, ask follow-up queries, change password, and delete your account from there.

How do I login to my dashboard?

The option to login is available at the top right side of the website. When you register for the site, a temporary password is sent to you in a welcome email. You could change the password by following the link provided therein the email or by going to the Account Settings tab available in your Dashboard. If you forget the password, you can reset it by clicking on forgot password links.

Why can’t I login to my account?

Please make sure you are entering the email with which you registered at DoctorSpring. If you think you might have forgot the password, you can reset it by clicking on forgot password link. If you are still unable to login due to any reason, please contact us at support@doctorspring.com.

I have a question(s) which is not answered above?

Please email us at support@doctorspring.com. support@doctorspring.com. We generally reply within minutes.


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