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Bump inside labia after anal sex. STI? Bumps in penis without pain, itching. Treatment. Redness in vagina with oral HSV1. Has it spread? Weight gain, depression after delivery with pain in armpit. Cramps in ovary area with PCOS without bleeding. Knee popped out of socket on twisting. Treatment. Flesh coloured, painful HEMORRHOIDS. Need an INCISION? Loss of muscles in hand with normal EMG,NCV. MIGRAINE headaches, vision changes, not remembering sometimes. Pressure in head, TENSION HEADACHES with normal CT. Treatment. Growing bump in penis with mouth HERPES. OUTBREAK? FOAMY HISTIOCYTES in spleen lesion biopsy. Meaning. Abnormal heavy period, blood clots with vaginal fluids. Fever, chillness with high BLOOD PRESSURE, SUGAR. Next step. Vaginal burning with BLOOD, LEUKOCYTE in urine. UTI? ACID REFLUX is due to too much or little stomach acid? Bump on penis, itchiness in urethra after sex. Effect of ROSUVASTATIN for high TOTAL, LDL CHOLESTEROL. Lump on anus, pain on pressure with no bleeding. FLAIR,T2 HYPERINTENSITY in MRI of KIDNEY TRANSPLANT patient. Emergency pill to stop periods for 4 days. Neck pain with normal MRI, RHEUMATOID FACTOR, CRP. ARTHRITIS? Diagnosed with TYPE 2 HERPES. Treatment. Could ALCOHOL COTTON kill HIV virus immediately? Effect of D&C for miscarriage on conceiving again. Is NOVOLAC IT1 best for 8 week baby? Rash, irritated skin on glans due to extended masturbation. Treatment for heavy dry cough for two days. Feeling overstimulated by LEVOTHYROXINE, TSH lab reports. UNILATERAL PULSITILE TINNITUS, pressure behind ears. LYME disease. ULTRASOUND SCAN report of PROSTATE. Need explanation. Chest, back pain on swallowing COCODAMOL tablets. RMS BLADDER CANCER with METASTASES. Treatment besides PALIIATIVE CARE. Clogged ears, ringing noise, feeling like deaf. Is it permanent? Infection in gum going down to chest. LIQUID ANTIBIOTICS. Chest cough in cold weather. Is it ASTHMA? Risk of contracting HERPES by sex with positive person. Body pain after accident with ovarian cysts. Treatment. Can I breast feed my 12yr old step son? Baby died from IUGR, TETROLOGY. Can I try again? White blister in glans, redness along foreskin. Treatment. STROKE with DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, HYPERLIPIDEMIA. Treatment. SINUSITIS not responding to AMOXICILLIN. Resistance? Rash in tip of penis with normal STD test. Black vomiting with I-PILL after sex. What to do? Rash in face, neck without itching. Can I take BENADRYL? Treatment for high BP, headaches without medicines. Treatment for overweight with HYPERTENSION, HYPERLIPIDEMIA. Rash on penis with normal STD results. Treatment. Dropped eyelids, heavy head after BOTOX injection. Side effect? BIPOLAR, ADHD, OCD with AGORAPHOBIA. FLUOXAMINE, ADDERALL? HIV, HEPATITIS C infection by using public paper towel. Pain in potty with blood. Cause and treatment. Abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting with CITRATE MAGNESIUM. Acne with red areas. Can I use GLYCOLIC ACID? Correlation between GOUT, HEART DISEASE and effect in eye. Back pain, muscle spasm with FLAT FOOT. XRAY, MRI. Recurring UTI'S, YEAST INFECTION. Due to OVARIAN CANCER? Swelling, pain in gum, tooth, difficult opening mouth. INFECTION? Brown discharge, bleeding not in period. What's wrong? Light bleeding, cramping in pregnancy. Need to worry? Lazy, no interset in spending time with people. Reason. HEPATITIS-B SURFACE ANTIGEN positive. Should I take BARACLUDE? Vaginal bleeding, spots in pregnancy. Cause. ABSCESS on thigh near private parts. Treatment. Could ELECTRICAL CURRENT kill ANTIBODIES in body? Risk of high VOC STAIN exposure in pregnancy. Early PUBERTY, HIRSUTISM, MASTITIS. Risk of BREAST CANCER. Risk of having sex with CHLAMYDIA treated partner. Is LAVATRON FAT REDUCTION TREATMENT for overweight safe? TRANSMISSION RATE of HIV with cut, blood on hand. CALCULUS in kidney with HYDROURETERONEPHROSIS. Treatment. Burnt skin with blisters after RADIATION to chest wall. Little red bumps spreading after sex, PLAN-B pill. Are scalp pain and PLAQUE PSORIASIS related? Pain in elbow, headache. ANTI INFLAMMATORY. Red patch at base of penis after anal sex. Need second opinion about relative's report. Tremors with BENIGN REMITTING MS on GABAPENTIN, AMITRYPTILLINE. POST COITAL BLEEDING, DISCHARGE with ENDOMETRIOSIS. Cause. Suggestion on feeding LACTOGEN POWDER, BUFFALO MILK to baby. Small bump with white head in tongue, swalloing difficulty. Low RBC, HEMO with normal ENDOSCOPY, CT SCAN. Cause. Burning sensation, cramps after DEXEDRONE, BENADRYL. How to taper DIAZEPAM befor coming PHYSICALLY DEPENDANT? Pressure feeling in testicles, pain in penis after sex. Little bleeding after intimacy without penetration. IMPLANTATION BLEEDING? Painful, numb shoulder after collision. Treatment. Stomach pain, unable to eat, feel like vomiting. Cause. Persistent fever, itching, loss of appetite with enlarged nodes. Brief this report after FIRST CHEMO for blood CANCER. GRANULOMAS after injecting SILICONE. Risk of surgery. FEBRILE SEIZURES with normal MRI, EPILEPTIFORM DISCHARGES in EEG. Felt something slip during masturbating with discoloured penis. WINDOW PERIODS for CHLAMYDIA, GONORRHEA, STD'S. Lump in breast, bruising with normal MAMMO, SONO. Detection time of HYDROCODONE for PAIN MANAGEMENT. High WBC in pregnancy. Will WBC low in HIV? Small blisters on penis shaft, head. HERPES? Pain, FISTULAS after operating for PERIANAL CYST.

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