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Sore, numb hands with weak feelin in legs. SPIRONOLACTONE does not heping in ache after VALTREX.interactions? Cause for INCREASED ARACHNOID SPACE FRONTAL LOBES in MRI. Rash in hands after going to grandfather's death. Headache, vomiting in morning and sensitive to hot, cold. Different results of THYROID LAB work. Cause? Low RBC, WBC in blood tests. Should I worry? Tired, persistent pain in throat with previous HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS. Comdom broke while sex. Chances of STI? High blood sugar levels without symptoms of DIABETES. Cause? Would MEATUS SCAN show infection, fluid in COCHLEA? Something came out after defecation. INTESTINAL WORM? Last cycles were irreguar with normal abdomen scan, ECG. Vomiting, eyes rolled up after fall with normal CT, MRI. Hair loss with greying. Can I give B5 supplements? Back pain with ANTROLISTHESIS, FACET ARTHROPATHY at L4-S1. Afraid that I have been transmitted STI. Inserted banana into vagina. Chances of BACTERIAL INFECTION. Had sex with two persons around OVULATION. Who is father? Heavy vaginal bleeding in middle of periods on CLOMID. Multiple fibroids in uterus ULTRASOUND. Is MIRENA effective? Got 3rd DEGREE BURN in finger without pain. Can CARBON DIOXIDE ABLATION treat PENILE PAPULE? Enlarged liver in ULTRASOUND. CIRRHOSIS, liver problem? Lost skin tone, dry skin with flakes. Treatment. Treatment for reoccuring TONSILITIS with many crypts in TONSILS. Can I take NOVOLOG in day, LANTUS in night? Whitish tiny spots around foreskin without sex. Cause for blood in urine with KIDNEY STONES in ULTRASOUND. Low balance, confusion, burning feet with VITB12 DEFICIENCY. PHOBIA about MASTURBATION leading to ageing. Treatment for watery diarrhea, pain in epigastric, gallbladder region. Side effects and alternative medicine for PULMOCEF. Ways to treat UTERINE FIBROIDS besides HYSTERECTOMY. Inflamed lining in nose after inhaling CALCIUM HYDROXIDE. Dangerous? In what conditions REYATAZ, RITONAVIR are used besides HIV? Side effects of NORFLOXACIN taking for diarrhea with cramps. Cause for sorethroat, congestion, runny nose,cough. Need a doctor to explain my attached reports. Treatment for constant high BLOOD PRESSURE, CREATININE level. Problem in menstrual cycle on tablets for HYPOTHYROIDISM. What is this abnormality in my SINUS RHYTHM? Hot flash, sweating with chest pain. Cause? Approximate survival time for COLON CANCER with LIVER METS. Extermely stressed and not getting erections during sex. Hip pain with LOW GRADE TROCHANTERIC EDEMA in MRI. Slight shaking on carrying weight. Is this serious? Burning on penis head after sex with sex worker. Itchy redness in different parts of thigh. FOLLICULITIS? Opinion on CHOLESTEROL level with COELIAC DISEASE, DIABETES. Reddish urine after IUI with PROGESTERONE. Conceived or period? Headache after taking lots of water. What to do? Effects of DIM SUPPLEMENT, PROPOLIS on fetus for PCOS. Reoccuring OCULAR MIGRAINE with AURA after taking CONTRACEPTIVE PILL. Red, inflamed ABSCESSES in anus. Treatment? Will PROMETRIUM taking daily cause vaginal bleeding? Red scaly skin under penis , becomes white on ejaculation. MACULA EDEMA with SCOTOMA. RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA, GLAUCOMA? Having thick hairs on face, body. HORMONE test results. Cause for the swelling caused by INTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS. Losing eyebrows after using BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, SPIRONOLACTONE. How to make raw skin after injury not sensitive? Feeling cold on overdosing ACETAMINOPHEN. Treatment? MULTILOCULAR OVARIAN CYST on CLOMIFENE CITRATE. Laprascopy. Treatment for sore nipples and constipation. KNEE EFFUSION in XRAY after ski-accident. How to treat? Red/pink bumps on shaft of penis. Treatment? Itching area, spot in armpits which is getting bigger. Painful swollen lymphnode on side of face. Is this normal? Benefits of HYALURONIC ACID injection in ARTHRITIS pain. Infection with PLEURAL FLUID, DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY. Is PACEMAKER needed? Chances of HIV infection through RECEPTIVE FELLATIO. REFLUX after food, difficulty swallowing in baby. Treatment. Red, swollen testis on ejaculation after TESTICULAR TORSION surgery. Depression, low libido, irritability on CLOMIPHENE CITRATE. Can CLINDAMYCIN treat ECOLI, MRSA infection in thumb? Will eating high PROTEIN affect BLOOD CREATININE? Pain in ribs, spinalcord, HYPERTENSION, TWISTED NERVES in NCV. Drugs to induce VAGINAL BIRTH in COMA patient. Pink lump on tip of tongue. Cause? Chances of STD'S from sex on periods with prostitute. Broken BLOOD CAPILLARIES in face that does'nt fade away. Swollen face, stomach pain, indigestion after SPIDER BITE. Difficulty in breathing, congestion, blood in cough. Test results. Why am I interested in guys being male? Feeling like bubbles with pressure in head, neck. Lost hearing in ear after scratching it. Treatment? Will BOURBON with 9mg KLONOPIN cause death? Will I have positive HSV1 ANTIBODIES regardless of outbreak. Panic attack, heart racing on ARMOUR for thyroid problem. Vomiting, diarrhea with stomach pain. Stomach bugs? Can HCV cause elevated BILIRUBIN, LIVER ENZYMES? Blurred, double vision, nausea with unsteady gait. Vomiting, nausea for whole day. Cause and treatment? Abdominal pain, sweats, nausea which passed. KIDNEY STONES? Pain in abdomen after D&C for miscarriage. Treatment? Unable to sleep due to backache after TRAVELER'S DIARRHEA. Medicine for small cuts in foreskin after sex. Frequent reoccuring black marks in cheeks. Treatment? Memory loss, increased sleep with no desire to work.

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