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Worried about mole on stomach with one edge raised Vaccinated for rabies and now fearing a bat bite Bad headaches as if brain hurts and high ANA titres No insertion during intercourse but slight bleed and delayed period Diagnosed with HSV and first classic outbreak Ear eczema and antibiotics not working Spinal disc hernia caused by bicycle accident Child with head wound closed with glue develops fever after Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic not on treatment with high sugars HIV test negative but number indicator high Thoracic spine strain and low platelets Chance of getting HSV through a peck from person with cold sore Pregnancy impossible without penetration and during period Thick red median raphe of scrotum and anorgasmia Headache with pain in belly after sex Urine that attracts ants and frequent fungal infections Fainting while watching a gory movie also on a long fast Pregnant woman with severe stomach burns after papaya intake Period of survival of sperms in the female genital tract Dry cough since many years with clear chest Erectile Dysfunction with too much work pressure and normal USG Interpretation of penile USG and Doppler Penis swallowed after intercourse Fear of riding and driving following accident Foot turns red and purple on standing after Pilon surgery Fever nausea and headache not reducing with Paracetamol Why is a period 3 days late if not sexually active Large red spot on armpit area Huge and severe itching near penis area Right side of shaft of penis above the pubic bone bigger than left Woman with Crohns with increased Basophils Ciprofloxacin for UTI causing debilitating headache Sarcoidosis with positive Thyroid autoantibodies. Light brown vaginal discharge with white clumps Protected sex with someone now scared of getting HIV Prescription for Diflucan Mind stuck after depression medication Irregular heart beat with skipped beats and normal cardiac eval Child with burning at tip of tongue and red spots Pain in buttocks on sitting and constipation Post LAD stenting Statins causing neuropathy Risk of STD in a male after oral sex Afro-Carribean with rectal bleed and abdominal pain Pink blood mixed and mucus with stool of baby Female with constipation and family history of UC and Ca Colon Spinal cord TH7 and Th 8 flattened with lymphocytosis and illness of Kahler Lamotrigine for mood regulation now having hot flashes Empty consult Mother with Ischemic demyelinations in MRI of brain Strep and yeast infection of breasts Recurrent warts on hand despite cryosurgery Risk of HIV after protected vaginal sex with stranger Diagnosed with HSV1 in childhood now with cracking skin of penis Empty consult Skin coloured bumps on penis and anal discomfort with conjunctivitis Have ITP and pregnant with brown leukorrhea Itching and clear ooze in vagina after sex with STD negative man Candidiasis of the genitals Painful wrinked skin of penis and scrotum with fever Sexually ragged in school with anal itch Biopsy showing cancer of penile skin Time gap required between cocaine use and cardio Fit woman with waves of fatigue and sleepiness Scraped wound on thigh with dressing cotton sticking Acute adult ADHD together with Bipolar one Disorder request for Fentanyl Small bump on the back of neck felt only when tilting back Empty consult Suffering from GAD now feared about having MS Panic attack earlier and now dull mood with negative thoughts and fear of death 8 month old with fever spikes and puking Erectile dysfunction on Safed Musli drink but no improvement Can IBS cause knee joint pain and arm pit discomfort? Short head aches lasting only for seconds near temple Partial tear of the achilles tendon and rupture of calf muscle HCG hormone test to check pregnancy duration Empty consult Clicking sensation on turning head to one side Light red or dark pink discharge with brownish clots after intercourse Pregnant with bleeding and increased baby movements after sex Had several heart attacks on Coumadin now with low platelet count Trying to quit drinking at home with withdrawal symptoms Knee pain below and beside Patella only on jogging Chance of E coli 0157 infection through human faeces exposure Stiffness in upper abdomen and intake of whisky daily Numbness in hands and legs of short duration Whitening around urethra Something protrudes out after passing stools Baby with Tracheo-oesophageal fistula on Tracheostomy and Gastrostomy Painful rash above shaft of penis Very active healthy male with spider naevi Rash on thigh after playing golf not wearing underwear One irregular white spot on penis head Anticholinergic agents for overactive bladder if urine results are normal Fell and landed on little finger with swollen side of palm Weakness in body when trying to have sex for the second time White patches all over beard area on both cheeks and scalp Pain at right side of throat on swallowing saliva Genital Herpes spreading to skin covering penis Not eaten anything all day getting hot flashes and red vomit Bug bites on penis when trying to avoid jock itch

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