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Abdominal pain with cramps. Treatment for pain due to sciatic nerve injury. Harm from Bikram yoga to the baby in pregnant woman. Bone healing in Diabetes type 1. Binge eating with guilt purging. Metastatic poorly differentiated non-small cell carcinoma treatment options. Sharp pain in pelvic area and cannot move when I have pain. Having bad period's cramps, breasts are sore but periods are due on June 2nd. White discharge from vagina though I am virgin. Signs of pregnancy with negative urine pregnancy test. Lower abdomen pain increases on standing. Have white thin cloud between my toe and rash on thigh and neck. Had cryosurgery a month back due to HPV, can I have protected or unprotected sex? I am 2 weeks behind my regular period schedule, pregnancy test is negative. Have constipation then random loose stools, more vaginal discharge than normal with discharge being white and nausea. Having stinging sensation, sore throat and flu after taking doxycycline for Herpes. Have trouble breathing since 2 days, cant deep breath at all. Had pneumonia which is treated, still chest feels tight where pneumonia was located. Had periods only for 2 days with normal color period. Had surgery for clubfoot when I was 2 weeks old, still have limited dorsiflexion. have extremely dry mouth and frequent urination since I am taking Diovan. Getting herpes on right face cheek since childhood. I had back surgery twice due to herniated disc, the leg which was most affected due to the herniated disc is having muscle spasms in my toes. Smoked 10 days ago, for how many days will saliva test be positive? Feeling sick past 2 days only in the mornings. I have runny nose which comes back after I stop taking anti-histamines. I suffered from gastroenteritis for 6 days, now have chest pain and racing heart. I have been treated for trichimoniasis and my partner is not treated, if I have sex with him will I get infection again? Favirab vaccine even if she already had the Verorab vaccine. Strange feelings in my balls while sleeping, like my balls are being pressed. I have PCOS, what are procedures required to get pregnant. I feel upset about everything and can't calm down. PCOS, with missed periods, swollen feet and craving for food. Can I be pregnant? Do I need antibiotics for two days cold? Pains in lower and upper abdominal areas, on my sides and upper and lower back. My husband gets spells, where his heart rate races to 240+ bpm and come back suddenly to normal. Delusions with a voice that wants to kill him and hurt him. Stomach bloating and loose motion. Elevated lymphocytes and low urea, I have crohns disease and 2 bowel resections. Swollen hands after IV line. Blister on underside of foot with slight greenish in side. Small red round spot on her left breast. My left hand is fractured above elbow, I applied plaster. Now, my fingers are swollen. I am trying to lose weight, is 2734 calories per day a good calorie to lose weight? Do you think that she should have a liver ultrasound to rule out cirrhosis? Will the birth control become ineffective? How to enlarge my Breast without surgery when I finish my period I have a strong odor please help what to do. Will taking the supplement ZMA (Zinc monomethionine and aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) help to increase sperm count? If I stop taking the pills 3 days early and resume again 7 days later like normal, will I be protected again? I have been menstruating every other week for almost two years i am scared if i broke my hymen There is a small silver looking object inside of his ear fluid filled bump on the back of his head red bumps on my penis Its been more than a week and I'm still bleeding is this normal or should go for check up? I have been spitting blood after I vomit I have gout but my uric acid is within normal range I have been getting sharp pains in my left and occasionally right overie area Problem of frequent urination and sweating Red bumps that are itchy on my stomach occasional sleepless night bump on the back my neck Am i Suicidal person? I have constant thoughts of suicide small dump or dot on my penile shaft I want to know if this is OCD My calf muscle in the right leg has been constantly aching The left side of my stomach has been acting up after I get done peeing, there's little blood on the toilet paper Does stomach irritation (nausea) cause bloating? constant rashes for over two weeks numbness in my wrist is this pms or pregnancy? My thump hurts and swollen Could this simply all be gallbladder related or should I consider I might have a gastro problem as well? I have a bump in between my buttocks sudden pain just occurred in my rib's on the right side Pain in the upper right sternum and back red-brownish spot appeared on my right arms Am i Allergy to radish? I have little red dots on my penis head under the skin Common cold small cyst on my left hip What tests must be completed to confirm the diagnosis of bone marrow failure? Does holding the testicles while checking the testicles will affect their fertility in future? pea sized lump on my right testicle My grandmother is scheduled to have a disc in her neck removed and a fusion from her skull to her spine What is this flat black spot in my Virginia area? How to remove this thick white paste and little balls of gel in my vagina light brown circles on my chest Is ciprofloxacin oral tablets is enough for fast and effective treatment? I been having stomach cramps on and off I had a Bowel Problem Diarrhea, nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite for 6 days Can antibiotics for sinus infection cause stomach pains? Is there a chance of recurrence with pilonidal cyst? Severe neck pain and stiffness. Could it be a fracture? Lips are dry and peeling Ibuprofen side effects. Drug that causes convulsions

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