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Can I transmit GENITAL WARTS VIRUS by shaking hands? Decreased HEMOGLOBIN after ENDOSCOPIC ELECTRIC COAGULATION. Blood mixed in with feces. COLON CANCER or HEMORRHOIDS? Will PRE EJACULATORY FLUID pose pregnancy risk? High TSH levels after increasing phyiscal activity drastically. SYMPTOMS OF HYPERPERTENSION even with ESAM-AT. Chances of positive urine test after having ALCOHOL in morning. Cut in toe and on AVELOX. Is it infected? PARANOIA and DELUSION. Ways to persuade for treatment. Swelling in head and HARD BALANCING after injury. Effect of XARELTO(blood thinner) on CAVERJECT. COARSE LIVER WITH FAT INFILTRATION after frequent infections. Chances of REINFECTION of HELICOBACTER after antibiotics. Small sore ulcer in vagina. Can it be CHANCROID? Poor erection and PREMATURE EJACULATION after abstinance for years. Cause for bump on arm without bite. Can CHEST INFECTION pass to other by talking/breathing? Watery stools of different colours in baby. TAXIM. Chest pain with LAD artery ANGIOPLASTY and negative TMT. Excessive FLATULENCE, LOOSE and watery BOWEL MOVEMENTS. Lump on shinbone gets bigger on standing after injury. Will ESTROGEN GEL shrunk the penis? Chances of pregnancy from splashing of semen from toilet. Fast heart beat with WPW SYNDROME. HEART FAILURE? Burning at tip with sore shaft of penis after sex. Spotting with pelvic fullness, nausea. Can I be pregnant? Chances of pregnancy with sex during period and PLAN-B PILL. Fever with low BLOOD COUNT, negative MALARIA/THYPHOID TEST. Cause for sudden DIZZINESS after fried, sodium-laced food. Severe PANIC ATTACKS after stopping LEXAPRO abruptly. Clear NIPPLE DISCHARGE without pregnancy. HIGH PROLACTIN? Lump with red/white spots under tongue. FOOD INTOLERANCE TEST report. Foods that can be given? Cause for soft painless lump under chin. SYMMETRICAL SWELLING above knee after a run. Weak arms, legs, BRAIN FOG, PVC'S. What to do? Treatment of eye infection by STAPHYLOCOCCUS HOMINIS and EPIDERMIDIS. Increased frequency with leaking after urination and OAB. Altered BOWEL HABITS with itchy lump on anus. CANCER? Death by HEART ATTACK/STROKE due to OVERWEIGHT. Chances of transmitting HERPES with cold sore on lips. COLD and troat pain made worse by SMOKING. CANCER? Are itchy swollen bumps on chest caused by TINEA? No baby in sonogram with high HCG IN PREGNANCY. Brown pellet like stools with minor cramps. COLON CANCER? Chances of pregnancy with sex on seventh day of period. TYPE 2 DIABETES not controlled by METFORMIN, GLYBURIDE. FLUCONAZOLE and SERTACONAZOLE for CANDIDIAL BALANOPOSTHITIS. CRAMPS, not responding to pain meds during period. CYSTITIS, fatigue, cloudy thinking with BLOOD PRESSURE medication. Risk of SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH from DOMPERIDONE. Reason for decreased LIBIDO and not enjoying sex. Side effect of NEBICARD in long term on internal organs. HIGH VIT B12 level in blood. Is it bad? Flesh coloured bumps on elbows for a month. Are HIV tests accurate only after three months? NEUROGENIC BLADDER, NEUTROPHIL in urine. Can kidney cause it? Medicine to increase weight and breast size. Will one TESTOSTERONE shot stunt BONE GROWTH? Treatment for SHOULDER LABRUM TEAR other than surgery. STABBING PAIN in thigh after taking PLAN-B PILL. Treatment for early DEMENTIA/ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. Chest pain after tablet stuck in chest on swallowing. Is MUSCLE CRAMP side effect of MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTS? Black TARRY STOOL with diverticula. BLEEDING ULCER? Risk of BLACK MOLD with headache, vertigo and itchy eyes. Nausea, IBS, DIVERTICULOSIS with no periods. ANXIOUS and sleepy after stopping KLONOPIN. Am I DEPENDANT? Lumpy sensation in throat and chronically SWOLLEN TONSILS. Tingling in penis and foot. Is it ATHELETE'S FOOT? Grumbling stomach, DIARRHEA following food after BOWEL RESECTIONS. Small ULCERATION on head of penis. SYPHILIS or HSV? NUMBNESS in finger after hurting elbow. STENT implantation for STENOSIS of MID LAD in CTANGIOGRAPHY. Several high BLOOD PRESSURE measurements on medication. Clicking sound without pain in TFCC tear. Still need surgery? ANAPHYLAXIS SHOCK after FOOD POISONING. Unable to smell, SNEEZING with RUNNING NOSE on morning. MYCOLOGICAL RISK by smoking wood with green mold. Treatment for dirt under cuts in fingers. Treatment for HEART FAILURE with no CONGESTION. FRACTURED ELBOW in XRAY after fall. What to do? Reason for self talking, screaming, blaming others and straing. Cause for pain, blurred and DOUBLE VISION in eye. NUMBNESS and pressure above testicles without pain. Reason for high EPITHELIAL CELLS, LEUCOCYTES IN URINE. BLOOD TRACES IN URINE after antibiotics for UTI. CANCER? CHEMO for operated STAGEII BREAST CANCER. ER, HER-2, Ki67. Chest pain, headache disturbed bowel movements affecting everyday. Fever, sinus pressure after SEPTOPLASTY and FESS SURGERY. Missed dose of tab. ESTRADIOL, DROSPIRENONE for PCOS. Cause for shooting pain in lower back after fall. Sensible glans with pain and urinating sensation during sex. Treatment for pimples in forehead leaving black marks. Would GP prescribe RITALIN for depression? Raised AMYLASE and blood vomit after more alcohol consumption. SHOOTING PAIN with lump in left testicle. Negative HIV test months after sex. Am I negative? Treatment for CHRONIC COUGH with DIZZINESS. Does NASAL SALINE SPRAY work for IMPACTED WAX?

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