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Treatment for FULL THICKNESS CARTILAGE DEFECT at FEMORAL CONDYLE. Alternative medicine for GENITAL WARTS besides PODOWART. Sweling in foot after injury, deflates on rest. Tiny bump near tail which hurts on pressure. Treatment? Palliative treatment for BRAIN SRTOKE patient with bedsore. Is BETAVERT safe to take with SSHL, hearing loss? Breathlessness when physically not active. HEART PROBLEM? Itchy sensation, loose skin in penis on applying CANESTIN. PITING EDEMA in shins, ankles. CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE? Is NARCAN safe with head injury, bleeding fractured neck? Symptoms of inflammation, infection, damage of prostate by sex. Back spasm with pain for years old patient. What is wrong? Do ECZEMA lotion with ALLONTOIN, BARBADENSIS has HORMONE drug? Reason for abnormal AST with treatment on PROSCAR. Brown hyperpigmentation of glans without pain. Feeling sleepy at work, driving even with good sleep. On treatment with SYNTHYROID for HYPOTHYROIDISM in pregnancy. Risk? Abdominal pain, nausea with fractured ANKLE. MRI. Itchy anal area which bleeds, produces sticky oily substance. Surgery for GRADE-IV REFLUX in MCUG with UTI. Harmful effects of JAMP-ZOPICLONE on taking without consult. Chronic FISSURES have returned with PILES after surgery. ANXIETY due to heart rate averaging around 100bpm. String like thing with pain inside elbow. Treatment? What should eat and avoid for VITILIGO without cure. Best way to treat PENILE LYMPHOCELE with swollen penis. Red spots in pubis with pain after anal sex Constant pain in testicles after being hit. Treatment? White penile discharge at end of passing stools. Cause? Dull ache, swelling in penis with negative STD tests. Wokeup tired, exhausted with heavy eyes, light headed. Cause? Can she continue THYROXINE with abnormal THYROID profile? Constant heavy bleeding during sex without pain. Serious? Feeling fatigue, head spin, diarrhea with abnormal MCH. Can MEFTAL-P be used incase of DENGUE FEVER? Nausea, chest pain after food with GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY. Kissed a widow for seconds. Risk of HIV transmisiion. Medicine to sustain life with ADENOCARCINOMA STOMACH. Random EXCEMA, dry and cracking with itching. Treatment? Forgetting directions to go home, tingling sensation, joint pain. Can outercoarse transmit CHLAMYDIA, silent PID and INFERTILITY? Constant nauseous feeling, inflammation in mucus. STRESS? Frequent night sweats in MENOPAUSE. Treatment? Itchy irritation when urinating, DYSURIA. Treatment? Could these ZIT being there for years old patientbe STD? Took toenail off with leaking clear fluid after injury. Abnormal amber coloured turbid urine in testb result. Tired with rash without scaling, itching. LYME DISEASE? What is the cost of a MRI SCAN? Can I take D3SUPPLEMENT from LICHEN with MOLD allergy? Nausea, watery diarrhea, fever with low WHITE BLOOD CELL. On painkillers for STONES in CT. Is this correct? Chances of getting anything by licking escort's vagina. Chest pain, cramps, cold sweats with sore throat. Worreide about birth defects in baby with ACCUTANE. Can I start LINEZOLID after RIFAMPICIN for SCALP FOLLICULITIS? What does HSV2, CHLAMYDIA test result without symptoms mean? Frequent loose stools not controlled with NORFLOX, ELECTRAL powder. Planned for CESAREAN at 37weeks pregnancy. Should I agree? Does taking SENNA, DULCOLUX for constipation make me dependant? Bleeding a lot with clots on NUVARING birthcontrol pill. Will spotting after ovulation cause FERTILITY issues? White skin flaps around anus after anal sex. Treatment? Tiny red and yellow spots on breast without itching. Chances of ER positive LOBULAR CANCER with ALLRED score8. Pain in chest relieved on massage, normal ECHO, ECG, XRAY. Constant bladder pressure, frequent urination with diarrhea. Cause? Watering eye, blurry vision with pressure behind eye. Chances of getting preganacy by sex with condom. Dry white cream, itch in penis head. FUNGAL INFECTION? Samll itchy red spots, rashes in thigh. Treatment? Uglu looking mole on back. Should investigate it? Two NODULE, TUMOUR in liver ULTRASOUND. Need MRI? Can HPV54 cause GENITAL WARTS unlike type6,18? Painful, sensitve INGROWN HAIR in pubis. STD? Non surgical treatment options for AVASCULAR NECROSIS in MRI. Burning sensation, sensitive to touch in calf on walking. Low blood pressure after injection TOPROL-XL, back pain. Risk of contacting FUNGAL INFECTION not responding to ITRACONAZOLE. Rash, outbreak of red spots on glans after sex. Giddiness, headache with trouble nerve and heart. Treatment? Getting birth HERNIA after having surgery for it. Blood in semen on ejaculation twice. Reason? Acidic urine with burning around labia with blood. MRI. Advise on medical report and need for surgery. Whether surgery is recommended for FRACTURED HUMERUS in XRAY? Middle back pain, difficulty in deep breath,clear sputum. Risk of XTC in rave after GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY. What is the problem in attached reports? TMT? Can doctor diagnose PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA, start medication in days? Are burning sensation in stomach, headaches related? Weak arm, legs after HEMIPLEGIA, PARALYSIS due to fall. Congested head, pain in ears, neck after cold. Cause? Constant nausea, vomiting with loss of appetite and weight. Painless cord like structure in arm, armpit. Cause? Fever, joint pain after taking IRON for low HEMOGLOBIN. Abdominal pain, bloating with loose stools. Cause? Loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction after mental taruma. Sudden sharp pain, sensitive touch in stomach. Treatment? Risk of HIV/AIDS by massage with hand job.

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