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Would wood particle entered vein hit and pierce ENDOCARDIUM?

Resolved Question:

Dear Sir.
I have some queries. Pls. expalin me with you knowledge.
About 1yr ago, Golf Wood tee was broken and pierce my finger and vein by accident.
I could see the bleeding from vein and took a for a while for stopping bleeding. (not oozing).
Question is below.

(Situation )
While broken golf tee tear the skin and finger vein, I think little sharp wood particle(below 1mm) could get into the finger vein and manage to reach the heart (right atrium).
--> although it is very hard to get into vein if not injected, I think it is possible to get into vein by accident. (while piercing the skin and vein, little wood particle could be broken in the vein while penetrating.
--> while little sharp wood particle move from right atrium to right ventricle... because of the blood velocity (about 60cm/s), if particle hit the endocardium of right ventricle, particle could pierce and stuck in the endocardium.

1) 1. do doctor think that it is possible for particle to hit and pierce or stuck little bit in the layer of endocardium.
--> in my point of view. when particle get into vein, macrophage make clot around the particle, so sharp edge could be covered by clot. (but I don’t know the clot is enough to cover the sharp edge)
? as far as I know I saw the article that macrophage could eat the wood particle and foreign body such as virus or etc. (but I don’t know macrophage also could eat such big 1mm wood particle)
2) If particle got stuck, there would be some inflammation and bleeding.
? If particle don’t got stuck in totally (half in endocardium and half in right ventricle chamber)
And little swing or twist and so irritate the blood vessel (capillary) in the layer of endocardium…do you think bleeding could be stopped eventhough particle continuously move and pierce the capillary..
In my point of view,, diameter of capillary is very small (almost one blood cell could pass) if particle little pierce and stuck.. bleeding start and clot block and capillary is going to dead… no more blood could pass…
3) As far as I know, inflammation on endocardium and very small particle could not be detected by echo..
? is there any apparent evidence which there is some problem in heart if little particle stucking..

Thank you very much.

1) 1. do doctor think that it is possible for particle to hit and pierce or stuck little bit in the layer of endocardium.
--> in my point of view. when particle get into vein, magcrophage make clot around the particle, so sharp edge could be covered by clot.

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Category: Cardiologist
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Thank you for your query at
I understand you are curious. However why do you think a little wood particle will travel all the way to the heart and that to the endocardium?
Even if it gets in the vein, it will immediately be blocked by clotting because it is a foreign particle.
It is not possible for the particle to get into the heart like that.
Even if by any miraculous way it does reach the heart, it will either pass on systemic circulation and again get blocked or else it will lodge somewhere in the heart leading to symptoms.
Can you explain what exactly you are worried about?

Patient replied :

Dear Sir.
Thank you for your answer.
Until now, I misunderstand that there are capillaries in endorcardium.
But, Actually there is no capillaries... endocardium cells are supplied blood by directly from heart. right?
So if wood particle stuck in the layer of endocardium, continous bleeding is impossible. because there is no blood vessel. right?
Only dangerous think which we could image is particle delodging from part and flow to major organ and block the vessel.
is that right? except that, nothing is going to happen. so living with particle which stuck in the layer of endocardium is not so dangerous.
is that right?

Can you please explain why you think a wood particle will travel all the way to heart endocardium?
Without being warded off by the body's immune system and platelets?

Patient replied :

Dear Sir.
In my imagination, if foregin body is too small (such as virus), macrophage could eat or attack or clot could be made around the foreign body.
but such as a big (below 1mm) particle get into vein, our body cannot handle it and particle is going to reach heart without blokcing by our immune system.
I have never heard or see that if big particle get into vein, and what happen?
is there any data or medical knowldege for foreign body such big?

Yes I do agree, however it won't reach the heart.
It will be immediately blocked off my macrophages and inflammation will occur.
There is not much medical evidence for that.

Patient replied :

Dear sir. It is last query. I almost understand my assumption is very hard. Because i learned that there is no capillaries in endocardium. It is located in sub and myocardium. So it is very hard to bleed continuously. Now I have one assumption. Pls. Teach me it is possible or not. Little particle stuck in the layer and after time flow, because of the blood pressure, that particle move inside slowly and slowly and finally reach myocardium. Question is If particle move slowly inside, can we know symptom? Or impossible pls. Teach me why it could not get inside.. as far as I know, the velocity of blood grom right atrium to ventricle is very fast... Pls. Explain me

In all probability if it does reach the myocardium due to blood velocity, there are 2 possibilities. Either it gets blocked and a clot forms leading to symptoms, no matter how small the clot is. Or it gets into peripheral circulation which can be risky if it forms an emboli.

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