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Body feels like electrocuted on laying, funny heart beats. Bark like long strips in bowel movements. What's this? Lightheadedness, dizziness, harder heart beat. Cause. Irregular bowel movements and hungry most of the time. Abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss. CT. Nose liquid gets into throat, cough. Treatment. Cough, wheezing, fever by virus. Treatment. NODULAR LESION in lung after operated BREAST CANCER. Can I play ice skating with FRACTURED CLAVICLE? Sticky, transparent liquid when horny. What is this? Sexual arousal question High PSA level, underwent BIOPSY. Surgery or RADIATION SURGERY? Should I do PEP - risk from cunnilingus, HIV Transmission Can doctor make negative note in MEDICAL RECORDS? Red skin in vagina after BV, yeast infection. Treatment. Repeated TONSILLITIS with previous fistulous ROOT CANAL. Weight loss with HEP C, SOVALDI and RIBAPAK. Feels like extra heart beat. MUSCLE TWITCHING? Nausea, stomach ache, symptoms like stomach flu. Cause? Bleeding on toilet paper WITH NORMAL FINGER EXAMINATION. CANCER? SHALLOW FEMORAL TROCHLEA, DISLOCATION OF PATELLA in MRI. Small red spots on penis after oral sex. Widespread twitching with normal EMG,NCV. ALS? One side of body is fatty, heavier. Cause. Ways to prescreen LUNG CANCER with inherited genes. Painful rash, swelling in anus. HEMORROIDS? Ovaries are of different sizes. Should I be concerned? Bleeding spots in eyebrow after tweezers in salon. HIV TEST? Better medication for anxiety and sleep disorder. Plugged ears with CHRONIC INFECTIONS. Will become deaf? Bruise with white lump in middle. Should I get tested? Recommendation for MRI LUMBOSACRAL SPINE REPORT. Headache after taking XANAX. Can I take PANADOL ACTIFAST? Is this GENITAL WARTS in picture? Throat pain, vomiting with peptic ulcer. Advice for pain. Elevated heart rate, niggles in heart with stress. Cause. Can wiping thigh with tissue containing sprem cause pregnancy? Streak of blood in phelgm, TONSIL STONES. LUNG CANCER. Pale pink rash under bra line, helps by HYDROCORTISONE. Broke my HUMERUS, FINGERS in XRAY. Need SURGERY? Normal level of HSV-2 IgM, IgG in body. BREAST CANCER with enlarged AXILLARY NODES in PET, CT SCAN. Sharp pain in groin on laying, sitting. APPENDIX problem? Could PALN-B pill cause cramps, red discharge on tampoon? Spreading rash on side of back. Nervous system problem? ANXIETY, PANIC DISORDER on XYREM with rapid heart rate. SEMEN comes fast on masturbation. Can I try second time? Eye bulging out, IRIS loses balance. Reason. Red rash, bumps in testicles after sex. STD? Addiction to masturbation, internet, decreased memory level. Rashes with tiny worm like burrowed in skin. Treatment. PETECHIAE, redness in foot, positive STREP TEST. Treatment. Dose of VICTOZA pens for TYPE2 DIABETES. Vomiting with rashes on arms, legs. Treatment. EE for ADENOMYOSIS. Is PROGESTERONE tablet better? Extremely fatigue, body pain after GARDASIL VACCINATION. Lump inside vagina, hurts to touch. What is this? Difficulty in concentrating studies. Nutrient supplements to give. Blood and tissue expelled in pregnancy. Chances of healthy fetus? White soggy skin which falls off on scratching on foot. SORES in mouth, headache, headaches, knee pain, sorethroat. Reason. CANDIDA ALBICANS, UREAPLASMA UREALYTICUM in blood reports. TYPE2 DIABETES with raised CREATININE, weight loss. KIDNEY DISEASE? Increased BOWEL MOVEMENTS with METAMUCIL daily. Is it ok? Help in interpreting HCG TEST with discharging nipples. Pain in sides, back after unprotected sex. Pregnant? Effective contraception for 5 days in TYPE1 DIABETIC. Pain in back, DISLOCATED SPINE BONE on TENDOCARE. Advice. Soreness, bruising with pain in knee without injury. Upper intake level for BLUE GREEN ALGAE daily. Symptoms and treatment for MOBITZ TYPE1 AV BLOCK. Scheduled C-section with AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. Risk of NEONATAL LUPUS? POPLYPS in vagina, irregular periods, pains in uterus. Cause. HIGHLIGHTED DOT in BRAIN STEM in MRI. TUMOUR? Headache, sensitivity to light, normal CT. MIGRAINE? Itchy bruises on penis, turns white on scratching. Treatment. Had surgery to remove NASAL POLYS. Way to prevent them. Pain, bruise where dog bit. Is it infected? CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE, HIGH CREATININE. Need for CAPD? Pain in pelvis, thigh on lifting after playing. Cause. Problem in sex with DIABETES, taking alcohol daily. Abdominal uncomfort with HEPATOMEGALY in MRCP. Treatment. Pasin in bones, fatigue, night sweats and bruises. Cause. Sexual premature problems with PYURIA, enlarged PROSTATE. Suggestion on GLUCOSE, CREATININE, ALK PHOS, CHOLESTROL reports. Grade-2 ITC with positive ESTROGEN CELLS. Is that good? Does sex on day of OVULATION give BOY child? Dizzy with middle ear infection, LABRYNTHITIS. BRAIN TUMOR? Itchy, sore skin in genitals like FUNGAL infection. Treatment. Pain in arms, HERNIATED DISCS IN MRI. Risk of surgery. BREAST ENGORGMENT on pregnancy with contractions. Is it normal? Bumps on forehead with CROHN'S DISEASE, SPONDYLITIS. Pain in calf, ankle. Tests for checking BLOOD CLOT? Pain, tingling in fingers, negative CARPAL TUNNEL NERVE TEST. Didn’t get periods, negative pregnancy test. Still pregnant? Opinion from doctor about my CHEST XRAY. Swollen leg, black foot with normal DOPPLER, D-DIMER. Cause. HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA from CT scan, ENDOSCOPY. Treatment. Blood in urine on two occasions.Should I worry? Few pimples in top of penis without pain. HERPES?

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