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Can pinched nerve in neck cause loose stools?

Resolved Question:

Thank you doctor. I wanted to explain everything to you word for word. Like i said earlier, this started last Tuesday. It's almost been a week now. I work as a custodian, and now that it's summer, I'm doing a lot of lifting, such as desks, chairs, a piano the other day, etc. When I first got the symptoms, I could've sworn it was a UTI. Like stated earlier, I took 2 at home tests and both came back negative. Finally Thursday I sucked it up and went to the doctor. They did a urine dip stick test and thst came back normal. The protein was just a little high. I left the doctors and the urge continued. That afternoon I called to make an appointment for a physical to be done. I haven't gotten one done in 6 years. I fasted from midnight on and my appointment was for 8:30 am Friday morning. I was a nervous wreck. Sure enough I went and the doctor said I was perfectly fine. They then took 4 vials of blood, that were sent to a lab along with my urine test. I was a nervous wreck the rest of the day. On Saturday the doctors office called me with the results. I spoke with the nurse and she said everything was normal. My vitamin D was a little low, and my cholesterol was kinda elevated. She said everything else was fine though. I was relieved, but still curious why I had the urge to pee. I went to the office, and retained a copy of the results. Of course me being me, I went online to search up what everything means. That's where I'm at now. These are my symptoms: frequent urge to urinate. A loose stool for the past week. I have a dull pain that goes down my left leg from time to time, and a pain in my lower back that goes down to by butt. From time to time I get a uncomfortable or burning sensation that feels like it's coming from the bottom of my scrotum. Here are symptoms that I don't have: no burning when urinating, no signs of blood, no constant or steady back pain. Here are certain things that I've noticed: I don't wake up in the middle of the night to pee. I have no nausea. When I wake up in the morning, I pee and it's for a normal time. Now, here are my questions for you. If you can please answer each one, I'd appreciate it. First, what do you think my problem is? Why do I have the urge to urinate, and all the tests came back normal? Why am I having diarrhea for the past week? Do you think it's anything to be concerned about? Could it be kidney, bladder, colon, or testicular cancer? Could it be kidney stones? Could it be anything serious? Like stated before, I'm very nervous, that my organs down there aren't working properly. If there was something seriously wrong with me, would my blood test and urinalysis come back abnormal? Can it be just stress, or anxiety? Last Friday I started taking Lexapro to help me out. There 10mg. My last thing is yesterday I was by my friends house, I was sitting on the floor for about 45 mins, and finally stood up. When I stood up I felt a feeling I never felt before. It wasn't pins and needles, but more of a numbness feeling going from my lower back down my butt. It lasted for about 5 minutes. I started thinking to myself if maybe I have a pinched nerve causing all of these problems. Is that possible? I saw something online called a sacral nerve that can affect these areas. Like i said, this feeling is there all the time. I feel like it's at its worse after I drink something or after I go to the bathroom. Please help doctor, I'm really not living my life, and it's all I think about. I'm really afraid of dying, and I feel like I am. The diarrhea scares me alot too. I'm going to add my lab results to this report. Can you please review them for me, and let me know if there's anything to worry about? And with the tests that they took, and everything coming back normal, does that rule out anything seriously wrong with me? I hope to hear for you soon. Thank you doctor.

Category: Urologist

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Thank you for your query at

Dear Sir,
I have reviewed your complaints in detail. You do not seem to be suffering from any cancer.
All your symptoms with normal investigations, can be attributed to the presence of a stone in your urinary tract. You will need to get an ultrasound scan of the abdomen to rule it out.
You do not seem to be suffering from any sacral nerve pathology and should only get investigated to locate a stone in the urinary tract. This condition is not something very serious and can be managed easily without any major complications. So please do not worry.

Let me know if you have any other queries.
Take care.

Dr Rajiv Goel,
Fellow, Urooncology and Robotic urology, Australia,
Fellow, Laparoscopic urology, Germany,
Consultant Urologist.

Patient replied :

Are you positive that that's what it is? No infection is there, and there is no burning when going to the bathroom. I provided you with the urinalysis results. Cab you please review them and see what you think. Thanks.

Hello. Thank you for posting the follow up.
I have reviewed the urinalysis. One can have stone disease without infection; no burning and normal urinalysis. You need to get ultrasound done.
Ultrasound will give a much better picture.

Patient replied :

What do you mean by some disease? I'm worried this is something serious, and is life threatening. The urge is barely there anymore. Each day is gotten better. Can it be all in my head?

Hello. Thank you for posting your query.
It can all be in the head and you may not be suffering from anything at this point of time; however, you should still get ultrasound done to rule out stone disease.

Patient replied :

What do you mean by stone disease? Is it serious or life threatening?

Dear sir, Stone disease means that you may be having a stone in the kidney or the ureter. Both the conditions are easily treatable and are not at all life threatening or serious. Take care.

Dr. Rajiv Goel
Category: Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD)Specialist
MCh(urology) Medical Council of India
Fellow, Laparoscopic urology, Germany
Fellow, Urooncology and Robotic urology, Australia
Felloship - MCH, Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery, AIIMS, 2004
Residency - MS, Master of Surgery, AIIMS, 2001
Medical School - MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, AIIMS, 1998
Dr. Rajiv Goel and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you

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