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Unprotected anal intercourse Non specific chest pain with SVT Seizure disorder. Benign Fat tumor Anemia with excessive fatigability and possible internal bleeding. Cost of treatment for premature ejaculation Premature delivery due to chorioamnionitis and cheating husband Whitehead like papules under penis glans Hairfall in transgender after trauma and depression Girlfriend with positive UPT but negative ultrasound Itchy and dry skin with hypothyroidism Taken 10 mg Ambien sometime back and need for repeat dose Empty consult Tingling sensation of skin on underside of tricep in armpit Weird circle of redness in eyes with extremely dry and scratchy eyes 2 weeks late on a period with a recent baby Difficulty reading fluently relieved by coffee Recurring sharp ear pain and headphone use Swab test from anal bumps positive for HSV2 Constipation followed by large mucoid stool and diarrhea Wanting to sleep all the time with no energy and neutropenia Blister like things and small lip colored bumps on lips Chronic diarrhea and gastritis with normal colonoscopy Old Holter with suspected Atrial Fibrillation Weakness and loss of appetite and high TSH Urinating clumps of blood and stones Health & safety precautions for working with used wood Risk of transmitting genital herpes without lesions Bleeding from butt and itching Fatigue in IgA deficiency after tonsil and appendix removed Swollen non-functional kidney on routine scan Migraine and stomach bug with nausea and sharp left eye pain Low TSH but T3 and T4 normal Difficulty concentrating and memory and speech problems Weird static sensation in the body with itching Flu symptoms and chance of being HIV positive Fever with WIDAL 1:160 in girl going to NASA Augmentin and Metronidazole taken concurrently Seminal fluid analysis with suboptimal sperm fraction Difficulty describing difference between arterial and venous disorders Epileptic with unpredictable seizures after drinking Chronic migraine and Brugada syndrome Yellow eyes and high Albumin Pregnant and risk of harm to baby with mobile kept on belly Trying to conceive with hole in condom Exemption from flu shots due to MTHFR C667T mutation Pancreatic problem with abdominal pain Lymphocoele after electrosurgery to remove pearly penile papules Risk of getting HPV through lasce underpants Pimple or bump on penile skin of virgin Mother has oral thrush and canker sores Early ejacuation while having sex is psychobiological Headache and abdominal pain and risk of ulcer On the pill and with brown discharge on wiping and chance of pregnancy Best cure for hyperhydrosis of face Headache and elevated blood pressure Permanent swollen lymph node and inflamed tonsil Green stool persisting even after bowel cleansing with magnesium citrate Numbness and slight bruising of toes after using tight shoes Stomach problems with persistent nausea and marijuana use Date of ovulation and period based on HCG level Discovered to have premature ejaculation after relationship Pain in hip and shoulder due to Avascular Necrosis Stage 3 First scan of pregnancy showing organised sub-chorionic collection Child on treatment for T-ALL with dropping WBC counts On Provera for PCOS and Endometriosis with bleeding on missing dose Pain in lower stomach and butt after intercourse Scared of spreading HIV to girlfriend after sex with sex worker Advice for increasing height in a 22 year old male Pain in arm followed by numbness and lightheadedness with normal cardiac tests S1 compression in intervertebral disc prolapse Lump or a bump on the outer part of pectorals Submandibular gland solid masses and swelling during meals On meloxicam for lower leg pain developed severe ankle swelling Sore throat and enlarged nodes with recurrent penile bump Ora Quick home HIV test accuracy Fever of unknown origin Fear of pregnancy without vaginal penetration Prescribed Fluoxetine and Adderall experiencing frequency of urination Sexual abuse with insertion of carrot Husband with low blood cell counts suggested bone marrow test One pupil bigger and slightly off centre than the other Red and scaly skin patch with low urea level Fear of allergy in baby switched to cow's milk Child with seizures and hyperactivity Stomach pain and tenderness after endoscopy and colonoscopy Flu symptoms and nasty cough for almost a week Painful tingling and swelling of hand after sinus infection Interpretation of recent Torch panel results Empty consult Dark spots on face and fear of liver disease Kidney inflammation and persistent tachycardia and unusual bradycardia now QT prolonagation and new T wave inversion in pregnant lady Man on cardio and strength straining with high Creatinine and low GFR Child with Typhoid relapse and addition of Lanzol Side effects of estrogen dominance after using shampoo for hair loss Treatment for burn blister popping french toast Neck stiffness and feeling off balance after unproffesional neck massage Unprotected sex and got UTI now fears HIV Massage and handjob with cuts and bleeding on hand

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