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Treatment for positive CHLAMYDIA test after sex.

Resolved Question:

Hello. I am male, age 33. About 7 weeks ago, I was exposed to chlamydia by a female partner. My partner tested negative for all other STIs (ten panel test). I was tested for chlamydia on the sixth day and the thirteenth day after the encounter, negative both times. At some point between the two tests, while awaiting the first results, I began to worry I was having symptoms of chlamydia and/or other STIs, mainly gonorrhea or herpes. I'd sort of cycle between symptoms, first worrying about one thing, then another, pretty much manifesting or thinking I was manifesting anything you can find online about them. By the way, I've never had symptoms or positive tests before this. Anyway, my partner from the encounter became concerned about my worries, and got another ten panel test about six weeks afterward, and about 8 or 9 after her last previous partner--same result, positive for chlamydia, which she has not yet treated, negative for everything else. Meanwhile, the last of my lingering symptoms, which basically feels like a UTI, continues, in fact has worsened. I have been in a constant panic about it, urinating constantly and often uncomfortably (which I could be exacerbating it), always with my mind on it. So my question is, with all these negative tests, does this sound like hypochondria or something else? I should add that I have had issues with hypochondria in the past as well, most notably once being totally convinced I had multiple sclerosis (numb hand/arm that finally went away after numerous tests turned nothing up; my father had MS and I was about the age he was when he got it). I mean, I have had physical symptoms, very real symptoms, in the past. What do you think? It just doesn't seem plausible to me that I have an STI with her negatives and mine, but the symptom persists. I'll add, too, as perhaps it's relevant--I do consume a ton of caffeine and, unfortunatley, a lot of alcohol, the latter of which has increased some during this extremely stressful time.

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Thank you for your query at
I understand your concern.
So, according to the history that your provided, you had a STD panel done 13th day from the exposure, and it was negative for chlamydia. In most cases, chlamydia is acute, and is manifested within a week of the encounter. But, since it's been 2 weeks already, it does not seem like you got the infection from her.
Now, the symptoms could be due to your anxiety, but it still makes sense to go ahead and get your urine tested and also an urine culture test done. Chlamydia symptoms will present with a burning sensation around the urethra, and there can even be a white discharge. So, watch out for these symptoms, but still an urine test will be helpful.
Hope this was helpful,
Feel free to discuss further.

Patient replied :

Thank you for your answer--some time has passed and I'm still a bit confused. I saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic and told her what I told you; she told me the urine sample they took had a very small trace of blood but "no signs of an infection." They did not test for chlamydia or anything specific, I suppose because I'd told them I'd had two negative tests.
Anyway, the docotor still gave me two antibiotics--I've forgotten the names; one was a shot, the other was two pills to be taken the same day, I think that one was arithro, which I took. The idea was to take care of it if it was chlamydia or NGU of some kind, but she told me she didn't think it was either. Now, a few weeks later, I still feel the same, basically. Nothing is too acute, but I notice some sensations like feeling like I have to urinate often, etc, and there usually appears to be a fluid or discharge when I examine the urethra (it looks clear, not white or cloudy, but it's not urine).
I'm at a loss. It has now been around three months, I have had no positive tests, I did not respond to the antibiotics, and I have the same symptoms. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your time.

Thanks for getting back. I am sorry for what you are going through.
Since the tests were negative and urine also showed no signs of infection there not even remote possibly of you having chlamydia.
You are mostly suffering from a phobia and medically unexplained symptoms due to hypochondriasis. Cognitive behavioural therapy and some medicines such as SSRIs may help in your case. For that, an appointment with a psychiatrist will be helpful. Take care

Patient replied :

Okay. I appreciate your response. Do you think, given the information in the above messages, that some kind of non-specific urethritis is a concern? Or are you convinced it is hypochondriasis? It is remarkable to me that I still feel symptoms, and can see traces fluid when I look into the urethra.

In that case I advise you to repeat your urine tests and share the reports with me.
The last test was done around 10 days back ( last time you posted follow-up ), so please repeat and get back to me. I will help you.

Patient replied :

I saw another doctor a few weeks back, told them the details, and provided a urine sample. They said they did an enzyme test and checked for chlamydia and gonnorhea, and that both were negative, and that there were no signs of another infection. They indicated that if there was some kind of infection it would have shown up, and did not seem concerned, and suggested that my symptoms could be caused by anxiety. I still feel I am needing to urinate too frequently and that there is sometimes discomfort and sensation; also, when I look inside the urethra I there appears to be somke fluid, but I don't know if this is normal.
Perhaps this really is hypochondriasis, as you suggested before? I am sorry for the repeated inquiries. I just really want to get to the bottom of all this. Thank you for your help.

If there was fluid in the urethra, it would definitely showed up chlamydia or gonorrhoea.
Since they are negative, you should not worry.
Yes, it sounds like hypochondriaisis.

Dr. Kruti Jobanputra Banodkar
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Diploma in Dermatology - Royal College Of Physicians & Surgeons Of Glasgow, UK , 2010
Residency - DNB, Dermatology -  K.J Somaiya Hospital, Mumbai, 2009
Medical School & Internship - MBBS - Dr. D . Y . Patil Medical College, Mumbai, 2004
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