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Will a particle in ENDOCARDIUM gets ENCAPSULATED? Treatment for PERINICIOUS ANEMIA with raised MCV. Hands get puffy, bad INFLAMMATION after alcohol. Cause? Headpain, face gets reddish after taking ALCOHOL. Better medicine for ANXIETY besides CIPLAR. Large ADENOID still after surgery. Is surgery needed again? Red moist itchy rash in penis after intercoarse. Late periods after stopping birth control with not pregnant. Blood in mucus after cold with pain in chest. Larger THYROID in MRI. Is BIOPSY, CAT scan needed? Blood in urine without symptoms of UTI. XEROLTO. Stomach pain, unable to urinate with catheter. Can PROLONGED RUPTURE OF MEMBRANES cause infection in baby? Chances of pregnancy by ejaculating on thighs. Had sex with two persons, took PLAN-B. Who is father? Swelling of glands on side of neck. CANCER? Frequent severe leg cramps in night. Cause? How does EMERGENCY KIDNEY ORGAN TRANSPALNT list works? Skin rash, allergy due to AUGMENTIN for BACTERIAL INFECTION. Nausea, motion sickness after heavy bleeding. Do I have GYNACOMASTIA by this picture? Period is late, urinating frequently on VITA-D. Cause? Had sips of whiskey with positive PREGNANCY TEST. Early vaginal spotting on stopping BIRTH CONTROL. Evaluation on blood ACTHM, ACTH, RENIN ACTIVITY. Chances of pregnancy by sex with irregular period. Symptoms of foreign body get attached to ENDOCARDIUM, MYOCARDIUM. Could I be injected without feeling sharp prick? Stomach cramps, diarrhea with blood, raised CALPROTECTIN. White looking boil in scrotal sac. Cause? What is this developed in my vaginal area? Will SEPTIC ARTHITIS operation cause change in hip angle? On and off pain in chest, CVID, COPD. Cause? Guilt, OCD after visiting erotic massage parlour. STD'S. How to switch BIRTH CONTROL PILLS without gaining weight? Difficult to swallow, bumps at back of throat. Treatment? What is this swelling on side of mouth? Reaction after taking PREDNISOLONE with XANAX. ANXIETY DISORDER? Elevated BILIRUBIN, LIVER ENZYMES after sex. HCV? Head feeling strange in waves after heavy drinking. Chest discomfort, heartburn, tightness with elevated heartrate. Will I satisfy a girl with 4inches long penis? Swelling, puffiness on knee. MENISCAL TEAR? Enlarged POSTERIOR CERVICAL LYMPHNODES. Is BIOPSY needed? Cramps, no bleeding with PLAN-B after sex. Should I worry? Unexplained weight loss with normal appetite, pale stools. When can I practice walking with crutches SCREW FIXATION? Confusion, memory loss, fatigue and tingling in arms. Hollow forehead, eyes, masculine face after MISCARRIAGE. Spotting with light colour, abdominal cramps. IMPLANTATION BLEEDING? Brown vaginal discharge after unprotected sex. Cause? Dull pain in chest with AMPLATZER device after RHABDOMYALYSIS. Diet, exercise for stool in pieces after COLON RESECTION. Body breaks out with painful itching on getting hot. Pink, raised mole in back. What is this? Border line HCG test, delayed period. Am I pregnant? Late periods, spotting while urinating. Problem in bladder? Lightheaded, shaking hands with seeing strange things. Cause? Antibiotic to treat UTI besides SULZA, TETRACYCLINE. Sweating, vomiting after head injury. Should I worry? CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT. Can I give supplements? Unable to digest food, vomiting, loose stools. Treatment? Help reading CBC, HORMONE TEST blood results. Unable to sleep through night and sleepy al day. Chest pain, TIETZE SYNDROME, normal EKG. TROPONIN. Dry stool in small pieces with negative FIT test. Cramps, pulls while crying with reflux in baby. Cause? Insanely painful, red and swollen thumb after injury. Fever, chills, nasal congestion and headache. Treatment? Stomach pain, cramps with blood spots in stool. Cause? Severe acne after HYSTERECTOMY. ANTIBIOTICS, OTC. Pressure headache with high blood pressure, blurred vision. Face feels warm after sex with prostitute. HIV? Treatment for ICHTHYOSIS VULGARIS with ATOPIC DERMATITIS. Will small penis be a problem for sexual life? Heartburn, hurt to breath in, on FAMOTIDINE. Treatment? Hearing sounds, seeing colours with TONIC CLONIC SEIZURES. Tongue comes out in new born baby. Any SYNDROME? Increased urinary urgency, grey hairs in body. Nerve damage? Uncontrolled, involuntary twitches in foot. DYSKINESIA? Gnawing pain, burning in stomach and bloody stools. Treatment? Scraped my leg with metal. Should have TETANUS shot? Risk of HIV from sex during periods with CSW. Positive ANTIMITOCHONDRIAL ANTIBODIES, ACTIN levels. PBC? Side effects of RIVOTRIL for sleeping disorder. Remedy to avoid UTI in CAUDAL REGRESSION SYNDROME. Pain, tingling, burning sensation on feet. Should I worry? Treatment for SCLERODERMA with joint pains. Can I freeze WART near BASAL CELL CARCINOMA ? Recovery time after STITCHES for deep cut in lips. Bleeding after sex with positive pregnancy test. MISCARRIAGE? Is HGH COKTAIL ggod to increase height? Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea after eating chicken. When will I be non contagious with CHICKENPOX on ACYCLOVIR? Itching, pain in outer corner of eye. What's wrong? Abnormal discoloration in stomach. Is it melanoma? Pain in abdomen after injury. Ruptured spleen/fractured ribs? Toungue becomes dry, feeling like dying if I don’t drink. Some spots above penis without pain, itch. Cause? Can breasts get larger in 5weeks of pregnancy?

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