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Chances of bleeding in HEMOPHILIAC girl while playing.

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My Name is Katie. I have used Doctorsprings a couple times within the last month. I had one very impressively helpful response form an OB/GYN and a very disappointing response from a very unhelpful Pediatrician. Im going to try you guys again, because I really do need assistance and I would hate to end my experience with Doctorsprings on a bad note. I would really appreciate the permission to speak to an OB/GYN.

My family and I have a very difficult situation and have split into two separate sides. We have all agreed that receiving multiple professional opinions upon this matter would help mend our family and would give our family the ability to reconcile and become a whole family once again.

Just to clarify, this matter has already been proven to be a false allegation, has been legally taken care of and I am not looking for any sort of legal assistance. I am not asking for any “what if questions” (as I received from the Pediatrician) because again the facts have already been stated. I shall simply give the information of the case, ask my questions and would appreciate being given professional opinions based on the information I give. If further questions/information is necessary to help explain these points further, I will be more than happy to clarify and give more detail.

A prepubertal, hemophilic family member of mine has made a false rape allegation against another family member. She made this false allegation out of rage towards this family member. (Her motive was very clear) When she was 15 years old, she reported that her father had been raping her, an average of 4 times per day, from the age of 9 to 15 years old. She claimed that one day at the age of 9, while enjoying the company of copious amounts of family and friends, her father took her inside the house, unclothed her and forcefully vaginally penetrated her. From then on, as I previously stated, it was 4 times a day for 7 years. She claimed that after the first incident, she was also forcefully penetrated anally.

After making this report (at the age of 15) she went in for a rape kit exam. The doctor examined the anal and vagina regions and found not one scare, tear, lesion, stretch mark, bruising etc) However, he did discover that she (In the doctors words) has an “absent vagina” or vaginal atresia. He was able to still give her a pap smear, so her vaginal absence was minor and of mere closure. Later in court the prosecutor stated that her “absent vagina” was simply a dimple, and that just touching the head of his penis to her vaginal “dimple” was enough for conviction. The court/jury was withheld the medical information and the alleged rapist did some time in prison for the false claim.

Seeing as how the alleged rape victim suffers with hereditary, moderate hemophilia, is prepubescent and has a minor case of vaginal atresia, what would the consequences of this claim be?

How would her day to day life physically be affected? (she was a busy body, playing school sports, rode bike on a daily basis, water sports, winter sports etc)

Would not her friends, family, teachers, coaches, mother (who was a nurse), grandfather (who is a police investigator) grandmother (who works for social services) and doctors (who she saw at least 4 times a year) have noticed any of this occurring if it actually had? She socialized with everyone on a daily to weekly basis. If any of them would have noticed her physical struggles or apparent discomforts of such claims, is it not true that any suspicion of abuse is of severe concern and mandates an immediate report to the law?

Also, the alleged rape victim did not experience her first period (therefore unestrogenized) until she was 13 years old, and was immediately put on birth control to help control the bleeding due to her being hemophilic. While reading my message, keep in mind that the alleged rape victim was unestrogenized from the ages of 9-13, a 4 year span where she claims she endured 7300 rapes.

Due to my hunger for answers I did partake in plenty of research. Suppose you took hemophilia and vaginal atresia out of this equation. You are left with a simple prepubescent girl. What would the consequences be of an unestrogenized prepubescent girl enduring forced and full anal and vaginal penetration with a well endowed adult man? (Penile measurements 8” long x 5.5” circumference x 2.5” width)

I have read endless cases/testimonies where fully grown estrogenized women have difficulty being fully penetrated by there lesser yet still well endowed sexual partners. (I included) Many of them experience pain and discomfort for hours and even days post intercourse. Many women also have such a difficult time; they experience immediate pain and discomfort. In order for the woman to gain better sexual satisfaction, as well as better for her partner, she has to “train” her vagina to endure full penetration by gradually enhancing the size of dildo use to stretch enough to accommodate her partner’s full length/girth. According to my research, this process takes weeks of practice.

As the alleged rape victim claims, she was forcefully penetrated from day one. What would the consequences be? Would there not be any physical signs of this occurring; especially 4 times a day for 7 years? And if there would be signs, what would those signs consist of? (Scars, tears, lesions, bruising, stretch marks, inability to sit normal or in a comfortable matter, hinder normal walking activity etc)

In conclusion, I respectfully request answers to these questions. Receiving so would be really appreciated and will help mend my broken family. Again I state I am not looking for any legal advice. The claim has indeed been proven as a false allegation. I would simply like these matters better explained for family purposes. I eagerly await your response.

