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Proteus vulgaris infection and burning sensation. Can Arythromycin be used to treat urinary tract infections? Can amoxicillin be used for UTIs? Gets blood in urine and night fever My urine is of black and green colour at times Getting yellow discharge and burning sensation while urinating Suffering from urinary and vaginal infections problem with rapid heartbeat at night Indwelling catheter problems Antibiotics for Prostatis How to know whether its miscarriage? Anus problem Allergy to paint fumes Help about my problems with breasts Treatment of public lice Symptoms of STI’s like HPV and HSV and ways to prevent them COULD I HAVE AN STD? What are the precautions to get prevention from STIs and STDs? What is the standard treatment of HSV? Getting infected by an STD Possibility of contraction through bed The dormant time of HPV’s Having burning sensation and discharge of blood during urination How sexually transmitted diseases are caused? Syphilis testing Is treatment of STDs possible at home? In what time can the outbreak of Genital herpes Sti be observed? Is a swollen throat indication of Chlamydia Sti? In males, what cause urethral discharge? Can sex toys reinfect Chlamydia? Is bleeding from sore near urethra a std symptom? Are std symptoms possible after anal sex? What are the other possibilities of pregnancy? What are the chances of pregnancy if condom breaks? What are the chances of pregnancy from sperm exposed in air? What are the effects of contraceptive treatment after missing dose of active pills? What is vasectomy and what is next? What are the chances of pregnancy if pill is not taken? Is it enough to have one dose for ovral emergency? How safe is unprotected sex? Is it safe to take plan b twice? What is trauma and what is its prevention? Small bumps on the penis Test for sexually transmitted infections Treatment of Chancroid Sex despite of Hepatitis C Non specific urethritis passed onto a girlfriend Various tests to know about STIs STD tests- relative importance Leaking of breasts despite of negative pregnancy test Abnormality in lower gut and cramping vagina. Tonsillitis and STDs Herpes zoster medication and depression Lost interest in sex. Is it due to STDs? Can tampons make vagina insensitive? Foreskin problems and STDs Swollen red vagina with pain. Pain in vaginal area and possibility of STDs Bacterial vaginosis and Flagyl. Undiagnosed bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis and PID How to treat Gardnerella? Thrush and lumps in vagina White spots and mould growth on penis. Oral sex and STIs How long a sperm cell can live inside vagina? First time sex and possibility of STI Too tight vagina Doubts about first time sex it is a virus and did not gave me any medicine I had a question regarding paternity.Few days before I get sexual with awomen and she got pregnant .Date was in august and child was born in July.Is it due to its picture of genital warts? Pain and discomfort in vagina during sex Blood discharge after having sex. Pain in penis Left tampon inserted for two days, now paining. Strep infection diagnosed as a yeast infection and medically treated as well. Can Sjogrens syndrome lead to serious troubles and vulvovaginitis? Fever pills and their interaction with STIs. Is taking drinks along with combined pills effective? Vaginismus and difficulty in having sex Oral sex and associated sexually transmitted infections. Can I make a female pregnant with one testicle? Will penis enlargement pills work on me? Can I give oil massage to my boyfriend before sex? Can it cause rupturing of condoms? Can dildos and sex toys result in STIs? Tampons causing thrush Can a small hole in condom result in pregnancy? Can unprotected sex cause genital warts? Can I get HPV from girlfriend with a history of cervical cancer? Will I get normal period after having contraceptive pills? Vaginal washes should be avoided Bacteria vaginosis and its effects on miscarriage Early symptoms of HIV infection Bacterial vaginosis and related herpes. Belated ejaculation and genital herpes Is there possibility of HIV transmission through oral sex? Chlamydia- how it is spread? Transmission of HPV causing cervical cancer and herpes What steps do I need to take after having unprotected sex with an HPV infected person? Gonorrhea- caused by sexually transmitted infections

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