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Blood in snout Swelling to the right of Adam's apple Yellow vomit and chest pains Cough and trouble breathing in smoker Amoxicillin for Chlamydia treatment Crohn's and degenerative disk disease Chest congestion and black mold Short prickly feeling in hands Pelvic floor muscle pain with urinary and bowel incontinence Cefdinir for chest infection and worry about side effects Child with rash on legs and hands Mega cisterna magna on MRI and headaches Clarifications for CBC and fasting sugar reports GERD like symptoms and H pylori with bounding pulse on lying down Infection on penis Laryngospasm at night after Bronchitis Intense hot spells Mycoplasma genitalium Burn from metal stud gun Severe pain after being on the pill Case study of Fronto-temporal lobe involvement Persistent cough after neurosurgery Painless jaw swelling Multiple complaints and exposure to perchloroethylene Pregnant and difficulty falling asleep Missed period five times with symptoms of pregnancy and negative pregnancy tests Blind spots and zig zags in vision Pelvic pain moving upwards Alarplasty Tongue tremor Lesion on X-Ray and opinion on it being benign or malignant Pain at back of thigh Throat and tongue problem Frequency and urgency to pee but no pain Stoned from one episode of high from Marijuana for years Dry flaky skin on legs Childhood rheumatic fever and late onset Epilepsy Filaria medications and laparoscopic surgery Sharp pains in lower abdomen weeks after Plan B Child with bloody diarrhea Rash on groin crease No periods for 3 months and slight blood at 4th month Sharp shooting pain in right leg Rheumatoid Arthritis Adderall in pregnancy Can Plan B one step pill be used to treat UTI Tegretol and Xanogen male enhancement Pain in crease between abdomen and leg Dog bite Anxiety with testing syphilis positive even after treatment Treated Syphilis and tetsing positive after years Soreness on underside of penis diagnoses as benign kerartosis Mitral valve prolapse and anxiety Jitters on socially demanding situations Dull chest pain and shortness of breath Dyslipidemia and abdominal bloating Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Stopping alcohol and increase in sperm count Fractional laser for scar from hair transplant and hairfall Sinus problem HIV risk with kissing Japanese hair straightening and hairfall Acute Diverticulitis Adult ADHD with bladder and bowel issues Trouble maintaining erection after partner diagnosed with Herpes Child with type 2 CCAM or lung sequestration Painful burning on urination after oral sex Vomiting and rash IVF pregnancy and queries Considering castration for post surgery urethral stricture Painful ejaculation and white discharge Scarlet fever Dementia and high BP and balance problems Pimples on penis Anal fissure management Sumamed in allergy to Penicillin Terminal lung cancer and ineffective palliation Anal spots and itching Other cause of positive UPT Testicular pain and spermatocoele Severe backache after bending over Bipolar symptoms and chronic fatigue Palpitations after a drink Laxative overdose Popping or cracking of groin Weird lump on top edge of scrotum Head injury from impact with a writing board One atrophic kidney and the other with hydronephrosis Sty and cyst in eyelid Bad rash on lower legs swapping between legs HIV anxiety after protected intercourse with sex worker Delaying surgery for chronic ectopic pregnancy Pink colored bump Semen smeared on hands and pregnancy Infant with GERD Dry skin and old man hands with RA Self diagnosis of panic attack Computer screen and eye strain Symptoms of depression Cause of eczema

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