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Will CLINGEN tablet affect baby or pregnancy? Missed a dose of combination BCpill. What to do? Risk of trasmitting COLDSORES by touching different body parts. Risk of pregnancy from dried precum on fingers. Chances of having HERPES after exposure by sex. Pain in ribs with normal MRI, XRAYS. Treatement? Pain in abdomen, no appetite with negative H-PYLORI. Breast pain during cycles with breast FIBROADENOMA, cysts. Small white bumps on penis after sex with condom. Pain, cramp in stomach, blurred vision after scar in eye. Delayed period after sex with IMPLANON. Chances of pregnancy. Penis covered with sperm due to ejaculation in morning. Mixed feeling about relationship, feeling detached with BIPOLAR DISORDER. Better medication for ADD besides RITALIN. Rash with mild itchiness after sleep in hotel sheets. Lot of red pimples with pain on back. Treatment? Weight loss, headache, night sweats, fatigue after CHOLECYSTECTOMY. Mental illness after bad reaction to sleeping medication ZOLPIDEM. Frequent passing of urine with enlarged PROSTATE. Advise and consult upon attached results. Pphysical, health condition is deteriorating after periodical cycle. Cause? Reason for reaction to metal after surgeries in ankle. Risk of exposure to HIV from brownish sticky substance. Non itchy rash without blisters after PRE-K. Painful throat, postnasal drip without white patches. STREP? Dull pian, discomfort in abdomen with twisted testicle. Sexully abused by my father. What to do? High creatinine level with high blood pressue, BYPASS SURGERY. Please see the report and advice. What is this lesion without pain or discomfort? Painful small wart not responding to AMPICILLIN, DICLOXACILIN. Red dots under penis skin without itch, open sores. Swollen, red, hard/raised foot with blisters. BITE? Treatment for PREMATURE EJACULATION with no help from numbing cream. Risk of XRAY exposure in pregnancy? Discoloration, abrasions on foot with torn foot. Swimming pool water got into nose. Risk of NAEGLERIA FOWLERI? Risk of flying with 6weeks pregnancy without MEASLES vaccination. Treatment for abnormal TRIGYCERIDE, HDL, LDL, CHOLESTROL. Pain in chest, stomach, diarrhoea with normal CT. Blood in stools with DIVERTICULI, HIATUS HERNIA, GALLSTONES. Need opinion for attached TEST report . Swollen, sore arm with purple tint. DEAD ARM SYNDROME? Would VICODIN show up in saliva test? Kancer sores on top, bottom of tongue. Cause? Positive pregnancy test after VASECTOMY. How is this possible? Tablet for frustation due to small boy like appearance. Irregular menstrual cycle with pain in ovaries. Treatment? What's this WART like lesion in back of throat? Growth, bump behind tonsil with mouth ulcers. Is UREA, CREATININE, PLATELET level normal after THYPHOID? Cold, rash without itching. Are these normal? Bubbling sensation in testicles after prostate infection. EPIDIDYMITIS? Time taken by COCHICINE to work for GOUT. Pain, muscle spasm in buttock, hip after sitting. Pain in head on tapping nose, normal CT. TUMOUR? HODGKINS LYMPHOMA in biopsy form lump. Negative CT scan. Complete loss of sex drive, low libido. Cause? Swollen testicles, blood vessels by sex after VARICOCELE SURGERY. Cure for 19*15mm CYST in ADNEXAL REGION. Serious? Sweating spontaneously, feeling sore, tired and dehydrated. Cause? Chest pain with breathlessness with normal STRESS test, ULTRASOUND. Dull pain, burning sensation in chest, nausea after COCAINE. Red rashes on tongue after drinking homemad alcohol. Bump cluster near private area. SIMPLE RASH? What is the meaning of this QUANTITATIVE PREGNANCY TEST? Use of ERYTHROPIETIN INJECTION in old age people. Pain in upper abdomen on eating with normal ULTRASOUND. Can I take HEXARILIN, HUPERZINE, MELATONIN to grow taller? Irregular heartbeats, sleeping patterns with heat in legs. Pain in lower abdomen more on pressing. Help. Light spotting after sex, PCOS. Indicative of conception? Chest pain with ATRIAL FIBRILLATION after ablations in heart. Random tiny red dots under skin which disappear. Cause? Rashes in body after taking AMOXICILLIN, CEPHALEXIN. MONO/ALLERGY? Ache in neck aggravated on moving. Cause, treatment? Cramps, loose stools with swollen gut. IBS? Ways to prevent transmitting HSV-1 from lips to eyes. Large PERICARDIAL EFFUSION in report. TUBERCULOSIS? Painful lump in testicle with PROSTATE infection. EPIDIDYMIS? Rah on thigh without itching. HPV 2? Elevated BNP, GFR with CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, KIDNEY FAILURE. Intense pain lasting longer during periods. Treatment? Treatment for sore throat, ear pain for months. Diagnosed with SVT, ANGINA with palpitations. ABLATION. Fever, cold with raised ESR, tired. CANCER? Fyrther course of treatment for COPD with OMNACORTIL. Throat tightness, itchy throat after takin AUGMENTIN. Dry eyesm allergies with outbreaks of HSV-1 in lips. Pain in elbow, back after pushups. ULNAR COMPRESSION? Freckles on cheek treating with TRETINOIN, PIMECROLIMUS. Serious? Advise on following SEMEN ANALYSIS report, ways to improve. MIGRAINE WITH AURA for years old patientwith normal MRI, DVT. Implication of cysts in PELVIC ULTRASOUND for conceiving. Chances of HIV/STD with gay anal sex. Best treatment guidelines according to giver reports. Nagging cough without breathlessness in COPD. Chances of INFERTILITY with messing menses. Numbing cream, pain relief for losing virginity less painful. Skin tag attached on penis making erection painful.

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