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Absent MENSTRUAL CYCLE with FSH, LH, T3, T4 levels report. Can ETG be positive after exposure to alcohol from medicine? Dull headache with constant humming in ear.Reason. Can dark patch on penis be cancer? Rash in groin with testicular pain Tenderness across scalp from tension headache Pain in back, abdomen with red lifted bumps/rash. Opinion on strange looking MOLE on back. Short of breath with ARRYTHMIA. Should I worry? Strange HEART SYMPTOMS. Advice and treatment. Pain, stiffness after injuring ACHILLES on fall. Treatment. KIDNEY STONE with stabbing pain. Are CIPRODAR, VOLTAIRE good? Cause for TROUBLE BREATHING, feel like gonna die. LUNG CANCER on BREATHING MACHINE with no appetite. Should I continue KEFLEX till pain in infected area go? Accuracy of ORAQUICK HIV TEST post intercoarse. Reason for Squeaky noises in ear with heart beat. Chest, neck, arm pain after WASP sting. PREDNISOLONE. Treatment for bleeding from rear passage. COLONOSCOPY. Risk of HPV infection without previous VACCINATION. Does she have BLOOD CANCER based on BIOPSY REPORT? Can HEPATITIS-C VIRUS transfer to baby on touching?DIALYSIS. Risk of BACTERIAL INFECTION with ANAL SEX. Raiseddry, hard growth on penis. WART/MOLE? Can AROMATASE INHIBITOR dormant MICRO-METASTASIS from LOBULAR CANCER? Effect of CPAP for SLEEP APNEA on DRY TOOTH SOCKET. Snorted up cold water into nose. Are there DEADLY AMOEBAS? Reason for IRREGULAR PERIODS without being pregnant. Is there STANDARD DRUG for SEDATION during CYSTOSCOPY? Skin coloured bumps, growths in penis after shaving. INGROWTH HAIR? Cause for cramping, stabbing pain in stomach after food. Chest pain with RIB FRACTURE on workout. OSTEOPOROSIS? Odd spots on leg, face getting worse. BUG BITE? CHRONIC COUGH, SHORTNESS OF BREATH. Is it ASTHMA? Possibilities of HIV by sex with HIV POSITIVE guy. PROMINENT SPURRING IN TALUS in XRAY. Due to OLD INJURY? Pain in ribs on bending head.related to HEART/MUSCLES? Painful red rashes in hands, feet during STRESS. Treatment for SPONDYLITIS with back pain, CROHNS DISEASE. Burning during MICTURITION with PSEUDOMONAS in C/S. USG. URINE TEST for man to test POSITIVE for GONORRHEA. Treatment for ESTIMIC CHANGE, VENTRICULAR ENLARGEMENT OF HEART. Small white bumps n lips after sex. FORDYCE? Effect of TESTOSTERONE, TAMOXIFEN on SMA, CYTOPLASMIC ANTIBODIES. Swelling in armpits, night sweats after EBV infection. LYMPHOMA? Bleeding after stopping PILLS. Normal period or WITHDRAWAL BLEEDING? Can't recover normal vision/appetite after MIGRAINE. Cause for BLOATING with EPIGASTRIC BURNING, painful yellowish stools. Reason for not getting erect when needed. MENTAL PROBLEM? Dense breasts on MAMMO/ULTRASOUND. Rule out IBC? ANTERIOR LABRUM TEAR,HILL SACHS LESION in MRI. SURGERY? Altered consciousness, pressure in ear after SSHL. Reason? Advise on UNSATURATED IRON BINDING CAPACITY, IRON BINDING CAPACITY. Risk involved in sex with tore condom with prostitue. Is INTRAVENOUS IRON SUCROSE THERAPHY needed for LOW HEMOGLOBIN? Medication to prevent STI/HIV after protected sex. Pain in pelvis, balls and unable to cum during sex. Floating stools, epigastric pain after PNEUMONIA. IBS/GALLSTONES/PANCREATITIS? Effects of LIPID SOLUBLE MOLECULAR TOXINS on touching. High LYMPHOCYTE COUNT with LOW NEUTROPHILS. LYMPHOMA? Pain in large breast, SPIDER VEINS without swelling.IBC? Advice on SEMEN ANALYSIS REPORT with NORMOSPERMIA. EVION-LC. HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY with better claim in INDIA? Weak ERECTION after using PRACTIN for SENSITIVE GLANS. Constipation, exessive walking with ZYREXA, RISPIRDAL, DRUXAL. PARTIAL TEAR IN SUPRASPINATOUS. Can MRI scan measure it? Chances of ANALGESIC NEPHROPATHY/NEPHROTIC SYNDROME by PAINKILLERS. USG. Had unprotected sex. Are HIV, HERPES TESTS conclusive? Pain, soreness on toungue with TOBACCO use. ORAL CANCER? SQUAMOUS METAPLASTIC CELLS in PAP smear. Is HYSTERECTOMY needed? FLU-LIKE MUSCLE pain, COLD on dieting for FATTY LIVER. STEM CELL THERAPHY treatment for ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. Advantages. Symptoms of PROSTATE CANCER with enarged prostate in DIABETIC. Lightheadedness, feeling unreal and faint. Normal EKG, ECHO, BP. Couldn’t complete my SNEEZE and nose BLEEDING. Reason. Advancement of ESOPHAGEAL FEEDING TUBE to JEJUNUM. Meaning? JOINT PAINS, RASH on chest, back. RA/LUPUS? Will AVEENO lotion cause FALSE POSITIVE in URINE ALCOHOL TEST. Lifestyle changes, mediacations to prevent PULMONARY EDEMA by DIABETES. Couldn’t smell, taste after NASAL STEROIDS. Reason? Burning sensation when I pee after long sex. Silver cream for come off epidermis. Is it infected? Abnormality in ECG with fast heart beat. Need ECHO? Reason for pain in head, face, shoulder and dizzy. Diarrhea with HER2 NEU+ BREAST CANCER METS. COLONOSCOPY. Haevy bleeding, abdominal cramps, negative pregnancy test. FUNCTIONAL CYST? Could PENIS EXERCISES cause PROSTATE CANCER? Blurry vision, decreased urination by ADIPEX, DIDREX, SYNTHROID, TOPOMAX. Treatment for AUTONOMIC NEUROPATHY, ACHALASIA, OSTEOPOROSIS. Sex on eighth day of period, on OVULATION KIT. PREGNANT? Will PENICILLIN for STREP throat cause RED EYE? EXFOLIATION cream for dark armpits caused by deodrants. Non-stop PUKING after drinking a lot. What to do? MRSA STAPH INFECTION with no improvement on antibiotics. Medication for HBP without respiratory side effect. Prominent heartbeat after partying with ASD CLOSURE. Treatment for white mark in penis. CLOTRIMAZOLE. Effect of MOULDS on baby in pregnancy. Long term consequences of PULMONARY INFARCTION BY EMBOLISM. Had sex with CLOTRIMAZOLE cream on penis.

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