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We believe it should not take days to consult a Doctor. DoctorSpring's Ask a Doctor Online services are the fastest way to consult Experts, Board-certified Doctors. Get your peace of mind with a professional diagnosis, personalized treatment plan, recommendations on-next steps & second-opinions.

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Helped over 500,000 patients with 98%+ Satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Doctors help hundreds of thousands of patients every year in making informed medical decisions regarding their symptoms, reports, diagnosis and treatment options. So whenever you are confused/worried about your symptoms, waiting for a specialist appointment, considering going to an ER, want second opinions, want to understand your reports, scans or want factual medical info - consulting our Doctors would help. We help you get personalised, actionable and helpful info from specialists rather than relying on misleading and general info on Google, WebMD.
You start off by submitting your query. Either you would have chosen the specialist, or the in-house physicians assign the consult to Doctors on our board as per the nature of the questions. You get a reply in your account in a few hours. You would be intimated by email for the same. You can then ask follow-up queries for any clarifications, add details, etc. You could go back and forth like that till all your queries are answered.
All our Doctors are Board certified and credentialed Specialists or Family Physicians in their respective country/state. Along with qualifying degrees - experience, research and track-record of practice are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with DoctorSpring and is given privileges to answer paid queries. Typically one in hundred applicants make the cut. These Doctors are well versed with the nuances of online consultations vis-a-vis physical appointments, and you can be assured that they would answer all your queries in detailed and helpful manner - no more getting rushed in and out of 5-minute appointments. Our MEDNET quality board consistently evaluate their replies to validate their medical accuracy and helpfulness.
It depends on the nature of the consultation. Typically consultations for GPs are answered in 4 hours and consulting a specialist takes 8 hours. Second opinions, medical board opinions from multiple Doctors take about one to seven days depending on the complexity of the case. 99% of the GP and specialist consults get replies from Doctors within 24 hours. We take pride in the fact that all our specialists are experienced Doctors with busy private practices –their experience and expertise puts them in a position to help you best. When it comes to a compromise, we feel in-depth, accurate and relevant replies from experienced and expert Doctors are significantly more important than quicker, possibly incomplete and inaccurate information. So although the specialists try to answer as soon as possible, as you may understand, it is impractical for such specialists to be online all the time or for them to be available for online chat.
We follow industry standard security practices, and absolutely none of your personal information (email, personally identifiable information, reports, scans) is shared with anyone except the consulting Doctors. Please don't add names, emails, contact numbers to your questions.
DoctorSpring and for that matter, any online medical service shouldn't be used when it is an emergency when your symptoms are out of the ordinary and would require immediate attention. We would be of limited help when a physical checkup is essential or a prescription is needed. While pictures and videos help with most cases, sometimes the Doctor would recommend visiting a local Physician to make the best assessment. In such situations, you can, of course, after your appointment follow-up and discuss further with our Doctors. We also wouldn't be able to help with medico-legal cases.
In most cases, Doctors wouldn't be able to prescribe due to local laws and due to restrictions on prescriptions without a physical checkup. Doctors do recommend treatment options based on their experience with similar patients, and you are welcome to share this recommendation with your local specialist or GP to get a prescription.
You get free follow-ups and can consult for a period of one month. In case you need an extension, say to get your reports, please write to us. One month is a general guide, and your satisfaction is paramount.
Yes, you can add or email the reports, details later. The in-house physicians would coordinate your consult.
Specialist and GP one-time consults are backed by our money back guarantee. In case your consult wasn't answered as per your expectations, you could share your feedback. We would review the consult - in most cases seeking clarifications assures that your queries are answered. You could also opt for a change in the consulting Doctor. You could also opt for a refund in genuine cases where Doctor gave a misdiagnosis, didn't consult with utmost focus or missed any details. The grounds for dissatisfaction doesn't include suggestions for investigations, steps which can't be performed online or a recommendation to visit an ER / Consult a local physician. In such cases, the consult is open, and one can follow-up post investigation.
Email us at We generally reply within an hour.

Google The Weather, Not Your Medical Symptoms.

The second opinion at DoctorSpring was very detailed and easy to understand. It helped us think completely different about the diagnosis and gave me a lot more info than any of my doctors locally had given me. Thank you for providing so many invaluable insights.

Lisa received a second opinion for rectal cancer.


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Our mission is to help patients in crisis achieve better medical outcomes via timely & informed medical opinions from our ask a doctor platform.

Via online doctor chat our leading, board-certified physicians provide provisional diagnosis, treatment and follow-up recommendations for most health issues - the common ones to the complex cases which may require second opinions, multi-specialty consultations.


Consultations on DoctorSpring are not a substitute for physical consultation with a doctor or to hospital services. The service should not be used for medical emergencies. The service offers expert opinions of qualified doctors and medical advice on various medical conditions, medical diagnosis and treatment and it does not include a direct medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription.

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