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We have been making the healthcare choices in the dark – until now. DoctorSpring combines patient-journey protocols with data on the expertise of health providers to provide actionable next steps in any health crisis.

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From Data & Facts to Decisions

Patients rely on generic Doctor Directories to choose Doctors – which neither capture the differences in the expertise of specialists and nor take into account the differences in cases and needs of the patient. Using our Doctor Expertise algorithms and Patient journey protocols, we highlight the best match among the rest.

Localised and personalised

Healthcare delivery is local. So are our recommendations. We help you find healthcare that fits your medical needs, budget and insurance.

A continuum of care

The patient journey evolves over time – from symptoms to provisional diagnosis, to clinical investigations, to treatment options, to post-op care. Making appointments or choosing a hospital for surgeries are only two of the multiple decision points.
We have left too much to the patient – who has to make tough and important decisions with limited information in a state of high anxiety. And unlike other decisions we make in life – every wrong decision in health has a huge and cascading effect. All are step by step recommendations take into account your history, are actionable and are driven by the desired end outcome.

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Information that you can trust

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of ways to make money in healthcare, and not all of them put your needs first. You deserve unbiased information, and we have chosen not to run ads, or have featured results.
We take ownership of the recommendations we make. We share these recommendations without barriers of signing-up with the patients. All our recommendations intend to reduce the burden on the patients and are always outcome driven. Unlike our peers who treat health as a typical commodity, we don’t recommend unscientific medicine, their practitioners, and pretended health tips.

In five to ten years, our healthcare experience will become a continuum rather than disjointed events that we see now. It will be more like one’s Facebook timeline of health –

We’ll take actions on precise recommendations as per our history, risk factors, genetics, medical protocols, and patients like us.

Most of the care will be delivered online – with online prescriptions and investigations, and we wouldn’t visit a local specialist until it is recommended.

Unlike the existing EMRs – the digital version of paper, this timeline of care would be vertically integrated, available round the clock to patients, doctors and providers and would standardise care with protocols.

The trends of healthcare decisions moving from offline word of mouth to online are already there. What we are doing is accelerating this trend and own it. We have the opportunity to both define the category of decisions focused care and expand the whole market.

Similar to how Google was the last of the search engines and the first with PageRank – the search that actually works; DoctorSpring aspires to be the last of the healthcare platform and the first with decisions focused care.

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