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Cause for fatty mass in SUPRASTERNAL NOTCH AREA. White hair on head at 22yrs of age. Advice. Treatment for ACUTE BRONCHITIS after working in freezer. Smaller kidneys in ULTRASOUND. Role of DMSA SCAN. Will immune system fight HPV, if vaccine is missed? Chronic flank pain between ribs and hip. Cause. Metallic taste, dry mouth, diarrhea with high IRON levels. Shrunken small testicle with dull pain. Is this problem? Swollen with white line, pain in vagina. Cause. Chances of STI after protected sex with escort. Are these bumps on my penis STD? Atrophic UNDESCENDED TESTIS. Is it advisable to operate? Cause for COTTAGE CHEESE like vaginal discharge. MODERATELY DIFFERENTIATED ADENOCARCINOMA IN GASTRIC BIOPSY. Treatment. Reoccuring A-FIB treating with DILTIAZEM. Why heart rate is low? Use of ALIVHER, ARGIPREG sachet in pregnancy. Dizziness, trouble focusing for more than 24hours. Cause. Mistook TRI-SPINTERIC birth control pill. Am I still protected? Sleeping problems after doing 3 shifts daily. Itchy rash on butt after using pubic toilet. Treatment. Is taking too much fiber considered dangerous? Fever, sorethroat, aches all over. STREP negative. Persistent headache, sneezing with drainage. Cause. Headache, numbness in arm due to COCAINE ABUSE. Blacked out after being hit, lump in head. Itchy red bumps with rash on face, normal TSH, CREATININE. Chances of high HEMOGLOBIN level to form BLOOD CLOT. Are my LIPID PROFILE TEST, CHOLESTEROL normal? Increased LEUCOCYTE count after KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION. Chances of baby to be husband's after sex with two persons. How to use breathing machine for ASTHMA? Abdominal discomfort, mucus in stools, weight loss. Cause. Chills, sorethroat, headache, thirst with LUPUS, LYME DISEASE. Itchy boil on leg which spreads on sex. Treatment. Macular PAPULAR RASH in glans penis after sex. Toddler swallowed plastic MAGNETIC. Will it get digested? High CHOLESTEROL, THYROID HORMONES in blood test. Treatment. CYSTITIS, discharge from penis. Right drugs to treat. Fever, persistent cough, crashed rapidly. Diagnosis, treatment. Uncomfortable after ejaculating inside her. How to increase PH? Positive UA for alcohol even after abstaining for days. Shooting head pain in night for a minute. BRAIN CANCER? Recent flu, nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting. What's wrong? Diabetes with high FASTING GLUCOSE. Should I start medication? Cough, cold after DIALYSIS for CKD. TREATMENT. Painful sore ORBITAL BONE wiTh no effect from ANTIBIOTICS. Heavy menstrual bleeding, migraine. Can I have PARTIAL HYSTERECTOMY? Is it PENILA CIS or BOWENOID PAPULOSIS in picture? Mood swings, hot flushing, cold chills with LOW TESTOSTERONE. VERTIGO, PANIC ATTACKS,internal tremors. BRAIN TUMOUR? ACINETOBACTER, E.COLI, PSEUDOMONAS infection after HIP REPLACEMENT. Survival chance. TESTICULAR TUMOUR removed with clear RPLND. Will cancer arise again? Constant itch after using CIPRO for UTI. Emergency? Pain, stinging sensation in nipple upto neck. Enlarged POSTERIOR CERVICAL NODE, normal XRAY. BIOPSY? Chances of recovering with EUSTACHIAN TUBE DYSFUCTION. Chances of healthy pregnancy after previous miscarriages. Muscle ache, joint pain with positive STREP test. Treatment. IOP 17, ANGLES 2-3. Do I need GONIOSCOPES? Should I be concerned about ICE PICK HEADACHES? Burning, itching scalp. Due to HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS? Pain, weakness in ankle after SPRAIN. Cause. Had salad from cook with THYPHOID. Can we travel? Can be she pregnant after getting periods after sex? Chances of GENITAL WARTS coming back after treatment. Sideeffects of MT PILL took for delayed period. Occasional vision disturbances with headache. OCCULAR MIGRAINE? Opinion of DERMATOLOGIST for change on areola. Infection, small kidney with KETONES in urine. DIBETES? Raised FASTING, PP sugar level. Should I take medicines? Is it safe to have sex in eight weeks pregnancy. Spotting, stomach cramps with no egg in SCAN. MISCARRIAGE? Chances of HEP-C, HIV transmission from sharing straws. Irregular ENDOMETRIUM, UTERINE CAVITY ADHESIONS. Serious? Chronic fatigue, anxiety with high stress life, hopeless feeling. Can we use MICROWAVE OVEN with PACEMAKER patient in house? Intestinal discomfort, blood in stool, attached medical records. Will there be toothpain after ROOT CANAL with CAP? TURF TOE with pain on EXTENSION. Shall continue BOOTS? Abdominal, chest pain, cough, diarrhea with vomiting. Cause. Skin allergy, itching in extreme cold tempertaure. Painful cramps in legs with ENDOMETRIOSIS. Is ASPIRIN safe? Stomach, back aches, constipation, fatigue.MIRILAX. What is ankle enthesopathy and will it go away? Swollen back with leg pain. Is back causing problem? IS it possible to get pregnant with tubes clamped? Anxiety about getting RABIES by petting street cat. Persisting pain after hurting toe while playing. Treatment. Accidentally smoked WEED from moldy apple. Is it okay? Itchy vagina with BACTERIA in urine after sex. Treatment. Rash on penis after sex with UTI. Steroid cream. INTERNAL BLEEDING during surgery of TONSILS. MALIGNANT? Attention drugs for poor attention issues. Time for BIRTH CONTROL PILL to become effective. Risk of HIV from HIV blood contaminated ALCOHOL cotton. Treatment for itchy scalp after using hair dye. Rash with bumps under skin, sore throat. Treatment. Pain in pelvis after MISCARRIAGE and inflamed PAP smear. Does toothpaste with NOVOMIN helps in teeth health? Obese, Numbness in foot after workout. Cause.

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