Thank you,

Category: OBGYN

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Category: Infertility Specialist
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Hello Katie
Thanks for your query at
I think I am the OB - GYN you interacted with earlier.
Am I right?
If yes, then I have already elaborated upon most of the points that you have discussed in this query.
Am I right again?
Could you go through the earlier discussion we have had, where we touched upon most of these points?
And then let me know what it is you wish me to specifically comment upon now?
Or do you seek the opinion of another OB - GYN on this forum?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Prayers for a full family once more.
Take care.

Patient replied :

Yes. Ha . You were the great help I received earlier. I do wish to speak to another OBGYN, as having multiple professional opinions on this matter is what I am seeking. However, with my new query, if you wish to elaborate further on any of the information given in simplistic forms, that would be great. One point that would really help, is an explanation of the consequences of a simple prepubertal child engaging in sexual activity 4 times a day for multiple years knowing she did not get her period until she was 13. Resulting in 7300 rapes in 4 years. There is just no way this girl and her alleged rapes went undetected by the many legally mandated reporters in this child's life. If you could elaborate further on this matter and pass me along to yet another OBGYN, that would be very helpful.
Thanks again, Katie

Okay Katie.
I will once more lay out the facts from my professional perspective, while trying to elaborate specifically on what you asked .
It would be simpler for both of us if you number your questions, we can both be more specific then, do you agree ?
1. For the girl to have been raped daily this way, she would be in tremendous pain and discomfort, not to mention, a significant amount of bleeding, since she was unestrogenized and had a sparse vaginal opening, and the man in question was quite well endowed.
The bleeding, in a hemophiliac, if not attended to, alone would have led to her exsanguination and critical condition ( near to shock or coma from the blood loss ).
There is no question of her being able to pursue a normal life, let alone an active one, brimming with all kinds of sports and activities.
2. All the caregivers and family mentioned, would have definitely noticed signs of such regular and intensive sexual abuse.
There would be blood on the undergarments, there would be such garments in the laundry, her gait would be different as she would be in pain, she would have issues with bowel evacuation which would be painful with daily anal sexual abuse.
She would have most definitely confided in those close to her about such daily painful penetration, and yes, they would be obliged to raise the issue legally.
3. Let us take hemophilia and vaginal atresia out of the equation now, as you said.
LEt us talk about a simple pre pubertal unestrogenized girl, undergoing forceful sexual activity 4 times a day.
She would have anal fissures, vaginal tears, cuts and lots of pain and discomfort, and yes, periodic bouts of bleeding too, as the delicate pre pubertal vaginal tissue is torn to shreds by such activity.
You are right in surmising that for such a big penis, even an adult well grown woman would experience quite a bit of pain and discomfort and would require vaginal training either with dilators or with gentle daily gradually increasing penile penetration.
For an under - 13 girl, it is unimaginable, that she could have silently undergone all of this without showing any symptoms / signs of abuse.
She would be lethargic , unable to rouse herself from the pain, bleeding and discomfort, would have mostly spoken up about it to her immediate family / caregivers, and even if she was subdued and could not speak up, they would have noticed such extreme degree of discomfort / pain / bleeding.
When you enter hemophilia in it, the bleeding itself would be significant, and would require immediate medical attention each time she was penetrated.
When you realize that she was given birth control pills just to control normal menstrual bleeding, it is impossible that the genital bleeding resulting from forceful rape vaginally / anally needed no medical attention.
When you enter vaginal atresia into the picture, it is well nigh impossible for vaginal penetration with a big organ to occur.
And if that happened, there would be huge tears / lacerations and fissures to say the least, and a distinct possibility of a fistula also.
As I told you earlier, this entire picture just does not fit in together.
There is no way an unestrogenized girl with moderate hemophilia and vaginal atresia underwent multiple episodes of daily sexual abuse vaginally and anally without showing significant acute and chronic telltale signs.
It is just impossible, but then the claim has already been proved as false by law.
That alone, should be enough to convince the family members who are still in doubt.
If the law fails, common sense alone should convince any woman that the hypothetical scenario again is impossible, as any woman who has indulged in sexual activity of any degree can easily discern that such an act will leave scars ( physical and mental ).
If common sense and womanly sense fail, medical professional opinions and research that you must have compiled, would surely help.
I really hope it does, and you all come back full circle soon enough.
Am open to any other specific questions you want answers to, would do my best.
Take care.

Dr. Aarti Vazirani
Category: Infertility Specialist
Residency: Obstetrics & Gynecolog, BJMC,Civil hospital, Ahmedabad, 2008
Post Graduate: MS (Obstetrics & Gynecology), B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, 2008
Medical School: MBBS, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, 2004
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