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We commit to you Transparent Healthcare

You shouldn’t have to get lucky to find the right care. You should be able to make decisions with certainty using unbiased information that directly addresses your concern like what are my treatment options? How much would it cost, are their alternatives? Which Doctors and hospitals have the best expertise to help me? Am I missing something here? How urgent is this situation?

Apart from consultations with Doctors, our information is free to access without the barrier of signing up.

Great Doctors, clinics and hospitals should get their due and not get lost in the seemingly "sameness" of online profiles. They should be able to demonstrate their expertise and medical outcomes of their patients.

Just because healthcare is infrequent and experiences of various patients are disjointed, lesser qualified Doctors, clinics and hospitals should not get away with providing poor care.

You should not get conned by unscientific treatments, their practitioners and false advertisements.

Unlike many other health care websites, we don’t promote “sponsored” doctors/clinics in featured slots or run distracting ads. No ads mean information you can trust.

When you look for information on DoctorSpring, you’re getting results that are data-driven and unbiased.

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Privacy is our priority

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility. We work hard to make sure that your information remains anonymous and secure.

None of your personally identifiable information is shared with anyone apart from consulting Doctors, where applicable.

We do not sell any of your data.

Mind the gap(s)

Measuring quality is hard. There will always be some gaps in what we can measure, with the comprehensive database and protocols we built. We’re adding data all the time to fill in those gaps and give you an even more complete picture.

Our treatment insights on DoctorSpring and patient community are meant to be helpful and informative, but they should never be used for medical diagnosis or prescribing treatment.

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