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Stomach pain with CHOLELITHIASIS, CHOLEDOCHOLITHIASIS in CT. Diffuse uterus in ULTRASOUND. Need for MRI? What does diagnosis REOCCUR DEPRESS PSYCHO measns? Symptoms of high HEMOGLOBIN, HEMATOCRIT on TRT. White, firm, painless lump on scrotum. Trearment? Smooth, red skin infection in scrotum. CLOTRIMAZOLE, HYDROCORTISONE. Awoke with sweating, indigestion on eating IODINE with food. Pain in chest after LOBECTOMY FOR LUNG SEQUESTRATION. Hot sensations in body after stopping BIRTH CONTROL. Chances of pregnancy by IVF and raising HCG. Hard lump in armpits with tingling in fingers. LYMPHNODES? Feeling uncomfortable, hearing disturbance after JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS VACCINE. Chances of getting HERPES SIMPLEX-2 by kissing without sores. BP-144/112, HR-120. Should I be on medication? BUNDLE BRANCH BLOCK in ECG with chest pain. Serious? Tired and sick everyday after EAR INFECTION. Excessive hair loss due to reduced VITAMIN-D. Treatment. CERVICAL DISECTOMY FUSION for pain, tinnitus, vomiting. Risks. What do MIC in ALBUMIN, SUGAR, BLOOD in URINE means? Sudden drop in temperature with chills on IBUPROFEN. Continuous pain after ENDOSCOPIC G-J STENT REPLACEMENT. Brown, red bleeding after sex with birth control pills. Symptoms that indicate STD in me. Rash in penis not helped by any creams. Cause for protein, blood, WBC,epithelial cells in URINE, Risk of giving PARACETAMOL for fever in G6PD DEFIECIENCY. Stool has been lighter in colour. Should I worry? Spasms in neck and back without pain, difficulty breathing. Dizziness, nausea, depression, rash inbody. HIV? Best time to take MIFEPRISTONE, MISOPROSTOL for ABORTION. Feeling vibration in thigh on taking bath. Reason? Loss of weight with feeling hot with high bloodpressure. Vaginal bleeding after sex. Can CHLAMYDIA cause it? Sensitivity to light on recovering from CHICKEN POX. Criteria in size for MOH'S in BASAL CELL CARCINOMA. SEIZURE with normal CAT scan, urine, EEG tests. FREEBIE? Can SPIRONOLACTONE treat ASCITIS, LIVER FAILURE? Conditions that can copy signs of STD. Can I have family with this SPERM COUNT RESULT? Bumps at penis after unprotected sex. GENITAL WARTS? Pain, tenderness after removing molar tooth. DRY SOCKET? Stomach ache, dizzy due to PARASITE breaking through skin. Seeking sexual excitement in jobs. How to ease LIBIDO? Recurrent burning senstaion while urinating, URINARY INFECTION. Feeling dizzy on getting up, eyes going back. Unable to walk long distance without pain after fall. Stomach pain, burping after oral sex. Am I pregnant? Bloating, trapped gas with decreased bowel movements. Treatment? Can heat plastic fumes cause damage to BRAIN CELLS? Chances of infection in CIRRHOSIS with jaundice, encephalopathy. Diagnosed as PNEUMONIA from XRAY, CT. Chances of CANCER. Sorethroat, chest cramps, fever and cold. FLU? Risk of pregnancy in missing a pill in YAZ. Opinion about abnormal values in blood test report. Pain in hipa after METALLOSIS due to implant. Crampy pain with bright red vaginal bleeding. Cause? Long term white coated tongues. LEUKOPLAKIA/ORAL CANCER? Does this lesion looks like CARBUNCLE? Can I marry a girl with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS on AVONEX? Raised itchy red bumps randomly. CANCER? Pain in back after treating FRACTURED L1 VERTEBRA. XRAY. Red shiny, itching spots on penis skin. Treatment? Protruded little bump on CLAVICLE END. What is this? Back pain with disc space narrowing in XRAY. Cause? Vertigo, headache, fatigue with DEHYDRATION. Treatment? Intermittent pain in joints, stiff muscles, fatigue, RAISED SED. Can ANTIBIOTICS cause low LYMPHOCYTE COUNT? What is this skin condition on my penis? Dizzy, light headed, tired on using ANTABUSE. NALTREXONE? Rash on genitals with raised bumps. DIAPER RASH? Rash on penis with red bumps on testicles. Treatment? Black spot on palm as consequence of gym equipment. Bloody watery diarrhea after taking CASTROL OIL as laxative. Sorethroat, dull voice, clogged ears. LARYNGITIS/VIRAL INFECTION? Woke up in night with gasping for air, water. Cause? Chances of getting pregnancy by DRY humping. Chances of getting HIV from punctured wound. PEP treatment? Can I drink EMERGE- C IMMUNE while breastfreeding? Pressure, pain in chest with liquid bowel movements. Pain, irritation at vaginal opening with creamy discharge. Treatment? Took XRAYS, CT chest, abdomen in 1month. Safe? Unable to masturbate, loss sensation in penis after PRACTIN. Pain in leg with swelling on standing after soccer. Cluster of bumps on chest with itch. Treatment? Painful urination with blood after sex. What to do? Lesion, red sore on penis head. BALANITIS/STD? Fatigue, extreme MIGRAINE not responding to GABAPENTIN. Feeling nauseous, dizziness, pain on urinating on taking PILL. Effects of NORCOLUT on pregnant women. ABORTION? Cold, cough with breathing issue with no fever. Treatment? Painless, reddish spots on penis head. Due to FRICTION? Overdosed on SEROQUEL 50mg. Will she be ok? Didn’t get period with PLAN-B after sex. Pregnant? Pain while pulling down penis foreskin, erection problem. Help. Blister, rash on lip after SINUS INFECTION. FEVER BLISTER? Swollen area on side of tongue. Is it CANCER? Lump in knee without pain, MRI. OSTEOCHONDRITIS DISSECANS? Hard lump on back thigh that itches. SKINTAG/WARTS? Chances of urinary infection with POSITIVE LEUKOCYTES, NEGATIVE NEUTROPHILS. Swelling with blister in knuckle after wearing ring.

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