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CALCIFIED CEPHALHEMATOMA in scans. What can be done? Abdominal swelling with DIVERTICULITIS in CT. Treatment. RBC, protein in URINALYSIS test. Should I worry? GALLBLADDER disease, delayed appearance in HIDA scan. Abdominal pain, bleeding in rectum with normal COLONOSCOPY. Small yellow mark on breast without pain. IBC? Is this looking like HERPES? No symptoms. Pressure under ribs with normal SONOGERAPHY, CT, COLONOSCOPY. On eating fish with mercury, why don’t we have symptoms? Review the reports. Is the patient Improving? Chances of getting STD from massage by CSW. LAD occluded after proximal part in ANGIOGRAM. SURGERY needed? Can AUTO IMMUNE REACTION be triggered by FLU SHOT? Different behaviour with epilepsy attacks. Related to head injury? Treating CARUNCLE with STEROID drops. Will it cause HSV1? How do body detoxify NEURON TOXICANTS? Muscle pain in back, ribs on VIT D. Treatment. Arms burn, tingle and numb hands on sleeping . Cause. Stomach cramps, pain after dinner. What is this? Effect of inhaling MERCURY on NEURONS, CELLS. White dot/bump on upper eyelid. What is this? ANUS got inflated with fluid, unable to poo. Treatment. Cold, fever, headache, chills. Can I take CEPHALEXIN? Whitish yellow spot in eyelid with CARUNCULITIS, HSV1. Chronic dizziness, nausea, sense of motion, HYPERACUSIS. MENIERES? Pain in hip after crutches for FRACTURE FIBULA. PALPITATIONS by stress, lack of sleep. HOLIDAY HEART symptoms? Red rash on neck treating with STEROIDS. LYME DISEASE? Chest pain, normal ECG and BLOOD WORK. Cause. Itchy, swollen anus wuth bleeding. ANAL CANCER? Swollen abdomen, ball like in stomach. CANCER? Muscle twitching, joint pain. SYMPTOMS of HERPES 1/2? Cause for tightness, discomfort in upper abdomen. Why there is no WINDOW PERIOD for DIMETHYLMERCURY? Pain in jaw, nose but can swallow. TONSILS. MACULAR PAPULE on penis head. HERPES? Rash like ECZEMA in elbow. MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM? Why there is no WINDOW PERIOD for POISONS? Way to take ANABOLIC STEROIDS, ANAVAR to bulk muscles. Tiny bumps under skin getting worse. NEUROFIBROMA? Weight gain, fatigue, swollen eyes,face. THYROID BLOOD TEST. QUADRICEPS MUSCLE numbness on laying flat. Cause. CARUNCLE in eye with COLD SORES. Can I wear contancts? Will replacing RADIAL HEAD helps turning wrist after injury? Unpleasant sensation under eye on touching HARD PALATE. Cause? Consistent HBA1C with DIABETES in family. Should I worry? Pain in testicles, chest, thigh, headache. HORMONES TEST needed? Thick mucus in throat not responding to MUSINEX. ANXIETY ATTACK with OCD on XANAX, PROZAC. XANAX WITHDRAWAL? Will CYCLOBENZAPRINE, TRAZADONE cause fluid retention, PEDAL EDEMA? Hardness around testicles, normal ultrasound. What is this? Itchy, red CARUNCLE in eye. HSV OCULAR KERATITIS? Sore, weak muscle, yellow pee. What's wrong? Lump sensation, sorethroat, heavy smoker with normal BARIUM SWALLOW. Pain in back spine triggered on bending. Treatment. SPERM COUNT is decreasing weak by weak. Reason? Tired, can't keep eyes open. ADRENL FATIGUE? Pain, burning during micturition with CHRONIC PROSTATITIS. Treatment. Painless bump in penis near urethra, sorethroat. Cause. FEVER, ABDOMINAL, NECK and EYE PAIN. MENINGITIS? Should CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE not be used in children? Will HSV1 in lips become OCULAR HERPES/HSV KERATITIS? Spotting, small clots week after planb pill. Pregnancy? Can CANCER in one part move to another by fall. THIMAN PROBE used for examining urethra. Is it ok? What are these in my SALIVA SAMPLE? HSV1 outbreaks in lips. Time to spread everywhere. Yellowish white coat in tongue with grooves. Reason. ALLERGY with elevated IGE, EOSINOPHILS and WBC count. Can I start same ANTIBIOTICS for CHRONIC SINUSITIS? Stomach ulcer, IBS with test results. CROHN'S? Ways to increase weight in baby with normal motion. Operated TORSIONED testis, normal sperm count. Can I have baby? HSV2 with recurrent outbreaks on VALTREX. Treament. LOBULAR CANCER with positive LYMPH NODES on RADIATION. Not enjoying SEX in early morning. Is there problem? APPENDIX and HERNIA surgery complicated by ENDMETRIOSIS. Skipped heart beats, low normal POTASSIUM. Should I worry? Chances of BLOOD BORN DISEASE from bite without bleeding. LUMP above knee weighing so much. Treatment. Normal PAP SMEAR with POSITIVE HPV. What to do? Effect of TONGKAT,FENUGREEK on EFFEXOR,KLONAPIN, CIPRO. Review my BLOOD/URINE results and brief about health condition. Pain/stiffness in neck, shoulder, arm in one side. Reason. HYPOCHONDRIAC on VENLAFAXINE with fear of becoming PEDOPHILLIC. Stomach pain, gas releasing from mouth after THYROID treatment. Symptoms of HEART DISEASE in overweight INDIAN POPULATION. Touched my eyes after touching active COLD SORE. Mistake? Chills, pain in spine with HEART FAILURE, THYROID CANCER. BENIGN PRENATAL/PERINATAL HX in medical record. What it means? Chills, rigors with TINNITUS after HIGH DOSE FLU SHOT. Bruised, pain on bending toe after injury. XRAY needed? Pain in pelvis area with BRUISE, tender to touch. Lower back pain shooting down to legs after workout. Swelling in legs, thigh with pressed nerve in MRI. Treatment. Two foci with minimal uptake in BONE SCAN. Something serious? Fever, fatigue, swollen LYMPH NODES behind ears, neck. Reason. Tingling of penis, clear to light yellow urine on waking. Redness after using APPLE CIDER VINEGAR for WARTS. Treatment. Pink streak in toilet after MASTURBATION, smoker. CANCER?

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