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Is this a Stye? Medication and its symptoms What is duplex ultrasound? how this nocturnal erection helps in diagnosing erectile dysfunction? erections during my sleep What can I do to maintain BP at normal levels? Infected cyst Heart beat problems Athletes foot Masturbation problem Question about HIV Feeling sick, shaking and shivering 55 years old lady with a lump in throat What is duplex ultrasound? How is it useful in erectile dysfunction will I be able to maintain normal erections and have a normal sexual life after circumcision? Am I affected with urinary tract infection? Am I having a weak immune system incapable of defeating cold? Am I infected with genital herpes? How to get rid of it? Sinus, food poisoning, and vomiting Anal fissure without cure. over flow in periods What is wrong with me? Genetic blood Pressure post nasal drip rashes in my beard area for almost 2 years Buried Penis Pityriasis Rosea bulimia 21 weeks pregnant Im wondering if you could have recieved a false negative blood test. Problem relates to digestion and lack of desire to eat Itching in vagina Getting severe stomach pain at the time of Menstrual cycle my sternum is in lots of pain sometimes shortness of breath any ideas Inhaled steroid heloma durum pregnant or not polio drops Weak artery Antibiotics for sinus infection suffering from Raynaud Syndrome sore inside my nose that wont heal heart pain chest x ray - any active TB evidence throat which then worsen and become Arthritic pain in knees Can I survive bowel cancer? can you become pregnant after you have had your tubes cut and burnt? Chance of getting pregnant. Correlation with Depression and Grave's disease Deep and severe back pain, which doctor ignores. Depression feeling or side effects of drugs I take? Do I have herpes? Could it be a yeast infection or something else? lower spine broken in an accident Please guide me with the tests usually done for Erectile Dysfunction. whether erectile dysfunction is considered as a normal part of aging? Erectile Dysfunction suffering from erection problems Could you please guide me with further plan? I have a major doubt if my husbands a gay or does he have some medical condition? Injury in my scrotum while playing football I have erectile dysfunction What is Viagra? Does that affect the brain in any way. Feeling breathless and swelling legs while climbing up hills. Female with heavy vaginal discharge Fissure treatments to select from Blood Pressure Whole body aching heart disease and gout i have puffy male breast Having irregular and prolonged menstruation Having lump on my testicle Headache and sickness after vertigo attack. lower back pain, my knee had weird sensation, my ankle feels kind of swollen urinating visible light red blood I have erectile dysfunction Suggest a treatment for Hypertension why im not losing any weight, and about these awful symptoms im having and what to do. griping pain in the tummy I got eye problem I have a Problem in Menstruation I am 16 years old, I still look like a 13 or 14 year old physically. very hair nipples,mustache,acne and dark bags under my eyes Is it right time for me to conceive with anemia whenever I wear a condom, I lose my errection itching,burning around vagina/pelvic area I have this problem where my anus gets very itchy DIABETIC PATIENT AND SUFFERING FROM KIDNEY STONE Pregnant and suffers from a light bleeding Marrying a man with the same blood group is it harmful? lower stomach and back is paining I am suffering from an unheard blockage of ear. Need urgent advice. First Intercourse and it didnt Bleed Possiblities to get a  diseases like VD or AIDS Need Advice about Sever Back Pain Little tingle in a different part of my lip I have only one testicle. Is it alright? anxiety issues with some OCD severe head ache on the sides of my head

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