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Risk of STDs from rubbing strippers vagina with underwear. How urgent are these blood pressure, BLOOD SUGAR numbers? Suffering from cracked skin, dry patches around labia. Treatment? Stopped bleeding halfway through normal bleed. Cause? Pain, stiffness in shoulder after ARTHROSCOPIC BANKART SURGERY. Frozen FEMPRAL ARTERIES, abandoned KIDNEY TRANSPLANT. Any other treatment? Chronic PROSTATITIS with SODIUM, CHLORINE problem. Is this serious? Course of treatment for bump in pubis by INGROWN HAIR. WARTS like lesion in penis head after sex with escorts. Episodes of extreme exhaution with HEPATITIS-C under control. Posiible negatives of GROWTH HORMONE THERAPY IN 18yrs boy. Cramping pain, heavy periods with ADENOMYOSIS. Treatment? Dull pain in lower abdomen with normal ULTRASOUND. MRI. Pee hole size is as wide as pen after CIRCUMCISON. Trouble swallowing, burning in throat, cough. ESOPHAGEAL CANCER? Expelled contents after drinking liquor. Will affect BREATH ANALYSER? Bleeding, painful cut on head due to dog's tooth. Small RED bumps all over body on wakingup. Cause? Tests to determine type in OROTIC, GLUTARIC ACIDURIA. Chances of spreading others HSV-1 without blisters in lip. Discomfort, irritation inside penis without pain, rashes after sex. Sharp pain in rectum, abdomen after sex for years. Cause? Will HORMONE RECEPTIVE BREAST CANCER become resistent to AROMASIN? Painless mole like outgrowth in vaginal parts. Advise. Burning pain during urination after oral sex. CHLAMYDIA. Risk of smoke inhalation with mild throat irritation. Red blisters with bleed, itching on buttocks. Treatment? Rashes with itching on thigh after using outside towel. Pain, stiffness after surgeries for HIP FRACTURES. XRAY. Raised CHOLESTROL, LDL, VLDL, TRIGLYCERIDE levels on ROSUVAC. Treatment? Dry red patch on legs with JOCK ITCH, ATHELETES FOOT. Vaginal bleeding after BLOOD CLOT in ULTRASOUND. MISCARRIAGE? Best specialist to treat REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY after accident? Risk of pregnancy with NORGESTIM ESTRAD TRIPHASIC from sex. Red skin rash, back pain, headache. EARLY LYME DISEASE? Painful spasm in ribcage during movements. Treatment? ALBUMIN, LIVER function test reports with ALCOHOL consumption. CIRRHOSIS? Delayed periods 2months after sex. Am I pregnant? Can I travel with UTI on treatment with ANTIBIOTICS? Delayed, long periods with abnormal PLATELET, MCH, MCHC, ESR. Abdominal pain, fullness with previous GERD on ELAVIL. Effect of SECOND HAND SMOKING in apartment on baby. Increased HCG, spotting on DUPHASTON in pregnancy. Headache starts from eyebrow passes to back. MIGRAINE? Feeling hot, suffocated and becoming numb in midnight. Cause? What are these small red dots on penis? Groin pain for years old patientafter physical activities like intercoarse. Cramps with brownish discharge, late period. Pregnant? Tests to do other than PHYSICAL, URINALYSIS, XRAY, ECG. Cause for CHRONIC BAD BREATH even whith mouth floss. Sharp, throbbing pain in abdomen on birth control pill. Pain, difficulty when urinate, smoker. CANCER? Risk of having cat with borderline ALLERGIES to animals. Pain in abdomen with infertility, RETROVERTED UTERUS in family. Enlarge prostate causing STRICTURE, bacterial prostate infection. Chest pain, angina with high CHOLESTROL and SLEEP APNEA. Small lump with crack in anus after anal sex. Cause for light bleeding in pregnancy. Mild to moderate elevated ALAT in liver enzymes. Treatement? Difficulty in swallowing, pain in throat on speaking. Will HYPOTHYROID mask DIABETES in HB A1C? Scrape, graze in penis after sex with condom. Cause? Chest pain over breastbone more on jumping, bending. Treatment? ACUTE PANCREATITIS with CALCI in GALL BLADDER. Should operate? Medical treatment for big RINGWORM in legs, sitting area. Feet is feeling warm with old cut injury in toe. Chances of LISTERIA bacteria by eating heated up leftovers. Will ENCEPHAPOL, TEGRETOL help in difficulty in pronounciations? Options of BRACES for SCOLIOSIS at T2, T13. What is this small lump, growth underside scrotum. Patches, pimples, chicken skin in face after HYDROFACE cream. Foreskin area is tight, shrunken with white skin. INFECTION? Reason for pain in knee, nerve pain, negative rheumatology test. Bruise easily, heal slowly with chronic LOW IRON. Raised edge forming V-shape inside vagina. Normal? ANAPHYLAXIS reaction after MAKARI with CITRIC ACID INTOLERANCE. Better treatment for FUNCTIONAL DYSPEPSIA, DYSBIOSIS, IBS. Uncontrolled smelly gas comes out of butt with GERD. Weird heart rhythms even with normal MRI with ANGIOGRAPHY. Cause for delayed periods without active sex. MONISTAT1. Treatment for mild ASTHMA presenting during exercise. Hives in legs spreading to knees, arms, swollen knuckles. Rash with redness around eye. Is this ALLERGIC REACTION? Surgery for depression scar on face due to CHICKENPOX. Treatment for positive CHLAMYDIA test after sex. Deletion of EXON46,47 gene with DMD. EXON SKIPPING THERAPY? Test to confirm HIV year after sex, P24ANTIGEN test. Pain in stomach after LAPROSCOPY with normal MRI, ENDOSCOPY. Pain, stringing, itching in leg on BIRTH CONTROL PILL. Itchy little bumps with scabs in penis. HERPES? Feeling like something's there in abdomen without pain. Should I get tested for STD, HIV after anal sex? Headache, blurred vision after BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY. Cause? Limited PRIMARY PERISTALSIS, failed SECONDARY PERISTALSIS in ESOPHAGOGRAM. Headache, stiff neck with chronic shoulder pain. Treatment? Headache, vomiting, dizziness, neurology problem in cardiac patient. Developed saw jaw after RADIATION for PAROTID TUMOUR. Headache, loose motions, fever, chills with stomach infection. Red round ulcer with pain on urination on penis. Chances of getting HIV from masturbating with oil.

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