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Treatment for TYPE2 DIABETES, INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS, FIBROMYALGIA. Hard painful lump in butt after fall. Chances of HIV after unprotected sex. Can VALERIAN ROOT cause EXTRASYSTOLES in EKG? Treatment for FIBROMYALGIA besides CYMBALTA, AMITRYPTILINE. Fever, unable to eat and DIARRHEA for days. Traetment for threatening, alarming behaviour of wife. Sharp pain on lower ribs, spotting, birth control pill. MISCARRIAGE? VITAMIN-D, IRON defiecient with non heeling cut in lip. Fever, red marks on penis after sex. HERPES? Treatment for INDIRECT INGUINAL HERNIA with palpable lump. Treatment for no sperm coming out during intercourse. Will FERTILIZATION get lower on next year of marriage. MOLLUSCOM CONTAGIOSUM with spreading lesions in thigh. Dizzy, lightheaded with ear infection. BRAIN TUMOUR? Effects of AMITRIPTYLENE/NORTRIPTYLENE on LIVER FUNCTIONS. Possibility of contracting HERPES from sucking breasts. Cough with GREEN MUCUS, runny nose and fever. Raised tissue on vaginal opening with UTI. PROLAPSE? Can I get pregnant by splashed water containing semen? Treatment for low blood TESTOSTERONE LEVELS. Scuff my foot, twiching in legs. ALS? Sorethroat, cough, runny nose after oral sex.STI? Flickering of eye with SUPERIOR CEREBELLAR GANGLIOMA. Painful red bump on back. RECLUSE SPIDER BITE? Effectiveness of BIRTH CONTROL with PULL OUT METHOD in sex. Tapering off CELEXA in two weeks. Is it quick? Heavy knee joint pains with swelling. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS? Chunky phlegm with cough after REDUCTION OF NOSE FRACTURE. Penis shrinked and unable to get erection while sex. Treatment for raised painful sore on cheek. Antibiotics for cold, cough, runny nose with watery discharge. Will I get SYPHILIS by oral sex with stranger. HBSAg, VDRL. Headache, arm, neck pain which switches sides. Chances of contracting HSV with BACTERIAL UTI. Can expired yogurt cause BOTULISM? Effectiveness of NEO-BLADDER for HIGH GRADE BLADDER CANCER. Swollen red itchy vulva minora. STD? Burning sensation after masturbation. HERPES? Why DDT, DIOXIN, PCB cannot be detoxified by liver? Treatment for APPENDICEAL MUCOCELE WITH INFLAMMATORY CHANGES. Sore area in healed ABSCESS SCAR. Cramps, back pain, headache and nausea. PMS? FRACTURED GREATER TROCHANTER with hip replacement.Need surgery? Reason for vomiting sensation on seeing dirty things. Treatment for SEASONAL ALLERGY with cough and chest pain. Can IRON tablets be given with ASTHMA, ARTHRITIS, ACIDITY. Treatment for heartburn and vomiting after eating. Chances of baby to be mine after sex. Nerve pain in leg and NERVE TENTION on folding. Pain around ILIAC CREST with normal hip joint. Low NEUTROPHILS after CHEMO for WALDENSTROM MACROGLOBINEMIA. Abnormal mole with back scab. Should I worry? Pain in back and hip which resolves on heat. Abnormal EEG and sleep activity after BRAIN INJURY. Itchy little bumps in vagina and anal region. Had dinner with chicken thawed in fridge over weeks. Feeling dizzy on standing with STROKE in past. BLOOD PRESSURE. Can ALPHAMALE-XL, CATUABA POWER MAX used together? Chest pain, sweating and ASTHMA. ALLERGY? Risk of STD/HIV after protected sex with sex-worker. Drugs for ANXIETY other than ZOLOFT, LEXAPRO. Non painful red spot on penis. STD/YEAST INFECTION? Swelling in legs, ankle after standing for long time. Can I have Rx for viagra? Is HIV RNA ANTIBODY TEST conclusive ? Treatment for blood in feces after anal sex. Burning sensation in penis after sex.ZITHERAX/AMOXICILLIN. Treatment for feeling full in ASCENDING, TRANSVERSE, DESCENDING COLONS. Reason for pain and tight muscle in shoulder. Pain under ribs with BACTERIAL GASTROENTERITIS. Treatment for FEMORAL NECK FRACTURE after fall. Will LEXAPRO for anxiety cause CONSTIPATION? Brain zaps, PANIC ATTACKS after stopping GARCINIA cold turkey. Cause of change of nail colour to white.GENADUR. Will ANTIBODY screen detect HERPES without outbreak? Burning pain in vestibular area, on CLOTRIMAZOLE. YEAST infection? Will oral WARTS/HPV transfer by kissing on cheek. NON ISCHEMIC SCARRING in heart after MYOCARDITIS. Swollen, painful knee after MENISECTOMY, surgery for ACL tear. Penis losing its hardnes and unable to insert into vagina. Stomach cramps, DIARHHEA, sweating and chills. FOOD POISONING? Side effect of FLOMAX on EJACULATION. Discomfort in knee, muscle pull after KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY. Headache, back and neck pain due to VIRUS. ANTIBIOTICS. Pain in legs after surgery years old patientbefore for fracture. Need for NUCLEAR STRESS TEST after normal STRESS TEST. Pain in abdomen after CHOLCYSTECTOMY for GALL BLADDER ADENOCARCINOMA. Bumps in genital area after shaving. GENITAL WARTS? JAUNDICE and RING ENHANCING LESIONS in CT brain. Cause for sore throat and vomitting. PARASITE in stool with fever and high BLOOD PRESSURE. Prognosis of CORONARY ARTERY block with STENTS. Treatment for rash in head due to CONTACT DERMATITIS. JOINT PAIN and rash in chest. R FEVER? SLEEP ABNORMALITY with palpitation, pressure in chest, sweating. Enlarged PITUITARY, CHRONIC INFACRT in basal ganglia in CT. Prognosis with spotting, PREISAC BLEEDING in USG. Risk of eating expired whole wheat in pregnancy. Pain, blood in anus after surgery for ruptured colon.

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