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Fibrotic Frenulum Ingesting salt solution and palpitations Treatment for Urticaria Infected with HIV or not Multiple symptoms suggestive of HIV Risk of STD from lap dance Anal intercourse and HIV ELISA positive Chest and abdominal pain with normal tests Runny nose followed by fever in a child Bad insomnia Acute Rhinosinusitis Poycythemia vera and portal vein thrombosis Chronic recurrent ear infections Hand job and risk of STDs Best schedule Trileptal while pregnant Nausea and dizziness with burning and pain in chest Hard non-painful lump on spine Irritated throat and sore at tonsil site Child with ear infection and ruptured eardrum Painful pimple inside belly button Tadalafil not working for erectile dysfunction Hand tremors Genital contact and risk of pregnancy ADD and Pituitary Prolactinoma Fear of transmitting Herpes through urine sample Pityriasis versicolor Lowering percocet dose and possibility of withdrawal Watery diarrhea Lupus or not Syncope and MRI for interpretation Hematoma Crack-cocaine use and cognitive impairment yellowish crumbly stuff around vaginal opening Itchy anus Deep persistent cough Itchy red marks on face and trunk Herpes transmission from scabbed blister on scrotum Plan B and Penicillin interaction Period like cramps after running Irregular periods and lump on end of cervix No period with pain in lower back and abdomen Depression and anxiety on Celexa and Topomax and stopping it Blocked ear and flying Lung resection and symptoms with CHD in family Vaccinations in frequent traveller ECG report interpretation Delayed period after a normal one Red dot rashes all over body Nifedipine for hypertension and swollen feet Pea sized lumps in neck and armpit Two doses of Levitra in a day Diabetic Ketoacidosis Abstained from sexual activity and semen turning yellow Sick and diarrhea after binge drinking Recurring Mononucleiosis and kidney function test Closed consult White spots on penis with pus Lower back pain on straining for a bowel movement Possibility of pregnancy after unprotected intercourse during periods Stomach problems and diagnosed with colorectal cancer Multiple joint pain and swelling Blood in urine after cystoscopy Problem conceiving Infant with delayed head holding and social milestones Vaginal or pelvic infection Concerned about Paracetamol overdose in baby Missing a day on OCPs Latent intestinal TB Sleep problem and urinary incontinence while asleep Abnormal mucous stool Phlebotomist wearing same gloves Conception in woman with endometriosis and husband with repaired varicoele Dysentery with high platelet disorder Voice loss Dizzy spells with low heart rate Reduced fetal growth Nephrolithiasis Autoimmune disease and vertebral fusion Severe anemia Discomfort and itch in perianal area Severe AR with CCF and renal failure Flatulence after rectal cancer surgery Severe flatulence after surgery Urethral tract bulbiospongiosus hardening Borderline high cholesterol Alternating constipation and diarrhea Garcinia cambogia use in hypertension Blood test results Adverse effect from Pregabalin Anal itch Hyperacusis and strange feeling in ear Extreme lethargy Burning sensation in penis tip Cold sore outbreak Can a doctor recommend a new mattress to help with lower back pain? HCG levels not doubling Restarting Ginette 35 pills Vaccinations required if travelling Dislocated little finger Mother with cold sore and handling infants

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