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Treatement for urine infection after traction for hip fracture. Itchy rashes in skin. BED BUGS/SCABIES? Having zero energy with foggy head, allergies. Cause? Treatment for TROCHANTERIC BURSITIS without injury. Should I test for STD, HERPES after incident with escort. Heart palpitation with hot flashes after MENOPAUSE. Cause? Risk of RADIOACTIVE IODINE for GRAVE'S DISEASE In pregnancy. Took abortion pills in pregnancy. What to do? Abdominal cramps with bleeding after CRINONE for IUI. Stomach pain, gas with burping, anxiety on NEXIUM. Trauma from biting while sleeping. Is this serious? Side effects of stopping BIRTHCONTROL PILL with PARANOIA. Inflammation, pain on foot with normal BP, SUGAR. Will pain be there in lower buttock quadrant on injection. Raised and itchy FRECKLE on arm. Should I concern? Abnormal CBC, WBC. MALIGNANCY/AUTOIMMUNE DIESEASE? Risk of taking VITAMIN-D, MELATONIN in nocturnal life. Tinge of blood in cervical mucus during periods. CANCER? Unable to get full erection while sex. Mediccation? Pelling skin, itching after sunburn. Treatment? Chronic pain in neck, fatigue, joint pain after accident. Soreness in throat, headache with swollen neck LYMPHNODES. Little blood on wiping with sore breast after sex. Small lump on neck, ULTRASOUND report. Need FNA? Small faint brown line in finger. Should I worry? Cause for elevated GGT, ALT with no symptoms. Painful sensation in back on standing up. Emergency? Joint pain, no energy with low ANC in CBC. Chances of HIV from handshaking with bleeding cut. Patch of hard skin on heel, toe. CALLUSES? Can I take PROGESTERONE alongside AROMATASE INHIBITOR. Frequent ear infections, hearing loss, ear pain. Treatment? Painful, swollen blister with pus on toe. Cold, coygh with closed ears, hearing problem. Treatment? Bio availability rate of PHENOBARBITOL enema compared to oral. Hair loss, reduced thickness of hair after changing place. Risk of taking VIAGRA for performance with OXAPAX. Problem with eating, drinking due to work stress. Pain in legs, XRAY. Is there a treatment? Difficult to retract tight foreskin on erection. PHIMOSIS? Cold with running nose on low temperatures. Cause? Numbness in face, light headed and pressure in head. Fluttering, tremor in heart with normal blood pressure. Sex stamina medicines for PREMATURE EJACULATION to enjoy longer. Advice further treatment for VITAMIN-D DEFICIENCY. Suffering from ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Treament? Fever, cough, running nose, boating in stomach. Cause? Do I need medication for ATRIAL ECTOPICS in EKG? Need help in recently taken blood work. Pain in back, pelvis with normal PSA, PROSTATE. PROSTATITIS? Tea tree oil burn turned raw on peeling. Scar? Chest pain spreading to arm on ORTHO TRICYCLEN. Pain in palm, feet after giving birth. Cause? Thinning, shedding of hair after different hair starightener. Delayed, missed periods after sex. Chances of pregnancy. Back pain in morning with blood traces in URINALYSIS. Is there STRESS FRACTURE IN MRI hip? Chances of catching HERPES by sex with condom. Stomach pain, bloating after food, blood motions. Cause? Chances of getting STD by touching penis with licked fingers. Late period with brown spotting after intercoarse. STAPHYLOCOCCUS SPP with CLUE CELLS in urine, stomach pain. Way to reduce raised sugar level with INSULIN. Had unprotected sex without GIANVI birthcontrol. PLAN-B? Fever, weak after run in heat, dizziness. DEHYDRATED? Frequent symptomatic ARRHYTHMIA with normal MRI, CATH,ECHO. Pain, pressure in forehead worse on bending down. Can CT without contrast show tomour in CEREBELLUM? Deep depression after normal mood with MANIAC DEPRESSION. Treatment? Severe pain in legs making walking difficult. Treatment? Has VAGINA CANDIDIASIS on suppository. Test result. Acne after taking morning after pill. RIGEVIDON. Pain in feet with PED STENT for BRAIN ANEURYSM. Hot flashes with peri-menopausal and previous BLADDER CA. Always feel tired, no energy with headache. Going up, down BLOOD PRESSURE with raised CHOLESTROL. Can wearing metal during CT cause significant error? Symptoms of UTI, back pain. Spread to KIDNEYS? Wart type growth in knee with pain on hitting. Low back pain on and off for years. SCIATICA? Pain in uterus on pressure, pill. PERIOD PAIN? MGUS (IGA) with low IgM, high KAPPA/LAMBDA CHAIN. Raised SGPT with normal LIVER parameters, FATTY LIVER. Risk of ADDERALL for ADD on baby in pregnancy. Stomach hurts like swallowed stone on eating anything. Chronic FASCICULATIONS with family history of MIGRAINES. Cause? Twitch, rumbling in stomach in morning, normal METABLOIC PANEL. Can I get SCLERODERMA with INFLAMMATORY ARTHRITIS, AUTOIMMUNE THYROID? Stomach cramps, late periods after sex. Pregnant? Treatment for raised CREATININE, WHITE CELL COUNT. Risk of DPT, MMR VACCINE weeks before pregnancy. ANEMIA with DIABESTES, CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE. Cause for heavy and frequent periods, bodyache, weakness. Large rectangle lump in MRI for cervical, thoracic pain. Violent leg jerk, jolt on sleeping. MYOCLONIC, HYPNIC JERKS. Vaginal bleeding, discharge after MENSTRUAL CYCLE has stopped. Tingling feeling, colder arm with positive RADIAL PULSE. Elevated PROLACTIN, CHOLESTROL level in blood. MRI. Feeling like drunken in evening with back bone pain. Back pain worse on twisting torso, on waking up.

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