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Tested HIV positive patient with bare fingers for oedema, what to do? essential tremors, dos and donts Burning sensation when peeing during periods. small bumps on face after fishing trip in 1 year old child Roaccutane and alcohol, effects. Shaft of the penis is swollen and bright red Alcohol withdrawal causes shaking hands, lightheadedness. Irregular bleeding after miscarriage Birthmarks over the leg are raised, patchy. Passing green colored stools and vomit on going to the bathroom Rings on the arms and legs that are itchy Local anesthesia for breast reduction How long to continue antibiotics for cat scratch Diazepam overdose and suffering from depression Longer periods and on Mirena birth control Headache and having numbness in arms and legs Child is sick and no weight gain. Could it be malasbsorption? 2 pulses and a pause Irregular periods and have headache, cramping, back cramps and pregnancy test negative. Vocal nodules and tight sensation around my throat after vocal exercises Metal smell while having sex Skipped a period for a month Red spots on hand and feet that itch Chung and low Chung exercise stress tests for heart failure patients Sweating and no strength after pneumonia Can't grow facial hair? Treatment for Lichen planus on my left thigh Pain at the tip of penis and burns while passing urine. could this be STD? Abdominal cramps and passing blood in my stools Left labia is swollen and itchy with white discharge Have cough, blocked nose, ear block, and fever with cold sweats at night. Food in stomach and rotting smell. What could be the cause? Use of corticosteroids causes return of macular edema? Itchy around the vagina and passing white discharge Rotting meat smell and tooth pushed into maxillary sinus Pain in rib cage after fall Bleeding after taking pills Can Sperms on bed and clothes cause pregnancy? Feeling sick after taking Allegra D after breakfast. No periods and No sex. Am I pregnant? Stabbing pain and cramps after sex for the first time Swelling of the breast associated with pain before periods Bump in right eye after applying petroleum jelly Pain in my stomach and peeing a lot. Bloated feeling and pain abdomen after eating food Change of pills causing headache and cramps with no period Pain in knees Pain in knee and makes a cracking noise on bending What are the causes of tiredness and lack of concentration? Pain down the leg due to anal fissure What are the Causes of fatigue and lack of concentration? Took the pill late. Am I pregnant? Swelling in the neck for a year. Could it be MNG? What is the Cause of dizziness? Pain in lower abdomen and not able to pass stools after taking lomotill Acid reflux during night and on endoscopy shows ulcer. Cannot move my body or speak and noise appears internal than external Little spots are seen on my skin and lower abdomen. Red spots on head of penis causes pain. Does Betamethasone injection cause acne? Will Pot smoking show THC on the tests? Pot smoking causes high blood pressure Ear pain after infected root canal treatment. Passing fresh blood and pregnancy test negative. Can it be ectopic pregnancy? Can Exposure to patient with Mercer affect an immuno-compromised patient? Plan B causing spotting and pregnancy test negative Anti HCV: Negative, Anti HIV: Negative, Anti HBSAG: Reactive Is the dosage effective after Plan B fell into my drink? First time use of I pill-causing bleedi Cramps and loud noises in my stomach at night with no regular bowel movements Pain in the upper back and chest after a fall on my head Pimple on the groin area and popped it. Facial swelling and acne itches after taking doxycycline mono Vagina itchy and dry with white chucks, doesn't smell Painful tailbone and can feel the bone Drug test and confidentiality form, who can read it? Dry, itchy skin on the shaft of the penis Lower right side pain and directly right of the spine, rotated L5 To go on a diet after TB shot A strange sensation in my head, body freezes and have headache Pain in the lest testicle and lower left abdomen during masturbation Inner part of the lips inflamed and mouth dry Red hair and sunburned, way to prevent freckles forming while sunburned Not getting proper growth in my testicular area Pain and stings during sex near the hymen Donor on marijuana for bone marrow transplant IBS with large stools and nausea and presently on fluoxetine. Swollen and painful knees after a fall, Lymphedema. How to cheat a bipolar disorder test? Polyps in my intestinal tract, colon cancer, urinating blood and slime out in my rectum Bumps on the head of the penis. Upset and angry for no reason followed by exhaustion. Pain in the tail bone on standing. Pain with bleeding after intercourse. Treatment for anxiety with depression. I have PCOS, procedures for having children. Recurrent tonsillitis and swelling in spite of antibiotics. Irregular bleeding with cramps apprehensive about pregnancy. Chances of pregnancy due to ejaculation over vagina. Method to delay menstrual bleeding.

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