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JOINT EFFUSION with NO MENISCAL TEAR in MRI. Treatment? PDA in 3months baby. Should we operate it? Treatment for persistent FRONTAL, MAXILLARY SINUS pain. Cause of painful urination with weak stream at end. Is pregnancy possible by wiping vagina with tissue having sperms? Will TOPIRAMATE decrease effectiveness of BIRTH CONTROL MEDICINE? Late periods on changing BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. Reason. Red spots on chest after trimming the hair. Cause? Pain in chest with history of BREAST CANCER, IBS. Stiff muscles, involuntary jerks in hands. Tests to do? Tool overdose of THYROXINE, RAZEL with alcohol. Side effects? Opinion and recommendation on GIFX test. Pain in foot, more on straightening. Is it DVT? Painful, itching blisters in abdomen, SHINGLES. Is VALACYCLOVIR ok? Hand shakes slightly on holding heavy. Is it serious? Pain starts in arms, moves to legs and recoccurs somewhere. Breast tenderness, nausea after sex with LENONORGESTEREL implant. PREGNANT? Spot in penis with redness around. HPV? Having DRY COUGH for months with clean XRAY. Could I have contracted HIV from oral sex? Low T3,T4 count with symptoms of HYPOTHYROIDISM. Painless, hard, white pimples on nose. Treatment? How to skip the periods by birth control pill? Penis skin worn down after regular MASTURBATION. Fluid built up in elbow after fall on ice. Feeling incredibly nauseous. How to fix it? Buzzy sensation in tongue, stifness, tightness in head. Cause? Treatment for large lymphnodes in armpits after MRSA. What is problem in SEMEN TEST for not having children. Blister in pubic area after CRYOFROZING GENITAL WARTS. Headache with sinus pressure. MASS in brain? Is it neccesary to take ANTIBIOTICS for infected ear? Numbness in foot with BULGING DISC L5-S1 in MRI. Craving for relationship but thinking of worst situation. Redness around penis with no help from ANTIFUNGAL CREAM. Treatment and prognosis for 4th STAGE CANCER. Fever, cough with phlegm, pain on swallowing. Discomfort in heart with raised heartrate in treadmill. Vision loss due to CEREBELLAR HEMISPHERE, OCCIPITAL LOBES INFARCTS. What does PERIHILAR BRONCHIAL THICKENING means in XRAY? Sore feet, ankle more on morning with shooting pain. Constant ache in ribcage, pouding heart, belching. Treatment? Little pimples, bumps on penis glans with burning sensation. Opinion on KIDNEY FUNCTION TESTS, ULTRASOUND, URINE ANALYSIS. Dark black stool with lump in anus. EXTERNAL HEMORRHOID? Positive RECTAL CHLAMYDIA with anal sex. Reason? Mentally, physically tired, sucked own penis after AMPHETAMINE use. On LISINOPRIL for blood pressure. Can I take FORTA? Suffering from extreme fatigue with HIGH OXIDATIVE STRESS. Swollen, red and warm to touch knee after fall. Reaction of RITALIN, DIAZEPAM with ARMOUR, PARNATE for acne. ACID REFLUX SYMPTOMS with normal ENDOSCOPY, HYDROGEN TEST, ULTRASOUND. White coloured vaginal discharge with negative BV, YEAST. Red pimples on penis head that not going away. Should I take AMOXICILLIN, 12hrs or 8 hrs once? Red lump with little popups in foreskin. HPV? Red , irritating rashes on back on LAMICTAL for BIPOLAR. Is it looking like STD? sexual health clinics. Spreading WARTS in pubic area. Can I have sex? When will I get pregnant after stopping DEPO SHOT? Depression on using ESTROGEN, TESTOSTERONE, PROGESTERONE HRT. When should I take second dose of VARICELLA VACCINE? Ways to produce orgasm, masturbate at 57ys of age. Nasal blockage with OBSTRUCTED MAXILLARY SINUS in CT. Painless small bump on penis . HSV1? Chills, vibrations, tremors in hands after FLUZONE shot. Decresed ESTRADIOL on succesive tests. Cause? Severe cramping in abdomen like contractions. MISCARRIAGE? Soreness, pressure in nose after swelling during boxing. Can oral sex cause VAGINAL CHLAMYDIA? What are these spots around my penis? Heavyness in chest, STENTING in heart. What to do? Took VIT-A supplements in pregnancy. Should I terminate? Burning tongue after oral sex. Can BODYLOTION cause it? Purple spots under nostril after injecting LIP FILLERS. PAINKILLERS suitable to use with less CYP2C9, CYP2D6 functions. Can GONORRHEA/CHLAMYDEA transmit without visible symptoms? Severe stomach bloating with IBS. MEBEVERINE, LANSOPRAZOLE. Small mass in FRENULUM which is sore and weeping. Abdomen pain, bloating, nausea with shoulder pain. Treatment? Pain in chest more on moving. Should I worry? Dark reddish purple spot on labia majora. INGROWN HAIR? When will I OVULATE based on CYCLE DATES? Stomach pain, diarrhea with EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS. Treatment? Which doctor should I see to monitor STEROIDS intake? Raised blood pressure after heavy drinking. ATENOLOL. Bruising with rash due to reaction for poison SUMAC. Unable to maintain erection during copulation. VAIAGRA? Yellowish white spots on vagina. Is it YEAST INFECTION? CARDIOVASCULAR ASSESSMENT based on LIPID PROFIE result. Bloating, tender breasts on BIRTH CONTROL PILL for OVARIAN CYSTS. Vaginal irritation with HPV and on MONISTAT treatment. Cause for pressure in chest, abdomen with GASTRITIS. High HCG after IVF on VIVELLE DOTS, PROGESTERONE injection. Multiple rashes in body, elevated LIVER ENZYMES, ALT. Pea sized lymphnodes in groin for so long. Cause? Stomach cramps, nausea after insect bites. KEFLEX. Can ANXIETY, STRESS cause slurred speech? CT. Inconsistent pain, stiffness in joints with elevated SED rate. Anxiety, panic attacks after trying legal STIMULANT. ANEURYSM?

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