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Feeling slow, foggy on ESCITALOPRAM, RITALIN. Cause? Lumps on inside of vagina that hurts after sex. Pins, needles, tingling sensation in side of body. Extra precaution to stop spotting, bleeding in months. Spot on skin like spider bite. MRSA/STAPH? Will ULTRASOUND pickup tumours, lumps in vaginal canal? Knuckle area is swollen and itchy, painful joints. Can ABLATION in heart cause ATRIAL FIBRILLATION? Painful triangular pattern of bites in body. FLEAS? Breathing difficulty without CPAP, low ESR, CRP. Cause? Getting pale, foot pain, headache with abnormal blood tests. Spotting days after PLAN-B. am I pregnant? Painless immovable hard lump in chest wall. Cause? Ways to prevent needing KNEE REPLACEMENT for pain. Supplements to normalise abnormal LIPID PANEL RESULT. White ugly circle, dots on heels. CORNS or WARTS? Discomfort, bleeding on peeing with URINARY TRACT INFECTION. Is ZOLOFT considered gold standard than PRISITIQ? COLD SORE on my nose after shaving. HSV? Vomiting coffee ground coloured vomitus on OMEPRAZOLE. Thought of suicide due to pain in C5,6&7 NERVES. Can LEUKEMIA/LIVER DISEASE cause HIGH VIT B12 LEVEL? Treatment for throbbing headache with pain behind eye. Shortness of breath due to LUNG COLLAPSE. Can SEROQUEL XR cause discomfort in chest? Effects of ALCOHOL in PREGNANCY on baby. Symptoms and treatment of HEAVY METAL POISONING. Cause for red lines on stool with burning sensation Are my FSH, LH and PRT levels normal? What are the side effects of SAUAVE hairspray? Cause for ANEMIA with chronic shortness of breath. Itchy painful bumps in pelvic area due to HERPES. Can exposure to loud noise damage baby's hearing? Treatment for high temperature, red swollen and sore throat. Valuable comments on attached USG report. Is 15th day PCR RNA TEST conclusive for HIV? Adverse effect of OXANDROLONE on pregnancy. Treatment of SCABIES with pus filled blisters. Cause for fever and coughing out mucus from lungs. Effects of smoking meth and cocaine in body. Small white blisters on thigh, pubic and genital area. Is ABILIFY good to treat SCHIZOPHRENIA? Red bumps on glans with negative WESTERN BLOT TEST. Texture and color of SEMEN and VAGINAL DISCHARGE. Can acid reflux cause left sided chest pain? Can I pregnant without treating my PCOS? Chances of PANCREATIC CANCER with irritable bowel symptoms. Itchy, painful red rash on genital without discharge. INFLAMMATION around HEART after taking COCAINE, MDMA CRYSTALS. Erection in not hard as before, after bending while sex. Weight gain, depression, fatigue with low TESTOSTERONE LEVEL. Jelly like brown substances in stool with POLYPS. COLONOSCOPY. Nauseous, light pink period with sore breasts. PREGNANCY? Few skin marks on lower side of neck. Cause? Can I carry pregnancy after COLON RESECTION for ADHESIONS? Trouble achieving and maintaining erection, reduced libido. Testicle is tight against body with normal ULTRASOUND. Nausea, vomiting with cramps on periods after D&C. Alternative to CYMBALTA to treat FIBROMYALGIA. Dry skin like rash on penis head, painful erection. Sore bump on vagina without pain. STD? On CHEMO for breast CANCER, CLINDAMYCIN. Can cause NEUTROPENIA? Bleeding in nails from biting due to ANXIETY. Side effects of surgery for CATARACT in eye. Not getting strong erection after marriage, masturbate regularly. Change in flow, colour in periods for months. Cause? Dizziness, vertigo, intense head pressure with normal CAT SCAN. Couldn't get hard anymore in sex without masturbation. Weird pain in throat, jaw, burning pressure in trachea. Itchy white spot, pustule on penis head without sex. Is negative RAPID HIV test 1.5yrs after sex definitive? Small white spots under foreskin. THRUSH? Will continuous radiation from mobile cause CANCER? Should I go to emergency room for my ASTHMA? Had unprotected sex. Should I get TRUVADA PREP? Bleeding with small tissue after D&C for retained products. Clear fluid filled itchy, painful blisters in shoulder. When can I take ADVIL for toothache after ASPIRIN? Odd squarish fatty pieces floating in stools. What are these? Nonstop muscle twitching in calf on NUVARING. Chance of pregnancy by sex with skipping NORIDAY MINIPILL. WARTS in hands, stomach pain with diarrhea. Treatment? Risk of transmitting disease by sharing DIABETES bolld lancets. Oral sex with COLD SORE in lips. GENITAL HERPES? Rash around groin with dark, dry foreskin. Risk of spread from YEAST INFECTION under breasts. What does LOW REVERSE T3 in thyroid test mean? Change in bowel movements with loose stools. Cause? Sore throat without fever. STREP THROAT/ALLERGIES? Exhausted, tired with high T3, THYROXINE, TSH level. Tinglimg, pricky sensation in fingertips , no diabetic. Cause? Small itchy blister type bumps in body. Treatment? Spots, welts on foot. How to treat them? Headache, discomfort in eye with dysentry, normal ENDOSCOPY, COLONOSCOPY. Face looks harsh with masculine appearance. Reason? Sweating profusely in sleep, high body temperature. Cause? Pee in bed with dream that I pee in toilet. Risk of infection with blood on penis hair after sex. Supplement ingredients that cause positive urine drug screen test. Morphologically normal enlarged LYMPHNODES in biopsy. Means?

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