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Pregnant with no baby's heartbeat.Is D&C necessary? Treatment for cough, breathing problem and FACIAL WEAKNESS. Darkening under eye with high CORTISOL and ACTH. Medicine prescribed for HEARING ISSUES.Is this right approach? Open sore wound on stomach. CLINDAMYCIN. Treatment for COLD SORE in lip spreading over face. Unprotected sex during period. Chances of PREGNANCY. Feelind disconnected with myself, days after smoking MARIJUANA. Recurrent YEAST INFECTION with swollen LYMPHNODES.HIV? Short of breath, stomach pain and EMPHYSEMA. PARASITIC INFECTION? Hard to speak with CHRONIC NECK PAIN. THYROID PROBLEM? Treatment for LOW TESTERONE with weight gain. Pregnancy situation based on ULTRASOUND reports. Treatment for PTSD, INSOMNIA other than ANTI PSYCOTICS. Beating PULSE in head, nervous feeling with BACTERIAL INFECTION. Blood results of CBC, ELECTROLYTES, ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE. FEVER in baby. Can TEETHING cause it? Ripped FRENULUM with a piece hanging on penis. VERTIGO, DIZZINESS and blurred vision due to CYSTERNA MAGNA. LEUKOCYTES and blood in DIP STICK TEST.BLADDER CANCER? Black spots under arms with itchy rashes on forearm. VERTIGO with all ENT tests normal. Can be DIABETES? Will heavy object injury on chest cause repeated yawning? Non healing scab in nose during every summer. PEROXIDE. Increaed brown bleeding in period after child birth. Stomach pain under belly button mostly at night. MICROCYTIC HYPOCHROMIC ANEMIA. Is IRON SUPPLEMENT needed? Effects of KLONOPIN for ANXIETY in life. Treatment for SEIZURE DISORDER with sleeping difficulty. ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and PANIC ATTACKS.will VALIUM help? HEART BLOCK and PULMONARY HYPERTENSION.Can ZOLPIDEM CAUSE? Touched vagina having TONSILLITIS. Will vagina get infected? Urinalysis test with positive KETONES, BLOOD and LEUCOCYTE ESTERASE. Raised LEUKOCYTES, blood in urine test. Can be UTI? Treatment for DIARRHEA caused by CLINDAMYCIN. LOPERAMIDE. Stomach cramps, panic attacks, heartburn on treating H.PYLORI. Detection of OSTEOBLASTS by BONE SCAN with LOBULAR CANCER. Got licked by baby racoon. Do I need RABIES SHOT? Infection on abdomen, on CLINDAMYCIN. Should I see DERMATOLOGIST? Cause for pain in left lower quadrant of abdomen. Fecal body odour, HALOTOSIS after automobile accident. Risk of YEAST infection after sex with girl on MONISTAT. Growth of dead,dry, cracking skin in thumb. Treatment. Treatment for sorethroat, difficulty in swallowing with bump on throat. Urine and blood tests for TRICHOMONIASIS. Treatment for NEUROPATHIC PAIN and unable to sleep. Lump on side of navel with bloating in stomach. Cause for lumps near nose and cheek. Elevated temperature, hedache with out of norm blood report. Risk of STI with rash in genital and swollen LYMPHNODE. Suicidal thoughts in BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. Treatment for light headed, faintness and pain in side of chest. Reason for irritating, sore and burning sensation in PERINEUM. Cause for losing erection quickly after masturbation. Is sex advisable after recanalised LAD for AIWMI. Chances of physical DEPENDANCE by KLONOPIN for ANXIETY. Stabbing pain on solid red line on abdomen on coughing. Treatment for shedding lot of hair.ROGAINE. Treatment for irritating heat rash on inner thigh. Exacessive bloating with IBS, ENDOMETRIOIS and FIBROMYALGIA. Dry throat and difficulty in swallowing saliva.ENDOSCOPY. Opinion on attached medical reports. MRI findings in ARVD for NSVT and block in arteries. METFORMIN and CLOMID for long menstrual period. Beating noise in ear after ANTIBIOTICS for OTITIS EXTERNA. Reliability of IGG test In finding HERPES. Tingling sensation throughtout penis after vaginal sex. Light headed and faintness after exercise and diet change. Pressure and discomfort in left side of chest.Cause? How long ABORTION PILL take to have effect? Pain on and off in testicle after VARICOCELECTOMY. Tiny bumps on genitals. HPV 6 or 11? No sex drive, bone mass loss with high ESTROGEN LEVEL. Dry and burning on external private parts berore period. Can MEASLES present without rash? Headache, dizziness and lump on head after injury. CONCUSSION? How to treat dark spots on penis? Way to lose weight without having loose skin. Rebound pain in throat after swallowing under PPI. Itching all over body with raised bumps.SCABIES? Sudden momentary unconsciousness and unable to remember. Cause for itchy rashes on back and neck. Treartment for muscle ache, PAROTITIS and EBV. Best TESTOSTERONE pill to improve genital growth. Pain between anus and scrotum after masturbation. When will I get periods with regular I-PILLS. Lumpy painful swelling in throat and harder to swallow. Treatment for spreading burning rash.BRUTIN. Cause for INTERMITTENT DIARRHEA, gas and itchy anus. Increased blood glucose level even with INSULIN. Is artificial ALOE VERA good for acne prone skin? Treatment for HEMIPLEGIC MIGRAINE with AURA. Laxity in ANTERIOR DRAWER TEST after ACL RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY. Cause for coughing up PHLEGM with black streaks in it. Popping sound in penis while urinate without pain. Cause of fatigue and pressure sensation in head. Discomfort in lower abdomen and voiding urine. Treatment for spider bite other than KEFLEX. Effects of alcohol/marijuana on CHRONIC INTERSTITIAL NEPHRITIS. Chances of contracting STD with used condom.

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