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Intercourse and positive pregnancy test within two days Hiatus hernia and dull pain on upper left side Excess hair on face and legs Mild flu with severe cough and inability to lie down Constipation after antibiotics Red rash under foreskin and normal STI screen Cuts on penis Severe neck and back pain Dry skin and skin rash with chronic jont pains Bump and rash on penis Applied left over Differin and swollen dry eyelids Headache with a swimmy head Premature ejaculation in healthy male Prescription for Z-pack Testing for HIV prior to surgery Premature ejaculation Neck pain after drinking Positive PCR for HIV and negative EIAs Left upper abdominal pain and blood in vomit Travelling in a speed boat in pregnancy Crushed toe and hematoma Encephalitis Red bumps in pubic area Drug induced psychosis Urinating blood Materia alba Irregular periods and irregular OCP intake SVT and Fibromyalgia Fever and myalgia with tender nodes Abdominal pain and diarrhea with Crohn's Diarrhea and cramps Bruise and hematoma on leg Adverse health effects from radiation Risk of stroke from neck exercise Childhood history of kidney stone Headache with nausea and anxiety Unprotected intercourse and swollen lymph nodes after Pimples in armpit Testosterone therapy and venous leakage Pin or needle piercing like pain in upper abdomen Treating UTI naturally Blood in stool followed by diarrhea OCD and detergent use on penis and low libido Medication for anxiety and depression with ear pain Fear of HIV Bad odor from semen or smegma PCI and reappearance of shoulder pain Severe neuropathy Bad anal itch Fatigue and large bruises on legs Likely due date of delivery Fear of cirrhosis from regular wine drinking Paraphimosis Advil and prednisone interaction Gout and Methylpred dosing OCD and fear of STDs Breast augmentation surgery and post-op Accutane and exercise Red rash on side of face and nausea Yellow penile discharge Neck pain Chronic sinusitis Discolored and rough skin behind ear Skin coloured bumps and possibility of Herpes or other STDs Multiorgan failure Right lower back pain and kidney issues Flu and extremely exhausted Mild chest discomfort Non-healing insect bite Tylenol overdosage Child with black colored stool Semen production and effects of abstinence Pulmonary fibrosis Nummular Dermatitis Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection Pregnant and UTI Reactive airway disease Prostatitis Decreased fetal movements Penile warts Premature ejaculation only in the first attempt Lesion on scalp Efficacy of device to correct penile curvature Treated for Chlamydia and persistent penile discharge Acute gastric problem Pityriasis rosea Sudden vomiting and vertigo followed by hearing loss Missed periods and signs of pregnancy Strange skin lesion on finger Repeat consult Hiccup while drinking Irritation of penile meatus Laparoscopic procedure with mesh put in and post op pains Pregnant and brown discharge Getting period early Sudden onset headaches with giddiness Mixed vaginal infection Open heart surgery in elderly and success rate Safety of anal sex in heterosexual couple Food poisoning after eating raw scallops and sea urchin Lichen Planus of penis

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