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Vomiting with fever that increases in cooler climates. Condom expelled from vagina after stopping its usage. Irregular cycles after stoppage of oral contraceptives. Chances of pregnancy after taking emergency pill. Worried about intestinal myiasis. Pimples on penis with discharge. Bleeding after being diagnosed with ovarian cyst. Pregnant woman in her 3rd month of pregnancy confused about who the father is. Multiple boils over vagina. Pain and pressure over the lower abdomen. Trying to get pregnant with history of pcod. Multiple pustules above genital. Rash on the head penis. Constant abdominal pain and cramps. Effect of nutrition on professional and social status. Bump at the anal area and vaginal pimple White and flat spots on the labia. Missed period after consumption of OC pills. Irregular cycles with discharge. Pain in the abdomen with nausea. Swelling on the right upper eyelid. Constant migraine since week. Fever headache and stuffed nose since preparing for a stressful competition. Sty resistant to treatment. Diarrhea in an infant due to lactose intolerance. Treatment to increase muscle mass and hair Pain in the throat after pushing down the esophagus. Irregular menstrual bleeding with menopausal bleeding. Abdominal pain with swelling previously diagnosed with appendicitis. Sound in the ear after listening to loud music. No menstrual bleeding with bloating after nexplanon implant. Temperature with throat pain. Difficulty breathing with chest pain. Pain abdomen with bloating and fatigue. Bug bites that itch and swell. Accessory hole on the head of penis. Survival rate and symptoms of cervical cancer. What is the side effect of Mensovit? Can long flights cause DVT? Do I take 4 or 8 500 mg tablets of Azithromycin per day? Insomnia due to pain in the right ear Side effects of plan B? Am I having a miscarriage or implantation? Headaches and blackouts. What could this be? What are the Side effects of Plan B? Constant headaches due to back pain Elbow hurts after a fall Severe headache after taking tramadol Light spotting. What could be the cause? What is the cause of sore breasts? Brain stroke and lung cancer Little Sores on my lips. What could this be? Irregular bleeding due to the pill Do I have fibromyalgia? Why do I have recurring ringworms? Have enlarged submandibular cervical lymph nodes. What could this indicate? What are sleep seizures? Developed a keloid. What should I do? Lump in the right breast associated with pain. How long do I have to take medications for Absence seizures? What are the causes of pain in the right lower abdomen? Swollen lip with mouth ulcers Pimples on my face and chest Can you help me lose 200 pounds quickly? Ringworm all over the body that is spreading Did I break my hand/knuckle? Do I have HIV symptoms? How do I improve my immunity? Is my hearing problem getting worse? Allergy to paint fumes Prostate problems Bladder pressure Under-scalp swelling Pregnancy and depo. Possibility of breast cancer Varicose vein and lumps Unbearable neck pain Chronic hyperventilation causes severe dizziness? Making people work at home Fatigue, arthritis Do I have Tmau? Cholesterol problems Its paining Mother sick (rewritten in first person) What does this mean? Anus problem Diarrhea Pain and erectile problems following hernia surgery Abcess on shoulder Progressive high myopia Fungal infection in foreskin simple cyst in my right ovary size 2.7 x 2.2 cm Can I take both injections and oral medication. treatment for Erectile dysfunction do i still be able to maintain the erection even after ejaculation after taking this meds? Pain at the end of urination. Pain in right foot Urinary tract infection What hormonal imbalance would the cause of less interest in sex? Less Desire of sex

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