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So for the last 2-3 days my caruncle of my right eye has been a little bit itchy and kinda burning a little bit. It also feels slightly swollen and kinda looks a little swollen when stretching my eye lid open and really looking at it. It also looks a little swollen and maybe slightly red compared to my left caruncle. Now my eye itself doesnt appear red or pink or anything. No watery eye or blurred vision. And the itch, swelling felling, and burning isn't major or anything just a little annoying and concerning. Just curious what it may be? Hsv ocular, hsv keratitis? As I suffer from hsv-1 outbreaks on my lip. Could it be dry eyes? Or something in the air I might be allergic to? Or dry air being that I am in usa and it is winter?

Category: Ophthalmologist

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Category: Ophthalmologist
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Thank you for your query at
The symptoms that you describe are of carunculitis , this can be because of caruncle infection , or over rubbing of your eyes which might have led to local trauma.
I can assure you this has nothing to do with HSV.

Patient replied :

Even though I do suffer from hsv-1? I have been doing my best not to touch my eye at all. I have been under a ton of stress and anxiety lately idk if the has anything to do with my caruncle. And again my eye itself appears of normal color. I'm not really noticing blurred vision though it is hard to tell as my right eye has always been weaker than my left. Not really noticing any photophobia. My eye isn't watering any or teary. My eye lids look of normal color and size. My left eye so far anyway feels pretty well normal. Is this something that will get worse or go away on its own with me doing nothing or?? Sometimes it's more noticeable and annoying than other times.

I can understand your recent apprehensions.
But as a doctor, with experience, i can assure you that your symptoms are not anyway related to HSV, even though you have HSV-1 infection.
It is due to the caruncle and slowly it will resolve.
If we talk about US population, around 30-40 % of the adult population will have HSV-1, some will get outbreaks every year, some may be once in 5 years, and some never. Among the ones who have outbreaks, a very low percentage will develop HSV Keratitis or ulcer. So you have nothing to worry about.
Once again i reassure you, it will go on it's own.

Patient replied :

I'm gonna send along 8 pictures of you wouldn't mind looking at them just so you can atleast get a bit of an idea of what I am talking about. All the pictures were just taken at this very moment and at different angles. Unfortunatly I took them myself and with a cell phone so the quality is not the best but maybe it will help some in explaining what I'm seeing. Note the caruncle appears a bit just a bit more reddish in color in these pics than it seems to look when I examine it in the mirror myself. So this is something that will resolve on its own and there is no need to see a doctor in person for this? After you look at the pictures?

I saw all your pictures.
There is a little inflammation.
It will resolve on it's own, i can assure you that.

Patient replied :

So there is no reason to go see a doctor in person? Just wait it out and it will go away totally on its own? Also can I wear my contact lenses with this or should I just wear my glasses as much as possible?

Thank you for the follow up.
In my opinion, it might be helpful for you to visit an ophthalmologist in person. The meeting would give you an opportunity to vocalise your fears about the cold sores and be reassured.
Otherwise for your current condition of minimal inflammation of the caruncle, there is no need to visit the ophthalmologist as it will subside on its own.
Hope it helps,

Dr. Manish Malhotra
Category: Ophthalmologist
Fellowship: L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad
Fellow Pediatric Ophthalmology & Squint (L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad)
Medical School, Residency: MBBS, DOMS, FLVPEI, Nagpur university, 1995
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