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Chest pain that worsens with movements Lump inside my vagina. What could this be? Hemoglobin level reach 10 after a month of taking the supplements? Do I have meningitis? Cough that does not subside Thick sperms comes out when I pee DO I have a miscarriage? Vaginal discharge due to bacterial vaginosis Septate hymen causing discomfort Can penicillin cause nosebleeds? Changes in the bowel movements. What could this mean? Bad breath since 6 months. What could be the cause? No periods. Can I be infertile? Severe stomach pain and diarrhea Can estrogen pills cause my genitals to shrink? Am I pregnant? Can smoking marijuana cause chest discomfort? Am I sick? Severe knee pain Dark red rash in the groin area with little bumps What is the cause of stomach bloating? Passing brown discharge for 10 days. What could this be? Numbness and pain in both the hands Pregnant with hyperthyroidism Unprotected sex. Could I be pregnant? Dementia and its management Lower abdominal pain with brown discharge Does Sertraline have side effects? Smoking Marijuana while pregnant. Is this harmful? Fever since 4 days. What could it be? Effects of smoking while on the pill Neck pain that is getting worse Floaters in the eye My hands are growing and really big. Why is this? What are the Uses of HGH up? Have irregular but heavy bleeding Can I use an old medication for Pink eye? Feeling nauseous. Could I be pregnant? Do I have recurrence of Bacterial vaginitis? Pain in the right leg. What could this be? Do I have diverticulitis? White tiny bumps on the skin Metallic taste related to glomus jugulare tumor No periods for a month. What could be the problem? Can the contraceptive implant in my arm be removed for a short time? Fever that does not subside Are 2x 20 mg testosterone injections as effective as 1x40 mg? Do I have folliculitis? Can I take vitamins along with Doxycycline? White spots on the penis. What is this? What are sleep seizures? Can pre cum cause pregnancy? Pain at the scar area associated with foul odor Light period on and off. What could be the cause? Coughing fits in the morning Stabbing type of pain that doesn't subside Red mark on face due to waxing of the moustache Could I have an inner ear infection? Suffering from multiple headaches Have ulcers in my mouth after taking doxycycline. Pinky toe becomes numb. What is the cause? Do I have gall bladder disease? Pain in the chest. What could this be? Head is heavy and painful Developed a keloid. What should I do? Swelling in my legs. What could this be? Lump in the right breast associated with pain. Numb in the back for no apparent reason Is it possible I may be pregnant? Tiny spots on the upper lip. Is this Fordyce spots? Do I have hemorrhoids? White blood cell count is 8.2. Is it normal? Lips are sore How long do I have to take medications for Absence seizures? Have stopped using Prozac and lamictal medications. Is that ok? Am I taking more metronidazole tablets? Feeling dizzy and light headed. Am I pregnant? Knee swollen and bruised. What could be the cause? What are the causes of pain in the right lower abdomen? What could be the cause of pain in my eyelid? Pimples inside my vagina with white discharge Headache due to anxiety Dislocated the shoulder. Should I put it in a sling? Itch at the tip of the penis. What could it be? Do I have Eczema? Is inserting a cannula in the left wrist is accepted protocol for treating hypothermia? Have enlarged submandibular cervical lymph nodes. What could this indicate? Skin irritation. What is the effective treatment? Light vaginal discharge with cramps. Is this due to periods? Feel nauseous after taking a caffeine pill No periods since 3 months with swollen breasts Was feeling dizzy and lost control. Could it be an epileptic attack? Severe pain in chest and back after an accident Hearing strange voices in my head. Speech and language disorders. Red spots on my pubic region. What could it be? Is it possible to become pregnant while on Birth Control? Swollen lip with mouth ulcers Could I be pregnant? Severe headache that is getting worse

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