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Blood tinged saliva stains, odd breath smell. Source? Chances of HIV after oral sex with muscle aches. Recurrent sorethroat, cough and fever. Cause? Delayed period after oral sex. Will precum cause preganancy? Sorethroat, muscle aches after oral sex. HIV? Medication for bad stomach and OSTEOARTHRITIS. Small lump on penis with pus and blood. STD? Am I still contagious after years of wart free? Felt like pulled something, jolt in body on snorting. Abnormal CREATININE, GFR level in POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE. DIALYSIS. Red raw area with uncomfortable feeling on penis. Sadness, depression after strated working and feeling like crying. Will CANCER compress immunity and cause false negative test? Feeling nauseous, dizzy after COLONOSCOPY. Is this normal? Worrying about getting HIV after protected sex. Anxiety regarding CANCER causing FASLSE NEGATIVE HIV TEST. Cause for abdominal distention, indigestion, dyspepsia, pain. Can KUB CT SCAN show bowel and stomach area? Itching, burning after insect bite. Treatment? Redness is'nt there in nose. Is there problem? Tender lump near anus without blood. Treatment? Feeling stressed without VYVANESE. Am I an addict? Pain in leg after surgery for numbness in fingers. Painful headache, cold symptoms, no desire to eat. Cause? Floaty looking white particle in urine, pain in testicle. Pink/redish area near groin with itching. Treatment? Advice and recommendation for my son's IRON PROFILE. Link between ALZHEIMER'S and DIAZEPAM for ANXIETY DISORDER. Treatment for CERVICAL COMPRESSIVE MYOPATHY, INFARCT In brain. Mistook CONCERTA for XANAX. How to sleep now? Is it possible to get pregnant even with MINIPILL? Side effects of ATORVASTATIN, LISINOPRI and CLOPIDOGREL? Lump on pubic bone area without pain. Cause? Should I continue XERALTO lifelong for PULMONARY EMBOLISM? Pain in head, shoulder and constipation. Cause? Fever, sorethroat, headache after oral sex. HIV? Pimple above lip with pain on touch. Treatment? Pain on one side of body, normal XRAY SPINE. Any medicine to ingress small size of penis? Sperms are immediately released on masturbation, small penis. Treatment? Pressure in head with clogged ears. Can I take ADVIL? Would wood particle entered vein hit and pierce ENDOCARDIUM? Cramp, heavy bleeding after taking POSTINOR 5days after sex. Elevated liver enzymes. Due to APOCEPHALEX, ACETAMINOPHEN? Remedy for PREMATURE HAIR LOSS with minimum expenses. White lumpy patch on penis and rough to touch. Pink color in semen with normal MRI, ULTRASOUND. Vomiting after having too much drink last night. Treatment? Pain in neck after overloading my neck. Treatment? Increased GRANULAR FORMS OF MEGACARYOCYTES in smears. Meaning? Skin rash after using SKELAXIN for neck spasm. BENADRYL? Latest and best cure for PREMATURE EJACULATION. Hard growth on shaft of penis, multiple sexual partners. Feeling extra thumps in chest. Should I be concerned? Symmetrical papules on labia. VESTIBULAR PAPILLOMATOSIS? BREAST CANCER surviour with ROUND area in MRI RIBS. Pain in testicle after lifting weight with previous VASECTOMY. Stabbing pain in heart in pregnancy. Emergency? Different looking 1stULTRASOUND in pregnancy. Opinion? Negative HSV1 test result after treatment. Am I cured? Bright blood on wiping after removing POLYP by COLONOSCOPY. Feeling tired all day, mood swings on ZOLFRESH. Treatment? POSTMENOPAUSAL BLEEDING with mucus from vagina. Cause? Pain in chest on waking up. Heart problem? Genital not growing according to age. Cause and remedy? Late with MENSTRUAL CYCLE, negative OTC pregnancy test. Pregnant? Could cramps be sign of pregnancy after sex? BREAST CANCER treating with TAMOXIFEN and raised ESTRADIOL. Chances of living long with CHRONIC PANCREATITIS. Would CT without contrast show polyps causing obstruction? Flu, cough with red big spotty rash. ALLERGY? Is it possible to give injection as walikng by? Could anxiety, stress cause FALSE NEGATIVE HIV TEST? Toe is achy, numb with large knot after injury. What happens in clot fromed by particle entered vein? Leg edema, ascites, pneumonia with DIABETES, HYPERTENSION. Elevated PLATELET levels after SPLENECTOMY. Cause? Can I use VIAGRA after surgery for INGUINAL HERNIA? Irregular periods, abdominal pain after started having sex. Itchy white dots on scrotum. Cause and treatment? Pain in knees, hips and need stick to walk. Treatment? Itchy and sore anaus even on STEROID. ANAL TUMOUR? What is this bump above vaginal opening? Slight decrease in size of VALLECULA on side. Cause? Cause and route of spread for RAOULTELLA PLANTICOLA UTI. Unable to lose weight with exercise. Increaed metabolism? Woke up with pain one hand. Cause? Will sex cause IOP complication with eye pigment dispersion? Swollen neck lymphnodes after erotic massage. Symptom of HIV? Diarrhea after completing Z-PACK for BRONCHITIS. Nausea, confusion, anxiety, vertigo and muscle aches. Treatment? Sleeping problems, anxiety as side effect of DILTIAZEM. Can CT show big tumour in colon/anus obstructing food. Effect of drinking on NONDISPLACED L3 TRANSVERSE PROCESS FRACTURE. Penis is itchy and have not had sex before. Small white color spot at cheek. Treatment? Soft red bump inside vagine with hair on it. Weight loss with thyroid problem but normal THYROID ROUTINE. Depression after starting INSULIN to control raised blood sugar. Wheezing like ASTHMA and clear chest. Nasal condition?

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