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ANXIETY ATTACKS putting mind, body under lot of stress. BILIRUBIN level 74 with METASTATIC COLON CANCER. Sore, dry skin in penis with CHLAMYDIA. Treatment? Painful stuffed head, nose drip with pus from eyelid. Getting cuts in peritoneum with negative STD tests. Cause? Fever with increased heartbeat after HERNIA SURGERY. Brownish blood clots without pain in preganancy. ULTRASOUND. Effect of green tea on pregnancy and delayed periods. Low body temperature with MRSA on CLINDAMYCIN. Cause for the rash on ankle for a month. Rash due to bug bites intensifies on sun exposure. Clear urine with bad smell, without pain. UTI? Risk of DIABETES TYPE-2 from smoking, overweight. Treatment for common cols symptoms, BRONCHITIS. Treatment for remnants of CHALAZION under eyelid. Snowvision, blurred vision after consuming METHANOL. Will cause blindness? Took double the dose of OXYCODONE. Effect? Continuous vaginal bleeding after sex. Am I pregnant? High SGOT, fatty liver with ACID REFLUX, sorethroat. Importance of proper HORMONE LEVELS IN general people. Pain in shoulder after lifting heavy weight. RHOMBOID? Weird feeling of blood flowing in foot at night. Chest pain, heart racing on and off. Treatment? Weird feeling on stopping sugar, low carb diet. Cause? Losing weight with decreased appetite, tingling in hands. Treatment. Swollen itchy lumps in ring manner. EURAX CREAM. Penis is swollen behind head after CIRCUMCISION. Swollen, bruised arms by dog attack without bleeding. Vaginal sore after vaginal, oral sex. STD? Vaginal bleeding after boyfriend coming around stomach. Loose stools for months with HIV+ on STRIBILD. Weak, dehydrated with gurgling stomach on SERTRALINE, CLONAZEPAM. Treatment for CONGENITAL KYPHOSIS without surgery. Bad headache, dizzy spells on OFLAXACIN for PNEUMONIA. Treatment for PANCREATITIS during LATE PREGNANCY. Breathing problem, fever, unconscious after HERNIA OPERATION. Vomiting, fatigue, frequent bowel movements after RAW OYSTERS. Risk of masturbating by using saliva on penis. Constant excruciating pain in back not resolved by painkillers. Pain in abdomen alleviated on passing gas. APPENDICITIS? Pain on leg, ankle more on sitting. Treatment? Chances of getting CHLAMYDIA by using SEX TOYS. Swelling in stomach with normal ULTRASOUND. ENDOMETRIOSIS? Reason for low PLATELET COUNT in healthy person. Bump on penis for months. WARTS/MOLLUSCUM? Raised PSA after RADICAL PROSTATETECTOMY. RADIOTHERAPY? What are these white spots on hands? Brownish color discharge with light bleeding. Cause? Borderline low BLOOD SODIUM LEVEL. Should I worry? Risk of travelling with MACULAR EDEMA on LUCENTIS SHOT. Sore spot on vagina with full of pus. Treatment? Can I take 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR with CORNEAL TRANSPLANTATION? Review my CBC REPORT with mild throat, neck pain. Swollen blister like bumps on labia. YEAST INFECTION? Flu like bodyache, chills, throatache with no fever. Round painful movable lump in cheek. MALIGNANCY? Worried about getting BRAIN CANCER by LOBULAR BREAST CANCER. Small red, dark bumps underneath penis, CYCLOBENZAPRINE. Pulling, sharp cramping sensation in stomach, heart burn. Cause? Cause for breast, tummy and belly sore with itching. FIRST AID for treating PAIN IN URINATION. Throat, joint pain, mouth ulcer after unprotected sex. Medication for high blood pressure with BIRTH CONTROL PILL. Effect of taking FENOFIBRATE in HEMOCHROMATOSIS. Small flesh coloured bump on labia with no symptoms. Is walking up hill briskly bad for knees? Feeling tired, low sex desire after travelling. Cause? Intermittent pain, burning sensation in knee radiating upto thigh. Pelvic cramps which come and go with negative UTI. Feeling like bugs crawling on my body. Treatment? Cause for MILD DYSPLASIA in BIOPSY without smoking. Small red blotches in penis flairing up on sex. Risk, way to prevent STI after unprotected sex. Heavy heartbeat without pain after ASD CLOSURE. Swelling in abdomen, delayed period with normal BARIUM SWALLOW. Sprained her knee with XRAY. Is surgery needed? Sore, round lump in anus after anal sex. Cause? Is taking PERCOCET safe in DRUG SCREENING CONTEXT? Increasing HEARTRATE while doing TREADMILL. Cause? Pain in brain more on turning head. MRI. Heavy bleeding with clots, weakness during periods. Effects of PEP treatment on P24 ANTIGEN TEST. Debilitating pain in abdomen relieved by OMEPRAZOLE. Risk of HERPES, HEPATITIS, HIV, HPV from massage. Brown, red spot on pelvis without pain, itch. Painful red swollen toe. Ways to alleviate pain. Numbness, tingling in hands with itchy feeling. MULTIPLE SLEROSIS? Pain under ribs with IBS. Cause and treatment? Large, throbbing lump in thigh, unable to walk. Treatment? Red, swollen, hot bumps on arms after scratching. White spots on penis on streching. HERPES? Seriousness, course of action in diagnosis HEPATITIS-B. Sudden intolerance to foods with normal COLONOSCOPY, ENDOSCOPY. Cause for high CALCIUM, CHOLESTROL levels in blood. Best medicine to treat DEPRESSION permanantly. MEGALIS, QUITIPIN. Unable to concentrate in job, work and keep forgetting. Hard lump on shin with CELLULITIS in leg. INFECTION? Treatment for KIDNEY INFECTION not responding to ANTIBIOTICS. Will MATERNAL CMV IgG affect new born baby? Tingling, burning sensation in arms after EPIDURAL.

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