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Tinge of blood in cervical mucus during periods. CANCER?

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My 24 year old daughter had her period 5 days late. It lasted 5 days normal period. The 1st day and 3 rd day after her period she had a tinge of blood in cervical mucus. No other smptoms. I'm concerned her 59 year old Aunt just diagnosed with cervical cancer even though she had yearly paps. My daughter has had some recurring utis and yeast infections in college. This year she hasn't had any. Stopped the pill about 3 months ago. She has an appointment with Gynocologist on Monday. I'm concerned because her Aunt my husbands sister, supposedly had yearly paps and did not pick up funny cells until it was cancer. Could this be some a rare cervical cancer that is heritary.

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Category: Infertility Specialist
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Expert:  Dr. Aarti Vazirani replied 4 Days.

Thanks for writing to us with your health concern.
I do not think there is anything to worry about.
ONce in a while, a period might be late, and followed by some amount of spotting .
This maybe due to stress, anxiety, weight changes, unaccustomed exercise, late nights, travelling, smoking, drinking etc.
Just ensure that she sees the Gynecologist and has an internal exam, Pap smear, pelvic transvaginal ultrasound scan.
Cervical cancer is not hereditary as a rule.
I would not worry about it.
Let me know how the appointment goes.
Take care.

Patient replied :

My daughter had a forth day of light spotting so she moved up her appointment with her gynocologist. The doctor took cultures and she has a yeast infection. We asked for a ultrasound and Pap test, but the doctor said there was no need that this is very common and gave her diflucan. She seems to get yeast infection every 3 months when she gives up sugar it seems to stay away longer.Two years old patientago she got a few utis the urologist gave ultrasound bladder and kidney. Should we have insisted on a ultrasound, pap and blood test. . She made an appointment for yearly in Sept. Last year her vitamin D level was 20. I'm concerned that she might have something else going on. Also the outer 1/3 of her eye brows are gone could her thyroid be alittle off.
Thank so much for your help!!!

Expert:  Dr. Aarti Vazirani replied 3 Days.

THank you for the update.
Right now, complete the treatment for a yeast infection, since the diagnosis is proven by a culture.
Yes, you should insist on an ultrasound and Pap smear yearly, but it can wait until September, when she has an appointment for it anyway.
And yes, she should be getting her thyroid levels checked too.
Loss of the outer third of the eyebrows, spotting etc are highly suggestive of an underactive thyroid.
So please get that done.
It is not okay to have such frequent yeast infections.
Ask her not to use any special soaps, gels, douches, creams etc to clean local areas.
IT is best to wash with lukewarm water.
Ask her to get her partner too tested, he might be harbouring a resistant strain , though it is rare, and yeast is rarely transmitted sexually.
Along with thyroid levels, please get her blood sugars too checked.
Rarely, diabetes might manifest as recurrent fungal infections.
Hope my input helps.
Take care, and keep me posted .

Dr. Aarti Vazirani
Category: Infertility Specialist
Residency: Obstetrics & Gynecolog, BJMC,Civil hospital, Ahmedabad, 2008
Post Graduate: MS (Obstetrics & Gynecology), B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, 2008
Medical School: MBBS, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, 2004
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