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Back pain exactly when MENSTUATION begins. Why is that? Shrunken penis after MALARIA. Are blood reports normal? Bump, swelling in ear lobe upto jawline with temperature. Pain in GALLBLADDER site after surgery, loose stools. CROHN'S? Effective treatment for CHRONIC PROSTATITIS. ZITHROMAX. White growths inside ANUS. SCAR TISSUE or CYSTS? Stopped SUBOXONE before KNEE REPLACEMENT.Will other medication work? Can STROKE patient be shifted in flight for better treatment? Spotting/light bleeding after DEPOPROVERA SHOT. What to do? Penis head burns occasionally without swelling. What is it? Small blisters, purplish swollen penis after sex. HERPES? Unable to walk with lesions in CT CHEST. CANCER? Itchy red rash which resolves with HYDROXYZINE HCl. HIV? Sorethroat, painful blisters in tongue. Treatment. HBA1C level, DIABETES runs in family. Start METFORMIN? Pain, sorethroat with bilateral LEVEL-IB,II NODES in USG. Reason? Watery feeling in chest, night sweats. CHEST INFECTION? High CREATINE KINASE, CHOLESTROL blood level. Reason? Small ulcer near URETHRAL MEATUS with discharge. Treatment. Darker/stickier wet-drop in underwear on waking. SEMEN? Penis shrunk drastically after treating MALARIA with ANOXIL. Will BETAMETHASONE cause DELIVERY in few hours? URINARY INFECTION symptoms persists on ANTIBIOTICS. Should see doctor? High CHOLESTROL lowering to normal range. How they feel? Plastic like thing came in stools. INTESTINAL PARASITE? Red marks on glans without pain or discharge. THRUSH? Papules with small buds in penis. GENITAL WARTS? Puffy, swollen tongue with red spots on tip. ALLERGY? Baby stuck in position with jerky movements. TANGLED CORDS? Unsteady on walking with feeling of falling. MRI C-SPINE. Benign SVT on MDMA medication.SIDE EFFECTS of MDMA? Violent dreams with struggling for breath on waking. Cause. Foul body odour during night. Any underlying disease? Vaginal bleeding weeks after D&C. is it normal? Painful ulcers in penis, hurts to have sex. Cause. BELCHING after eating. Due to LIPITOR? Negative P24 ANTIGEN, RNA test after sex. Conclusive? Took POTTASIUM tablets before METABOLIC PANEL. Will affect test? Small white FORDYCE SPOTS in lips. Treatment. HBSAg positive recipitant with CKD. KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION possible? Is SURGERY a decent option for RCC TUMOUR? Reason for pain in arm, back and tired always. EJACULATION within 3 strokes while sex. Treatment. Possibilty of HIV infection from precum in anal sex. Hip pain with cracking. Is sitting on wallet reason? Scheduled CAESAREAN for BREECH pregnancy. Is normal delivery possible? Burning skin, cold sweaty hands on CITALOPRAM. Irregular vaginal bleeding with normal ULTRASOUND after ABORTION. Purple spots with pressure in injured thumb. BURST VEIN? Yellow coloured urine with elevated SGOT, SGPT levels in LFT. On & off discorfort in chest, fluttering after workout. Bump with cut in head. Symptoms should watch for? Negative three months ORAQUICK TEST. Is it conclusive? Elevated CPK, TSH levels with normal ECHO. Need ANGIOGRAPHY? Bump with red area above elbow without pain. Cause. Should CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE not be used more than four days? Chances of CERVICAL CANCER with previous normal PAP tests. Blisters, swollen foot after breaking my foot. Chances of HIV from oral sex. RNA, P24 ANTIGEN TEST. Treatment for mild OCPD with DEPRESSION. Dense breast with BENIGN LYMPH NODE in MAMMOGRAM. GENITAL WARTS on FLONIDA cream. Can have sex? Removed left ovary due to CYST. Can I start family? SEIZURES with IRREGULAR SPIKES in EEG, FUSED C5-C6. Tried IVF twice with no success. Suggestions. Changing BIRTH CONTROL PILL type. When to start? Treatment for SOMATIC symptoms like uncontrollable TREMBLING. Bleeding vagina after sex. Due to sex/PLAN-B pill? Painful, hard erections after being sexually inactive. Treatment. What are the ABORTION options in PREGNANCY? Raised , visible vein in shin without pain, itching. PALPITATIONS after using MINOXIDIL for HAIRLOSS. What to do? Easy, Excess and Early Fatigue Problem. Cause. Burning pain, reflux in somach. Can GALLSTONES cause it? Chest pain, shortness of breath. Something wrong with GALLBLADDER? Coworker has MENINGITIS. Is it CONTAGIOUS? Red spots in hands with AMOXYCILLIN for sinus. SIDE EFFECT? Patches of dry red spots in penis. PSORIASIS? NON DRUG INDUCED LUPUS-LIKE SYNDROME.Is there a thing? PCOS on treatment with GLUCOPHAGE. Can in get pregnant? Treatment for VITILIGO besides MELANOCYCL ointment. CALCIFIED PLAQUES IN ICA. Chances of STROKE/HEART ATTACK. Can intercoarse during MENSTRUATION cause KIDNEY INFECTION in male? Tightening pain in chest, increased heartrate and trouble breathing. BRONCHITIS with fever, sorethroat and painful to swallow. Chances of getting STD by licking vagina. Had ALCOHOL in early pregnancy. Possibilities of FAS? HOT FLASHES with FIBROMYALGIA, RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME. Treartment. CLOT in PONS in CT scan. TREATMENT and precaution. HYPOCHONDRIASIS on VENLAFLAXINE treatment. Due to SEROTONIN IMBALANCE? Heavy pad fell on head. ANXIOUS about CONCUSSION. Fluttering/skipping a beat with INDIGESTION. Cause? IBS, heavy stomach without COLVAC tablet. Can I continue? Need suggestion and medication for AML. CALCULUS in URETER with HYDRONEPHROSIS. ENDOSCOPY needed immediately? ALLERGIC REACTION to IBUPROFEN. Allergic to REMERON too? BREAST CANCER with BIRADS-4C in ULTRASOUND. MASTECTOMY or LUMPECTOMY? Had CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION TEST. Can sleep on same side? ULCERATIVE COLITIS on REMICADE INFUSIONS. INFECTIOUS DISEASE? Blurriness, nausea and weak. Can CIPRO cause it?

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