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Way to take ANABOLIC STEROIDS, ANAVAR to bulk muscles.

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Hi, my name is Uttam Das, aged: 29 yrs., weighing around 147 lbs with no medical history, no allergies but do sometime have gastric problem.
My query:
I want to bulk lean muscle and I have tried that by going to gym but after one year still no progress.
So I thought of taking Anabolic Steroids like Deca Durabolin or Anavar along with some Testosterone product.
But I don't know anything about them and what is the best way to take them?
How to take them and at what quantity?
If their is any side effects? if, how to counter them?
How to get off steroids safely?
Also I would like to know the names of steroids which are safe to take and which would yield me best result?
I need complete details and your suggestions

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Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian is online now

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 4 Days.

Thank you for your query at DoctorSpring.com Mr. Uttam
I am pleased to assist you.
I can understand that you're working out a lot, without developing much muscle mass.
But i advocate against the usage of anabolic steroids, or any kind of steroids for that matter. Exogenous steroids are the commonest cause of Cushing's Syndrome.
What is your diet like? And have you tried any protein supplements like Whey protein or Optimum Nutrition?
Having observed a lot of patients here, they have used whey protein supplement with great effects, and mostly the issue with steroid id, you bulk up easily, with a lot of side effects, and also the muscle mass goes away very quickly once you wean off.
So getting a good protein supplement is the main option.
Please mention about your diet in detail.

Patient replied :

I am taking whey protein and casein protein but i am not getting the results. I take eggs, fish, chiken and my vegetables but still no use. So please help me out with the steroid topic and how to take them and which one shall i take and for how long and how to come off.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 3 Days.

From my experience what i can suggest you is stay away from testosterone supplements as far as possible.
Since you have not gained much muscle mass on using Whey protein, i will recommend the use of Nitro Tech supplement 2 scoops per day with milk. For morning breakfast i will recommend you take 6-8 boiled egg, egg whites. You can have one egg yolk per day. Also try to have chicken soups as your snacks, completely stay away from fatty or oily food, with more fats, the utilisation of proteins lowers down. Have 100 g of chicken per day, preferably grilled chicken.
And if you want to use a supplement with testosterone, then you can take a supplement ' Muscle Tech Ano test ', it has D- Aspartic Acid, which stimulates the formation of testosterone by almost 30-40 % and you can take it for a long duration without any side effects.
I won't advocate the use of testosterone tablets, because they can't be taken for long duration and also has harmful effects on the body.
But i am positive if you use Nitrotech 1 scoop with milk, and ANOTEST once a day, you will develop muscle mass very soon, provided your work out is good.

Patient replied :

I really want to gain lean muscle fast since i have a modelling assignment next year and i can't lose it. So i request you to help me suggesting fast and safe lean muscle builder and also a diet plan if possible. One of my friend suggested me to take deca durabolin with testosterone. Is it safe?

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 2 Days.

Thank you for the follow up.
In that case it is better to continue with NitroTech as your basic supplement, 2 scoops per day with milk.
Use Muscle Tech AnoTest once a day, this will enhance the testosterone formation naturally.
For diet i already mentioned you need to take 6-8 egg whites for breakfast, with toast. Snacks or pre work out you can have the supplement with skimmed milk, and you can also have chicken soup. For lunch have grilled chicken/ mutton ( once a week ), you can always switch your diet, try cutting carbs, by having less of white rice, shift to brown rice if possible, with adequate pulses and sabzee. Soyabean is a great souce of protein too.
Apart from that you can have one more round of supplement with milk in the evening, and for dinner have chapatis with chicken or scrambled eggs.
Just 6 months before your modeling assignment start the Durabolin supplement, strictly not more than 600 mg per week ( 60-80 mg per day ), and once the assignment is over, gradually wean off, 300 mg per week for 4 weeks, followed by 150 mg every alternate day for 2 months, and then stop.
If it is not overused it is safe, but can't be continued life long.
Just for the sake of your modeling assignment you can take it.

Patient replied :

Thank you so much doc. I will surely follow your advice. And let you know the results soon.

Expert:  Dr. Deepu Sebin Sebastian replied 1 Day.

Thank you for your reply.
Please be patient and the effects will show in 4-6 weeks.

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