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Trouble breathing during ANXIETY ATTACK.LEXAPRO. Burning sensation and need to urinate frequently during periods. Could this wound in the penis be due to CHLAMYDIA? Treatment for bleeding from RUPTURED HEMORRHOIDS. Tests to find the reason for HIGH EOSINOPHIL LEVEL. Persistent LIGHTHEADEDNESS due to INFLAMMATION OF INNER EAR? Better surgery than CIRCUMCISION for PHIMOSIS. Permanent solution for grey hairs on my beard. Treatment for eye strain due to ageing. Is abnormal bleeding sideeffect of MONOFEME? Do MICRODISECTOMY needed for HERNIATED DISC with pain. Not responding to ARCOXIA for pain in knee joints. Soft and mushy poop after MIRALAX. Treatment of side effects of SSRI'S. Heat in left upper lung after smoking for years. Way to increase size of my penis. Risks involved in taking increased PROTEIN DIET. Why wait months to remove a BENIGN ADENOMA ? How to take CYCLENORM E and P for PCOS? Can pre cum make my girlfriend pregnant? Cause for painful itchy bumps in bottocks. Heavy bleeding with clots after PROGESTERONE injection.ABORTION? Treatment for CHRONIC ANEMIA not corrected by IRON supplements. Does NEAR DROWNING cause worn out and depression? Medication and tests for very low SEX DRIVE. Abnormal shape of YOLK SAC in ULTRASOUND. Treatment for VAGINITIS due to IUD. What should I do for ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACKS? Diagnosis and treatment of TEMPORAL LOBE EPILEPSY. Side effect of MESTEROLONE in DIABETICS. Symptoms due to ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL solution toxicity. Is DRAMAMINE harmfull during pregnancy? Effects of dental work on AORTIC VALVE REPLACEMENT SURGERY. Small itchy bumps on arms reduced on taking ANTIHISTAMINE. Side effects of smoking CANNABIS regularly. Pain in center spine on lifting arms too high. Effectiveness of FDG PET in METASTASIZED LOBULAR CANCER. Is surgery needed for BILATERAL HALLUX LIMITUS? Treatment for MICROMETS in ITC before it METASTASIZE. Why my veins on arms and legs more visible? Small bump on balls skin due to INGROWN HAIR. Can pinched nerve in neck cause loose stools? Is SMUTH cream enough for passing stools with PILES? Reason for ear plug, halo and light headed on standing. Will bone structure of wife carried out to my daughter? Criteria for blood sugar level for classic DIABETES. Drip down my throat due to bad SINUSITIS. Can pregnancy cause FAECAL IMPACTION and CONSTIPATION? Icthing and burning while urinating.Traeatment. Beatin noise in ear after ANTIBIOTIC for ear infection. Continuous chest pain with normal CHEST XRAY and EKG. Treatment for suffocation and heart attack. ECHO. Treatment for PINCHED NERVE in NECK with neck pain. Proper ointment for skin infection due to soap change. Persistent pain in hip exacerbated by movements. Treatment for HEADACHE following unknown bite. VERTIGO due to INNER EAR INFECTION or SINUS BLOCKAGE. Treatment for ADENOMA found in COLONOSCOPY. Lab test for sore throat due to EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS. Are these small bumps due to HERPES? Can TRETINOIN, HYDROCORTISONE CREAM treat red peeling skin? Poping/craking sound after KNEE MICROFRACTURE SURGERY. Cause for troble gaining weight with trouble pooping. Chances for positive TB SPUTUM CULTURE TEST after medication. Heartburn and acid reflux be due to ACUTE PANCREATITIS. Cause for itchy red rash all over the body. Shortness of breath after meals.ECHO and STRESS TEST. Should I take two PLAN-B pills for having sex twice? Does AZITHROMYCIN work for CHANCRE with white spot in penis? Chances of AROMATASE INHIBITOR in stopping METASTASIS. Treatment for sticky discharge from urethra and painful testicle. Is this red rash/spot a form of SKIN CANCER? Does high ALLRED score mean BONE MARROW CANCER? What does NEUROFORAMINAL STENOSIS in MRI means? Treatment of bad anxiety attacks and PVC'S. Excessive CHRONIC DIARRHEA after I eat or during the meal. Cause for having relatively high PULSE RATE. Test for FACTOR V LEIDEN MUTATION with high D DIMER. Prevention for BREAKTHROUGH BLEEDING with CONTRACEPTIVE. Does tender breast and vaginal discharge mean pregnancy? Will inadequate environment promote SEIZURES in a child? Side effects of BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. What causes delayed periods with nause other than pregnancy? Will STROKE cause dull ache and tingling sensatin in arm? Cause for feeling pressure and discomfort behind ribs. Will I get infected for injecting without wiping needle? Does my blood work, CRP show AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE? Feeling weak with chest pain after physical activity. Cause and treatment for repeated BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS. Treatment for chest pain due to PLEURISY and ANXIETY. Will ANXIETY cause palpitation, blurry vision and chest pain? PERSISTENT HYPERTENSION in CHF with FUROSEMIDE. Treatment for headache without loss of consciousness after injury. Can GENITAL WARTS cause blood in urine? Reason for repeated headache with blurred vision. Help in asseSsing MRI of grade II MIXED OLIGIASTROCYTOMA. PVC and PANIC ATTACK after being sober from COCAINE ABUSE. Treatment for itchy hot rash in leg. Weak, dizzy and palpitations after every time I eat. Thick and brown nasal mucus early in the morning.

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