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Numb and pain in FRENULUM with swollen balls. Cause for gurgling stomach, chest, back and shoulder pain. Deteriorating KIDNEY function with ISCHEMIA, DIABETES and HYPERTENSION. Possibility of negative home pregnancy test in pregnancy. Treatment for STRESS RELATED ECZEMA in buttock. Chances of STROKE with odd breathing and PALPITATION. Reason for worst headache in life with weakness. Ways to reduce high SGOT and SGPT . Will HbQ in THALASSEMIA TEST affect my pregnancy? HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY, PARKINSONISM, ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE. What to do? Medication for headache and pain in upper neck. Non itchy circular rash in penis after unprotected sex. Red bump in base of penis after sex. HSV? Side effect of ACCUTANE regarding skin colour. Can I be infected by injuring cuticles with saloon tools? Unable to move arm, slurred speech with COPD. STROKE? Necessity and dose of HPV vaccination in males. Can HSV 1 & 2 cause HEADACHE? Fever with abdominal pain relieved after passing stool. Effect of alcohol on antibiotic for BACTERIAL OVERGROWTH. Symptoms of THYROID problem with thyroid test. Can chemical substances in food cause holes in organ. HYPOTHYROIDISM with high TSH. Can I CONCIEVE? Dark circle/skin color change with MTHFR MUTATION. Symptoms of PCOS with missed periods. PROGNOSIS of ITC with good ALLRED score. Chances of CANCER with smoking and IDIOPATHIC MICROSCOPIC HEMATURIA. NAUSEA and pain in upper abdomen after lunch. Itchy raised rash on arms which clears away. Exercises to alleviate pain, strengthen area of HERNIA REPAIR. Treatment for light menses for 2 months. Throat pain, running nose with EPITHELIAL CELLS in SPUTUM. White raised bumps in follicles of groin. STD/FOLLICULITIS? Cause for BRAIN INFLAMMATION IN CT SCAN. INFLAMMATION in head CT scan. Should I worry? Took white pill instead of blue in AUZURETTE birth control. Expansion of subarachnoid space in MRI.What it means? Can I take same AUGMENTIN for UTI again. Could not get ERECTION in middle of INTERCOURSE. Low FERRITIN levels even with BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS. Rash below nose. Is it COLD SORE? Burning at tip of penis when I pee. Eruptions in penis which doesn’t hurt or itch. Will having bunny in home, harm baby in pregnancy? Bleeding bump on leg skin. Can it be CANCER? Lower back pain with normal ULTRASOUND and CT. MRI? Treatment for MIGRAINE, swollen eye and strong AMMONIA smell. Fatigue, HISUTISM, HAIR FALL with PCOS. HYPOTHYROID? Recurrent fever, chills and UTI.AMIKACIN, LEVOFLOXACIN. Do GENITAL HERPES cause bump inside vagina? Pain in legs and calf. Type 1 diabetes. Red nose after rubbing with cloth and hot water. NYSTAGMUS in all head positions in VNG test. Treatment. Cause for night sweats, light headed, fatigue and diarrhea. Treatment for Itchy red swollen thumb on morning. Is PROZAC better than PAXIL in terms of sideeffetcs? Use of EXTERNAL BEAM RADIATION in STAGE-2b CERVICAL CANCER. Excruciating lower abdominal pain. Can it be HERNIA? Elevated urinary TELOPEPTIDE levels as BONE TURNOVER indicator. Negative effects of TESTOSTERONE injection on body. Life style changes for GERD with PANTOPRAZOLE. Burning, tingling in penis on CLOTRIMAZOLE. GONORRHEA? Weight limit for UMBLICAL HERNIA. Most dangerous ten life-threatening diseases. Treatment for itchy red rash on inner thigh. Swollen ankle without pain. How to reduce it? Soft bump on shaft of penis. POLYSPORIN. Bruised, twisted and SPRAIN ankle. Will CRUTCHES help? How to know pregnancy without positive test? Pain, warm glans and frenulum. Can it be CANDIDIASIS? Effects of FENNEL SEEDS on antibiotic XIFAXAN. Positive RUBELLA IGG test in pregnancy. Itchy painful hard lump on LABIA MINORA. Wet himself without knowing, forgetting things. BRAIN DAMAGE? Large pimple in pubic area after shaving. Cause for moving pain from leg to leg and thigh. Is SOY formula good for one month baby? Painful wrist movement after driil injury.MEDIAN NERVE injury? Red dots, raised skin in penis peels off by scratching. Ability to infect after exposed to HIV. ACNE breakout on changing EPIDUO to RETIN. THYPHOID and HEP A IMMUNISATION in 5 months baby. Cause for skipping periods with bladder urgency and UTI. Burning sensation in penis and sore testicles after sex. Painfull headaches after taking classes. Will rest help? Getting sick and stomach upset after getting emossion. Increasing headaches for months in morning. Tingling sensation in penis, urge to pee after sex. Small FISSURE in MEDIAL PATTELLAR FACET in MRI KNEE. Frequent GOUT ATTACKS in toe.can HYPOTHYROIDISM/KINDEY FUNCTION cause? How to filter UNREALISTIC thinking with OCD? Reason for body moving front and back on standing. Painless pea sized lump on scalp which moves around. Bought plastic bottle for 7 month baby. Sterilize? Red eye, blocked nose and pain in shoulder. Treatment. Chances of METASTASIS in slow growing LOBULAR CANCER. Short fine hairs in chin and nipple. How to prevent? Traetment for frequent rashes with yellowish center. Pain in back near shoulder after fall. Twisted knee and bruised by fall.what will help?

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