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Unable to stop MASTURBATION, suffering from PREMATURE EJACULATION. Review the reports of LML patient after CHEMOTHERAPY. Sllepy during daytime affecting my work on PROTHIEDIN. Chances of bleeding in HEMOPHILIAC girl while playing. Bump inside mouth, pain after picking it. Treatment? Did'nt get periods after using MIFEPRISTONE, MISOPRESTOL. Risk of miscarriage after teminatting baby with CHOMOSOMAL ABNORMALITY. Painless protrusions on spine, weight loss. Cause? Chances of LIVER METATSTASIS from BREAST CANCER, CT. Cause for flat forehead, square maculine face. Back pain with BULGING DISC IN L4-L5 in MRI. Better treatment for QUERVAINS TENOSINOVITIS with muscle pain. Bleeding in hands after scratched by dog. Risk of infection? Treatment for pain in side near belly button. How long to wait for test after single LEVOTHYROXINE. Small patch of ECZEMA under eye. Treatment? Black irregular patch on palate. SKIN DISCOLORATION? Felt the need to take deep breaths often. Cause? Constant shoulder cramps, insomnia on using IMOVANE for ANXIETY. Sharp pain in hip on walking, xray. SUFE? Fever, excess sweating, headaches with chest pain. Grey spot in eyelid with movement. What is this? Dry cugh, irritation in throat from cough, normal XRAY. Raised SULFUR, CYSTATHIONE BETA SYNTHASE levels. Cause? Constant pain in pelvic area while sex. PID? Renal CALCULI on both sides. URETEROSCOPY, SHOCK WAVE THERAPHY? Cause for increased sleepiness and happy when awake. Spots in bottom of penis. HERPES/GENITAL WARTS/STD? Shooting electricity from head on changing EFFLEXOR to BUSPAR. Can I get pregnant from sex 9days before ovulation? MACROPROLACTINOMA in MRI compressing OPTIC CHIASMA. Is surgery needed? Lightheaded sensation on stopping ESCITALOPRAM for ANXIETY. Dark skin after treating fungal infection with STEROID. Will CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION worsen GLOMERULONEPHRITIS of KIDNEY? Chances of rape in prepubertal girl with VAGINAL ATRESIA. Sorethroat, sneezing, coughing with redness in throat. Would semen in toilet paper cause pregnancy on using? Chances of damage to child by drinking in prgnancy. Swollen cheek bone, greenish mucus on cough. SINUS INFECTION? Chills with fullblown FLU after oral sex. Cause? Cannot move shoulder due to pain after accident. Chances of getting pregnant by using tissue with semen. Is it possible to inject PROXILIN without my knowledge? Myofascial pain, headache with SPONDYLITIS in neck . CONCOR. INFLAMMATORY CELLS in LAMINA PROPRIA MUCOSAE. Cause? Way to permanently increase penis size without surgery. Chances of false positive HERPES2 URINE PCR test. VASOVAGAL RESPONSE to pain in knee on sitting down. Worried about health condition. Are my attched reports fine? Sore on thigh without itching. HERPES? Respiratory issues, dizziness with PVC'S. treatment? Pain in thigh, friction while walking after injury. Frequent masturbation, addicted to porn causing ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Is BUCCAL SWAB safe to put in infant's mouth. Pain in groin travelling down to testicles, leg. Cause for raised LDL in blood test. Painful cramping, watery stools after SENNA LAXATIVE. Ache in side of chest on OMEPRAZOLE, MEBEVERINE. My son wokeup with vomiting without fever. Cause? Neurological cause for tiredness, seizure. PROVIGIL. Episodes of fainting, vomiting with normal MRI. Head pain, vomiting, unable to drink. Cause? Treatment for MIGRAINE with sensitivity to light. Throat pain not reduced by MOXICILLIN, CLAVULANIC ACID. Mistook pills in CONTRACEPTION PILL TRIEME. Risk of pregnancy by sex with TAMPOON, PLAN-B. Feeling like hair in throat, normal CT, MRI. Painless bruise in penis after sex. Treatment? Pain in ankle, normal CRP, ASO, ESR, URIC ACID. Does only GRADE-A SPERM motility lead to pregnancy? Treatment for dark inner tighs, pubic areas. CANDID-B cream. Waking up in night with breathlessness with normal heartbeat. Chances of getting BACTERIA from CLOROX alcohol wipe. Contradicting BLOOD GLUCOSE in different times. Is this normal? Can I have MUTIVITAMIN, ENERGISER, BIOTIN supplements together? Dark brown spots on vagina. Normal or MELANOMA? Scrotal itching, tingling after sexual encounter. STD? Sorethroat with fever with positive EBV IgG. CMV? Can pregnancy possible by just GENITALS touching eachother. Painful blister after CRYOTHERAPY for GENITAL WARTS. Treatment? Blood rushing through head feeling on bending. Heart problem? Stomach pain, cramps with normal ENDOSCOPYS. Parasite? Can RABIES VIRUS have long incubation period, affect later? Discomfort, limp in knee after straining. MENISCAL TEAR? Sorethroat, fever with excess saliva. Do I need treatment? Muscle gets weaker, smaller, hurts. NEUROGENIC ATROPHY/MS? On lithium for years with GFR 47. Need advice. Painless, non itchy spots on foreskin after sex. Cause? HYDRONEPHROSIS with ?PUJ OBSTRUCTION in infant. Reason. Chances of HEMOPHILIAC child being raped without bleeding. Getting PRE-EJACULATORY FLUID without erection on kissing. Had oral sex with condom. Is it still dangerous? Ways to protect from contracting STI by sex. Can I take CREATINE, SOLODYN for ACNE together? Pregnant with TWINS in ULTRASOUND. FRATERNAL or IDENTICAL? Felling like puking with decreased bowel movements. Treatment? Is it possible to be raped with VAGINAL ATRESIA? Red spots on penis with sticky discharge after ejaculation. Chances of HPV in PAP smear without sex. Risk associated with ACL SURGERY having tooth infection.

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